Friday, 5 August 2016

What's REALLY Going On

from ‘What Conservatives Are Facing Now Is A Waterloo’ - Garth Kant - August 4 
(“The GOP establishment’s revenge: The REAL story of the defeat of Tim Huelskamp”)


It's moot anyway. When things are set to rights in this country, and the Usurper is arrested for being illegally in the office, not only will he be up for a trial (on charges of fraud, perjury, and treason), but so will both the Democrat and Republican Party authorities - on RICO-statute charges, for colluding in the ineligibilities for that office of both Obama and the Repub Party candidates Cruz and Rubio (and Jindal too, for that matter). None are eligible, for not being 'natural born' citizens; for the definition for which there is overwhelming historical evidence what the constitutional Framers understood the term to mean, and as it was taught in the universities of the day. (See E. de Vattel, Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.) And when both major political parties of our day are found guilty - as they will be, by a legitimate court of law (a Common Law court; not an Admiralty Law court; they are going out as well) - they will be fined, the specific authorities jailed, and both parties dissolved, for being the criminal enterprises that they are. And we start over in this country, sans all the corruption that has been going on, and for long enough, now.

Or haven't most of us noticed.

MikeofAges 9 hours ago (August 4)

Like it or not, I might live up to my name every now and then, and this is going to be one of those times. Doctrinaire conservatism might best treated by its adherents as a personal creed. One thing it does not represent is plausible system of public policy for this country. Today, the United States of America is by numbers the third largest country in the world, with the four elements of the founding population still present, white Europeans, black Africans, Hispanic (they were here already in the territory of the lower 48 when Jamestown was founded) and Native. Each is till here maintaining its autonomous identity and traditions, within new populations of South and East Asians added over many decades. At some point, you have to admit that you need to make concessions to the fact of a mass society.

Donald Trump's nationalist agenda constitutes a recognition of the fact of a mass society, and the beginning of an effort to reframe American politics and respond in a different way to the fact of a mass society, than what the political left has long proposed. The left is long on proposals that seek to create high levels of government control over the individual and furthermore are so massively expensive that even taxation at confiscatory rate could not fund them.

Trump's misfortune, beyond the fact of his sometimes out-of-control utterances, is that the only way to jump start a program of inclusive nationalism, and it does have to be inclusive, is to appeal first to the white lower middle class, working class and underclass.

Speaking of concessions, maybe some are needed out of black and Hispanic society. Whites are and will remain the largest population group and the group most capable of producing large numbers of highly skilled workers (sorry bout that), and maybe that fact should be conceded and the onerous elements of disparate impact (aka Affirmative Action) and the ant-white agenda and program need to be dropped. And whites have to understand that the nationalist program has to be meticulously inclusive.

Minorities, however, will not vote for Trump. Their attitude right now is frankly, rule or ruin. This is politics as blood sport, the lure of the opportunity to ruin whitey forever is just too big a lure. No matter a terrible future. But tell me some way to jump start a return to inclusive nationalism otherwise. I don't think there is one within the system of American politics.



         kibitzer3 MikeofAges a few seconds ago (August 5)
  • Good thinking, MikeofAges. My response: The answer is to go outwith "the system of American politics"as it has been. Or anyone's politics "as it has been," for that matter. I am saying that it's time for The New, that will honor the individual at its base, as the American form of government has done, but will be inclusive both within its borders and in the sense that we will be part of - and a vital part of - the global collective, in its new incarnation. As acknowledging that we are One People under our mutual Creator Source - that life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only.

  • A theocracy, if you will. Just not under some human religious institution. And filled with abundance. And therefore, peace.

  • All another subject, that one. Just to know, that it's doable. And about to be entered into, in its initial stages. With a Reset of the world's monetary system. Which is being called for anyway; by Necessity. The great Mother of Invention. Which is where we are at. As we speak.

How do I know all this?

Because I know that there is Justice in the universe; and I am here to see that Justice is done, in this instance.  For this nation.  And the world.  

For the world to be able to move into

The New.

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