Monday, 15 August 2016

On Being Perfectly Clear

Off my earlier blog today, let me be perfectly clear:

I am not a 'Christian'.   I don't relate to that story.  I have done a fair amount of investigation into it - along with other religions.  And there has been some historical hanky-panky that has gone on there.   Apparently particularly involving the Jewish historian Josephus, 'at play in the fields of his Lord and Master' - for his masters of the Flavian dynasty ruling the Roman Empire of the day; whereby he set up - via conjuring up the story in the New Testament* - Titus, the 'Son' of the god Vespasian, as the Second Coming of the Jewish Messiah, in order to attempt to subjugate the rebellious Jews to the yoke of the Roman emperor.

Read Joseph Atwill's 'Caesar's Messiah' for further info about that intriguing story.  I also would recommend one read the book 'Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection' by D.M. Murdock, for valuable insights into the thinking of those times about these sorts of subjects, 'the gods' and their attributes,  Much of which stories are in the realm of what Murdock calls 'astrotheology' - how humans related cosmic aspects to the human experience, through myth and fable.

But enough on all that.  Just to make it clear:

that we need to think anew about all these sorts of things.

Including our individual responsibility.  To align ourselves with


And act accordingly.




* in which he may well have inserted himself, Hitchcockian fashion, in the story in the form of the character named Saul, becoming Paul after his 'conversion'.  (Whose life story curiously mirrored events in Josephus's own life story.  Another story; as it were.)

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