Friday, 12 August 2016

On Doing One's Duty

Earlier today I talked of Hillary’s needing to be allowed to stop with the pressures of the campaign and get treatment for her various conditions.  But there are treatments, and then there are treatments.

I get mail.  Here’s one today from the mother of a policeman who is facing ten years in prison for reacting, from his training, to a deadly situation in the instant.  The situation: A man who was taking medication for his mental condition went berserk in his home and threatened his extended family with a large hunting knife.  Someone called 911 and the arriving police found hm at the front door, threatening one and all, and one thing led to another, and the policeman shot him once, which was all it took to end his miserable life.  The specifics of the situation?  The man had refused to take his meds any longer.  And thus was probably the only sane one in his circumstances.  

Mental conditions, like so many other ‘ailments,’ are products of faulty nutrition.  They are symptoms; not ‘conditions’ per se.  Treat the cause, and the symptoms disappear.  Western medicine - what is called allopathic medicine - is based on treating the symptoms. With drugs.  Expensive drugs.  Good for the economy.  Not good for us poor fools.

Just treat the symptoms, and we continue to deteriorate underneath such misguided treatments that we are getting from the allopathic medical profession - part of the medical-pharmaceutical complex; more accurately now, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex, from the former’s influence in the political arena.  Because we are too stupefied to understand what is happening to us.  And I say we, because I am involved.  Because I am part of you.  

And I am damn tired of being a silent partner in this operation.  Of greedy, and even evil, people, doing the part of me that is you, in. 

And evil, because they know what they do.

Tired?  Take a pill.  Depressed?  Take a pill.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Take a pill…

People, people.  These are but SYMPTOMS.

This madness needs to end.



P.S. Another aspect of the same sort of thing; i.e., confusing symptoms and causes:

from ‘Another Patriot In Jeopardy For Trying To Present Criminal Allegations To A Grand Jury’ - posted by Harry Riley - August 12
(“Here’s what’s at stake… Freedom of speech and ability to act and react with our (formerly) Public Servants. Don’t care about either? Then may your chains set lightly upon you. For all others, nothing short of a MASSIVE showing on the 25th will have any effect…
carl alfred: Swensson…”)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago

The fish rots from its head.  We generated this sort of thing - i.e., arbitrary law ruling us - at the least ever since We the People - in trusting too much in the idea that we had a two-party system of government - failed to call Obama and the Democrat Party on his ineligibility for that particular office.  That was the 'day' that the Constitution got so sorely compromised - the very eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency, no less - that there was no longer the rule of law operative in the country, but only that which our erstwhile masters decided to impose on us.  Subject ultimately to the rulings of the SCOTUS.  But then that body got compromised, when the Usurper saw to it that the major stumbling block on it to his plans for despotic control over this nation was removed, by death.

As he has said, in reference to his weekly decisions who to take out via drone strike: "I'm getting really good at killing."  Indeed.  Even unto the nation.  Whose authorities are just taking a page from his playbook, and ruling over us via arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.

This patriot in Georgia is right.  Either we draw the line.  Or the Republic of the U.S.A. (really, the u.S.A.) is finished.  And we are in the arrogant, and ultimately unmerciful, hands of tyrants.  Not a pleasant end to contemplate.  Rather, a very messy one.  


And I for one will not go gentle into that dark night.

We have a world to win.  Not lose.

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