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What Does It Profit A Man...

from ‘Voter ID Requirements are Just Like “Jim Crow,” Says Duke Professor’ - shawn - August 3; posted here August 5
(“Last Friday, courts struck down North Carolina’s voter ID law, claiming that it resulted in racial discrimination at the polls. The decision comes as many of the country’s voter ID laws are under similar scrutiny. Republicans insist that these laws help protect the integrity of our elections, but Democrats say they disproportionately affect black citizens and that Republicans are intentionally trying to keep black Americans from voting…”) - BULLSHIT.


They caught a woman in Chicago who voted 6 or 7 times and she was a Committee woman or some such. The DNC demanded an ID to get in . How does that square with their bullshit about voter ID being discriminatory? They have to have ID to go to a Hosptial, get their food stamps, buy an airline ticket. The professor is part of the cabal to keep the cheatin' going along with the half drunk Judges who may have made this decision.


Besides this professor's comment being an anachronism, the man apparently stuck in his Black Studies time warp, this perspective is belied by the fact that there was a state, which had a photo ID voter requirement, where the state even said that they would give such a card to those who could prove sufficient indigency, and the Obama administration's Justice Department went after them anyway, to try to block voter identity. Why?

I will let you be the judge. It would appear that you could do a better job of it than those judges in North Carolina.

A footnote: I sense that this all started in earnest when there was some evidence that the Bush W. camp stole the vote in Ohio in the 2004 elections via an electronic voting machine heist, and instead of just getting mad (and taking their case to court), the Democrats decided rather to get even. And in spades. Not just via the same voting-machine vector, but in flooding the registration rolls with 'dead' ringers, and others. Voting early, and often. Some counties having more votes recorded than adult residents in the counties; etc.

There should be a hiatus called on any elections until the various state systems are cleaned up of their corruption, root and branch. Otherwise it is all just a game, a farce, a fraud, a delusion - a contest to see which side can outdo the other in theft. What a miserable end to such a grand experiment as the American one in self governance.


And the Usurper, in his last talk to the media before heading off for his summer vacation, tried to pretend that there is, really, nothing wrong with the voting systems in this country...

The Great Pretender, indeed.


...And speaking of history:

from; ‘EEOC Decides Gadsen Flag Is Racist’ - Hank Berrien - August 4; posted here August 5
(“The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has now taken the position that displaying the Gadsden flag (AKA the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag) constitutes racial harassment."
As UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh points out in The Washington Post, the EEOC decided the case of Shelton D. [pseudonym] v. Brennan two months ago: The complainant, "Sheldon D," argued that as a black man he had been racially discriminated against because a coworker wore a hat with the Gadsen flag emblazoned on it to work…”  
Why?  Get ready for this:
Essentially because “the 18th century designer of the flag, Christopher Gadsden, was a “slave trader & owner of slaves.”
And so it has 'racist' connotations...You can’t make this stuff up.  But what you can do is understand where this is going:
the Constitution was written by slave owners.
Got it?
As the article went on to say: “It’s a symbol of revolution against tyranny.”  
Got  it.…) 
(The article asked at the end: What's Your Reaction?)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 5)

What's my reaction?:



from (VIDEO) 'Diebold Election Fraud Built Into Machines - We Have A Serious Problem’ - Rick  Wells - August 5/6
(And there are even worse stories than this one…)

Stan // August 6, 2016 at 1:44 pm // Reply (act. August 5 PDT)
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THE key factor in our country today. If we don’t clean up the electoral process – not just eliminating the electronic voting machines, and going back to a clear paper trail, but certifiably cleansing the voter reg rolls – the U.S.A. is toast.

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