Friday, 12 August 2016

In The 'Old Nick' Of Time

Hillary is a sick puppy.1  She needs to be released from her role in this Play going on, to get proper attention.  Before she is subjected to the scales of Justice - and that is to say, proper, blindfolded Justice; where all are equal before the law.  And Law - and made to pay for her manifold crimes.

Along with all the other miscreant players in this Play that has been going on.  For long enough, now.

The Donald - although he Trumped the opposition (you like that touch??) - cannot take things to the next stage of the operation - i.e., saving the U.S. from the clutches of the Dark side - because he doesn’t have the authority to.  But I do.  Because this is my county.  And I will take over the helm now, and steer this nation - as the flagship of the fleet of nation-states - into the real




The Real Deal.2  

What will The New look like?

First things first.  Those who have been playing Dark-side roles need to be brought to justice, before we look at that larger picture than the one of The Play itself.  (There have been some real doozers of characters who you love to hate, haven’t there.)  All those Dark-side players need to be neutralized, before they do any more damage than they have already done.  Not only the minnows, but the big fish.  I talk about the likes of:

the Rothschilds.  The Rockefellers.  The other international banksters and industrialists in on The Dark Deal.  Many of the leading family lines of the day.  Kissinger.  George Soros.  The Bushes.  Bonnie & Clyde, aka Hillary and Bill.  You get the picture.  They need to be placed under house arrest, and their passports taken away, before they can escape to their respective holes, which they have prepared for themselves, if things didn’t pan out the way they had planned for: to rule their long-planned-for totalitarian New World Order.

Mocking God.

Big mistake.

And, of course, The Great Pretender himself.  Barack Hussein Obama; or whatever his real, to say birth, name is.  To be arrested - by oath keepers - and held for trial (on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason).  And all the legislation that he signed into law, and all the E.O.’s and P.D.’s that he issued, and all the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts (and their decisions, of course) - go into the trash bin, along with him.  It needs to be as if he had never been there.  For, he has never been there legally.

I don’t know what universe some of you think that you are living in.  But in this universe, we live by the rule of law.  And the higher Law.  And you will be held accountable for your actions.3 

To continue.  Congress - dissolved.  Particularly for not having done its proper, constitutionally-mandated job of reining in a rogue executive (with the power of the purse, if nothing else).  But because the two major political parties of our day are to be hauled into court (a proper, Common Law court; not one running under Admiralty/maritime law; another subject) under RICO statutes, for colluding in the trashing of the Constitution regarding the candidacy, nomination, and reign of an ineligible occupant of the Oval Office,4 found obviously guilty, fined, and dissolved, with the authorities of both parties facing prison sentences, the Congress needs to be reset.  If it is even to be reestablished.  I will defer to the Higher Picture on that issue.

I would imagine that, with the coming of the (long-heralded) kingdom of heaven, such political matters will look rather different from what they have been, up ‘tll now, and in a republic.

But we’ll see about that.  As I say:

first things first.5 

A point at this point:

Am I not afraid for my life; with all the assassinations that have been going on, by the Dark side??  

Not really.  I trust the process.  What will be, will be. 

If someone threatens my life, I hope that I will have the presence of mind to say (something like):

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  And I am you.  As you are me.  And we are One.  And we, therefore, are God.  And you would therefore not only be harming your self.  But the One that we are all a part of.  Make up.  Are emanations of.  So think carefully, friend, about what you do.  A lot depends on it.’

But we’ll see.

In the meantime: the job at hand:

This is systemic change that we are facing.  Including the monetary system that the globe has been operating under.  Not to go into the details of that change here;6 just to point it out, to make the point:

that it’s a total changeover.  From what has been.

To what will be.

In all of its details. 

As The Play runs its course.

And the Real Thing takes over, now.

Now that it’s time to.


1 As one poster put it on a Comments thread just the other day: “Her cheese done slid off the cracker.”

2 A nod there to Dr. Jim Fletcher, who has done yeoman’s work in standing for Truth, in all manner of con-job false flag operations.  
   Which are now, officially, over.

3 On the higher level it is called the Law of Karma. Which means, not so much revenge, as balance: As you sow, so shall you reap.

4 the matter of a ‘natural born’ citizen as understood by the constitutional Framers, and that eligibility requirement for that office still in place, with no constitutional amendment to the contrary, having been dealt with in detail elsewhere in these pages 

5 Why don’t I know what that will look like?  Because, as I have said in my last blog, I have been kept under wraps, and don’t know all the details of The New.
   Just that it is ‘that time’ for It.

6 except to mention in particular that the revolving door between various industries and their regulators in the federal government will henceforth be closed down; and all tainted activities - including the poisoning of our foodstuffs, and water, and vaccines, and mind-control radiation into our neighborhoods, and such - rolled back.
   With no place for such crap in the kingdom

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