Wednesday, 17 August 2016

And The Beat Goes On

1) from ‘I know Trump’s New Campaign Chairman, Steve Bannon.  Here’s What You Need To Know’ - Ben Shapiro - August 17
(Ben trashing Trump’s new campaign CEO, for taking over Breitbart News for The Donald, and thus causing Ben to leave it.  But there may be more than meets the eye here…
Bannon’s ascension is the predictable consummation of a romance he ardently pursued. I joked with friends months ago that by the end of the campaign, Steve Bannon would be running Trump’s campaign from a bunker. That’s now reality. Every nightmare for actual conservatives has come true in this campaign. Why not this one, too?”

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 17)

Um, "actual conservatives"? Do you mean, rather, internationalists?? NeoCons???

You would rather have Hillary; a Charter Member of the NWO???

Let's get our priorities clear, here. The future of the U.S.A. is at stake.

2) from ‘Another Important Poll Finds Hillary Clinton Trailing Donald Trump!’ - Philip Hodges - August 17 (reposted from - August 16)
(Not really.  The poll - by NBC News - showed Hillary at only 11% “honest & trustworthily”, yet still had her ahead overall, in a head-to-head matchup,  50-41.  Yes, it WAS a suspect MSM poll  But the headline was misleading.  There is still concern.  
The original article had the heading correct: ‘Poll: Hillary Trailing Trump in This One Important Area’.  Not cool,   

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 17)

All of this angst could have been avoided if the American People hadn't been put to sleep - on purpose - and allowed an ineligible candidate to run for, and occupy, the Oval Office. That's BHO, who is NOT a "natural born" citizen; which by definition at the time that the constitutional Framers put that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY - "are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens". (The whole POINT of the exercise was to make sure that the occupant of that office, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, had NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S.) And that eligibility requirement STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

Marry in haste, repent at leisure. And here we are, saddled with criminals running this country. The fish rotting from the head. And now, considering a particularly vicious criminal to head the nation. And serial liar. Even dangerously unhealthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Poor Fella, My Country.


           jerry1944 kibitzer3 5 hours ago 
  • But that was the Rep partys plan just as now They ran the dem mc cian to make sure they lost then they ran the father of healthcare romney knowing he would lose And now the run another dem trump to help killer hillary win Dont you see the pattern
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               kibitzer3 jerry1944 a few seconds ago (August 17)
    • The pattern that I see, jerry1944, is twofold. a) The Republican Party failed to call Obama and the Dem Party on his ineligibility because they wanted to be able to run their own ineligible candidates in the future, meaning now - see, e.g., Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal - because of the demographic changes going on in the U.S., and both parties had found out how difficult it would be to get a c'l amendment passed on the matter, for having tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08 alone, to get just such an amendment going through Congress, and failing each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this issue. (So: THEY KNEW. And have known, the definition of a NBC that the c'l Framers were going by when they made that eligibility requirement a part of their contract for that particular office.)

    • And b) So, both major political parties of our day are part of the takeover game going on - the NWO crowd at work, on their prize trophy: the U.S. of A. Trying to turn it into merely a part of a region of their totalitarian New World Order. Using the philosophy of Order Out Of Chaos. Neither party is exempt from perfidy in this matter.

3) from ‘Will Hillary Clinton Face Perjury Charges?’
('Herridge: Clinton Email Interview Sent To House Oversight Committee - Heavily Redacted Means Still Lying, More Questions Unanswered’ - Rick Wells - August 17)

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