Tuesday, 16 August 2016

On Things Being Rigged

from patriotupdate.com: ‘October Surprise Planned For Hillary Could Sink Campaign’ - Andrew West - August 16
(“As we near the November general election, Hillary Clinton has been dominating the mainstream media’s polling, trouncing Donald Trump head to head.
"All that is about to possibly change, however, with a potential 'October Surprise' being threatened, (read: promised), from our friends over at Wikileaks.  Julian Assange and crew have been out to get the democrats this election cycle, and his latest bombshell could sink Hillary’s entire campaign…”)


enough already.....there is NOTHING ....that will/can stop the slimy screeching murderer!!!  she will pay...buy off...promise positions of power and kill when necessary...there IS no stopping her...voting is a moot act....it is rigged in her favor ..probably even as we speak the ballot machines are being processed by soros goons..


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    JOY IN TUCSON a few seconds ago (August 16)

  • Not just the voting "is rigged in her favor". Don't EVER trust the polls. They are a tool, not a report. The Tavistock Institute identified them years ago as a way to brainwash the public, into reacting the way TPTB want them to react, in the way of assuming that 'iI's all over, might as well stay at home,' or 'Gee, (my candidate) is doing well after all, might as well get out there with my support,' or whatever. We are sheep to these people, capable of being led wherever they want us to go. Stop being a sheep, People! Be your own self!! That's what free will is all about. Use it.

However, who, really, is the Self???

Yesterday a poster on another site got to sharing in a heartfelt way not only about his religious beliefs (in relation to the current dark situation in the U.S. and the world) but how, in turning his life around from his own personal dark night, he 'stumbled' on the fact that he had been a Knights Templar in a past life.  Although a fervent Christian now, he still believed in what 'came' to him, in that regard.  The only Reply to his comment came from a guy who considered him a "nutter" for the reference.   I let it all go; but......

We have all lived before.  How else do you think that we balance out our karma?*  We generated it here; we need to deal with 'it' - i.e., the consequences of our actions - here.  That is what this realm of (relative) free will is for, is all about.  

This matrix, more precisely.  An illusory realm.  A hologram.  You don't think that our Creator Source would loose relative children in the real thing, do you??  We have to grow up, graduate out of kindergarten at least, before being given the keys to a real car.  And that's what the growing-up process is for.  

Anyway.  My thought for the day.

* i.e., the scales of justice.  (For, 'the universe' - The System; The Plan - is just, by its very nature; runs on laws.  Like the electric universe itself.)

P.S.  "I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence...To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance..."   - Dr. Michio Kaku


Actually, a closing thought:

I was admiring some flowers today (yesterday, now), and it occurred to me that we have taken flowers for granted.  (Aren't Birds of Paradise just the most intricately beautiful thing you have ever seen??  Ingenious.)  The word doesn't convey much anymore, just a generic identification.  I thought that we should call them 'gifts'.  

'I saw a beautiful red gift today.  It was the most beautiful shade of crimson.'  'Oh, great.  I saw one with yellow and blue patches in it.  It was shaped like......and it smelled like......'......... 

You get the idea.

Share it.

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