Sunday, 14 August 2016

Ready When You Are, C.B.

Take One:

All was in readiness.  The Illuminati's man in the White House, codenamed Barack Hussein Obama, from his childhood a communist trained for the position - or rather, generically speaking, a statist; since both sides of the pyramid of power that had been created, for strategic purposes, rose up to a single source at the top: the All-Seeing Eye of the Dark One (falsely considered the Illumined One) and that One's minions, considering themselves the world's rightful Masters - had managed, quietly - as was his modus operandi - to send the nation's naval forces (a branch of the nation's military that he had not been able to put fully under his control) away from the mainland, on a fool's errand; while international forces of the Illuminati took up their positions both within, underneath, and surrounding the American nation-state mainland - whose citizenry had been weakened by a generations-long bombardment of mind control measures, both through their education, food and water, and through their air, in electronic mind-control technology engineered for that very purpose - and awaited The Call, for the ripe fruit of the United States of America to fall neatly into their waiting hands.

Their long-range plans - for one of their operatives to take over the reins of power of that country (the last 'bump in the road' before their total takeover of the planet) and their designated frontman to move up the chain of command and take over, via the United Nations, the world governance (ostensibly, that is, since he was not really the One in charge of this scenario) - had had to be set aside when their national-level operative took ill and was not able to fulfill her duty, thus requiring a change of plans.  But they were ready for all contingencies.

They thought.

Take Two:

God - Who was, after all, omniscient - knew fully of the Dark side's plans.

And had planned accordingly.

Take Three:

The proper world outcome.  A world of beauty, and abundance, and peace.

A world away from the world that had been planned for it, by the Dark side of

The Process.

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