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On Making One's Stand

Back in the ‘90s I lived for quite a few of them Down Under.  In a leafy suburb of Sydney, to be a little more precise.  (Palm Beach, to be even more precise.)  Life there was good.  I enjoyed my time there very much.  The sun was good; the people were open and, well, sunny.  The ‘Throw another shrimp on the barbie’ stereotype was well present.  But there was something underneath that veneer that was troubling, to me.  Maybe it was because things were so laid back that they didn’t want to have to do too much about their politics, rather, let their pols do it for them.  Because they had a peculiar streak in them; especially considering their origins, as a penal colony from the Mother Country: an acceptance of authoritarianism.

I noticed it first in the subject area of guns; i.e,, weapons for self-defense.  From both personal criminals  And from the state.  Perhaps because I grew up in a country where ‘to keep and bear arms’ was a natural given, I was more sensitive to something that happened while I was there, and its aftermath. 

It came to be known as ‘the Port Arthur Massacre’.  A young man, identified as a bit of a crazy (Asperger’s Syndrome, I think it was labeled), went on a shooting spree in a tourist spot down in Tasmania, that became the trigger ultimately for national draconian gun control measures.  But something about the matter didn’t smell right.  In the reporting of it, the gunman turned out to be rather an expert marksman, with his kill-to-shot ratio.  The ’patsy’ - let’s call him by his ’rightful’ name - had nowhere’s near that background.  Etc., in other troubling details about the event.1  I don’t want to go here into the details of that caper.  I just want to use it as an example of what I am talking about in this blog: how our erstwhile keepers are doing quite a good job of getting us to be sheeple.  Even such an individualistic, laid-back people as the Aussies. 

The characteristic was also evident there in the matter of fluoridation.  Some Aussies were ‘hip’ to that scam, and doing a good job of trying to alert their fellow ‘mates’ to its actual nature.  But by and large, the average Ozzie was taking his government’s word for it.2  

And the same with taking his/her - and the nation’s - doctor’s word for the efficacy, and safety, and necessity, of vaccinations.  The full ‘bore’ of that one has only recently come down on Oz, with the mandatory vaccination that has been in the works for yonks only recently coming into being.  In my time there, the ‘push’ was beginning with a tear-jerking barrage in the media about babies with whooping cough - caught from children (with adults soon to be dragooned into the picture as well) who had not been vaccinated properly3 - and then from the advent of electronic medical records.  One thing leading to another, in the minds of our erstwhile keepers.  And masters.  Step by Fabian-style step…

I say all this, to set up my sharing in this blog about life in my home state of California; where I have returned to ‘live the good life’ in the sun in my retirement years.  Here, that similar writing was on the wall, for me, when I went to vote for the first time back home, after living many years abroad, and found that, though this state has made it easy to get a photo ID card - used, along with its sister ID, the driver’s license, with both requiring a copy of one’s birth certificate to acquire, for a huge number of social interactions (including getting on the welfare rolls; so no sweat there) - they didn’t ask for my ID at the precinct Registration table.

Why not?  Ultimately I was to find out:

that this state has no law requiring it.  That’s no 1.  And no. 2 - and get this; and let it sink in: They don’t ever clean the registration rolls.  One registers to vote, and their name appears on the reg rolls, without having to show any identity at any stage of the process.  All that is involved is an honor system: One signs up to register to vote “on penalty of perjury”.  But no one ever checks if the person is an eligible voter or not. 

In the world to come - and coming right up, as we speak - that sort of system can be gotten away with.  In the rotten, corrupt world of today - reaching, for an American, all the way to our Congress, and the Oval Office, and each voting precinct in the entire country (in one form or another; either via the individuals involved, or the reg rolls themselves, or the electronic voting machines used) - it is a symptom of how far down the gurgler we have gone.   

And California doesn’t stop there, in the rottenness of its culture.  Not only does it additionally have harsh gun control laws in place (and recently considerably strengthened; as things begin to come to a head).  And not only has it now instituted a mandatory vaccination program (with adults to be included shortly).  But now it “is about to pass a law that would explicitly criminalize undercover investigative videos of all ‘health care providers’.”4 

Whistleblowers: You have no room to do your civic thing in this state.  Or you will be prosecuted by the fine upstanding stormtroopers of Jerry Brown's People’s Republic of Kalifornia.

So, If one can’t make one’s stand against the draconian state in laid-back Australia.  Or in laid-back California.  Where can one make it??

I guess I’ll have to come out of retirement, and make it

right - here.

P.S. And just for the record:  I happen to think differently from Alexander of Macedon (you may have heard of him under the monicker of Alexander the Great) about how to solve the conundrum of the Gordian knot.  Just smashing through it with your less-than terrible swift sword is so old age. 
     How about just unfastening the piece that it is tied on, and simply slipping it off??? 


1 And for example, no survivors could actually identify the ‘patsy’ as the gunman.  All they could describe was a guy, about the patsy’s size, with a cap on, and long blond hair.  Or a wig.  

2 I am happy to report that, over the last few years, there have been some ‘wins’ in that battle  But it has been a hard-fought one.  (See
   It’s not quite the mentality of ‘My mind’s made up - don’t confuse me with the facts’.  It’s more ‘I haven’t got the time or inclination to look into this - I’ll take the experts’ word for it, and get on with my lucky life’.  

3 The reason that babies get pertussis is because their mothers were not allowed to develop proper immunity to it - by having caught it as one of their childhood diseases, and treated with ‘proper.’ i.e., nutritionally-oriented, care - and thus had no antibodies to pass on to them via the placenta, to protect them until their own immune systems could begin to take over.  Vaccination does NOT confer proper, lifelong immunity.  
   We have created a Frankensteinian monster, with our shortsighted ‘’modern medicine’ tricks.   

4 Mike Adams, ‘the Health Ranger,’  “The Medical Pedophiles Protection Act criminalizes journalism, free speech and the exposing of medical predators who target children…Yes, California is about to become North Korea, and Assembly Bill AB-1671 codifies it into law…(R)ead the proposal [sic] law yourself, so that you can better understand how a police state silences freedom of the press and crushes journalistic liberty in order to conceal the mass murder of babies, patients and senior citizens who are routinely abused or murdered by rogue health care providers…”  (emphases in original)
   The law as well calls for “one year prison sentences for any blogger or journalist who posts someone else’s undercover video involving health care abuses…”  Well of course it does.  Draconian is as draconian does.
   “What a wonderful new liberal society Gov. Brown and his radical leftist minions have created for Californians. The truth is criminalized. The science is fabricated. Parental rights are obliterated. And journalists are terrorized into silence…
   “Just so you know the real score in this totalitarian era of criminal government, remember that the government reserves every right to secretly spy on YOU and record your keystrokes, web searches, phone calls, emails and even covert videos of you in your own home. All these secret recordings, mostly obtained without warrants of any kind, can be legally used to incriminate you for engaging in ‘illegal activity’…” - as defined by said totalitarian government.
   Ladies and gentlemen: We have reached End Point.  Can you reasonably doubt it???
   (This article was posted at - August 17/18)

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