Saturday, 13 August 2016

On Being Fair

subtitled: ‘If You Don’t Behave, I’ll Send You Back To The Puppy Farm’

I have seen it argued on Comments threads, with disrespect to the matter of the ineligibility of (the man who calls himself) Obama for the presidency, that even if it’s true, (in effect): ‘So what?  Bush stole Ohio from Kerry in 2004.  Turn about is far play.  Besides, you’re just being a racist.’

At the risk of insulting anybody’s intelligence, may I point out that besides the fact that - if that is indeed true, about the state of Ohio in ’04 - two wrongs don’t make a right, voter fraud is one thing.  But violation of the Constitution - the very law of the land itself - is quite another.  Sending the United States into the realm of tyranny.  And I won’t stand for it.*

You see, I come from a different place from apparently most of you lot.  Literally.  Dimensionally.  And where I come from, there is no such crap as this business of either ‘voter fraud’ or deliberate violation of ‘the law of the land’.  And since this planet is about to go up in frequency (a notch, or two), it is apparently my job to help get you conditioned for the change, as it were.  To the realms of the likes of Limitless Love and Truth.

Yes, you have your free will.  And, at some point, you have to wake up to what ‘it’ is all about - the Process, including a spell of apparent free will (in a realm of apparent separation, not only from each other, but from your Source).  Not just the fact of it per se.  But in its context.  As a trial run, to develop your consciousness.  And it took a deliberate affront to the very fabric of the American Constitution - the law of this land - to rouse me to action.

Especially with ‘the process’ closing down reaction to it, in the form of the two-party system in this country - my country, you need to understand; and thus why this matter is so important to me.  As long as you were ‘playing by the rules,’ you could be checked in your actions by the reactive force that you triggered, in the form, in this sort of instance, of the other political party.  But when the two of them colluded in this violation of the Constitution - in such a fundamental aspect of it as the very, and for very-good-reason (as we have just seen, and experienced), eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency - I have to say: Enough.

I have muttered to myself about this matter in the lines of some doggerel, about TPTB’s attempt at getting around the Constitution, and The People, by

an end-around play.
                  But they  
                  won’t get 
                  past me.   
                  And that 
Is obviously why
I have been called   
                 to duty
At this propitious time.

And my call to duty means Checkmate to you who have such best-laid schemes for Power Over Others.  When what ‘it’ is really all about is Power With Others; to the point, ultimately, of there being

no Other.

When All Is One


And in the meantime, a word to the wise:

Nobody - but nobody -
                takes over
My country.
And you are hearing
                  the spirit
Of Limitless Truth
                      in play.

* So to the matter of being a 'racist', I just have a one-word response:
   Now let's get on with the real matter at hand.

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