Monday, 22 August 2016

On Synchronicities

Interesting times we live in...

For some reason, that I can't recall the initial impulse for now, while fixing my dinner this evening I got to thinking back to my time in junior high school, specifically once during my ninth grade, in my Student Council class - a class for those of us who had been elected to our student governmental positions (I was elected Class President) - when the subject came up of how some of the kids were beginning to sneak up to the head of the line waiting for the school bus.  There was a point on campus where the line formed from, and it turned out that some kids had begun hanging around in the space ahead of the line, all innocently engaging in conversation, and then when the bus arrived out on the street, they would rush into the head of the line.  And it had apparently been going on for some time.  (I didn't know anything about this; I never caught the bus.  I always stayed after school to play on the playground for the hour allotted to those of us wanting to do so.)  Some of my student-government peers were quick to say that those queue-jumpers should just simply be punished for their sins; and that was the way the vote was beginning to line up for, as it were.

"Wait - you can't just do that," I recall blurting out; my sense of justice sorely offended.  "It's our fault too, that we have been letting them get away with this.  We need, rather, to give them a day's warning, that we are now going to stick strictly to the rule, and then hold them liable for breaking it."

I say this, in relation to an article that I have just come across among my emails, involving illegal aliens, and specifically, those who have been allowed to be in this country for many years.   But I will let my response speak for itself:

from ‘Immigration Expert Vaughn On Whether Trump Is Backsliding On Amnesty’ - Rick Wells - August 22/23 

Stan // August 23, 2016 at 2:13 pm // Reply (actually August 22)
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(A FOX News reporter expressing concern about the issue.)

Keep holding his feet to the fire of our ire on this matter, everybody.

I personally accept that there are two separate matters here, border & law enforcement on the one hand and what to do about long-time illegal aliens in the country on the other. The first has to be initiated: full stop. (Not just promises, as were given to Reagan, in order to get him to sign the amnesty back in the mid-’80s.) But we/the U.S. needs to take some measure of responsibility for allowing the long-time illegals in here and letting them stay here, and grow roots here. The same with children of IAs born here, who are NOT U.S. citizens. That is due to a deliberate misreading of the 14th Amendment, that needs to be corrected forthwith, as we set about setting this nation back to rights. But WE seduced them here, and under that ‘anchor baby’ pretense. So, a measure of leeway is needed to be demonstrated here.

Personally, I would have it that that would look like those IA families do indeed have to return to their (parents’ ) home countries, and then apply for immigration through the front door, so that the law will be seen to be working. But Justice sometimes needs to be tempered with mercy. And actually, I think it’s a moot matter anyway, because I see the global monetary system collapsing – as it needs to, under its enormous weight of corruption – and a New Order Of Things does indeed come into play. Just not the one that the New World Order crowd are pushing for, with its obscene measures of Force, and People Control. And with that monetary Reset, some of those families might well wish to stay in their home countries after all. So: One step at a time. One clear, serious step at a time.


I am happy to report that my words of wisdom prevailed in the first instance.

We will see about the second one.

And, of course, this is as well about the best-laid scheme of the erstwhile NWO crowd, first to help bankrupt the U.S. so that it will fall like a ripe fruit into the waiting hands of the socialists (i.e., the Coward-Piven Strategy),  and secondly, to so change the demographics in the country that the same sort of crowd will get it to fall into their waiting hands.  Statists, all.  Both the far Left and the far Right.  With the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power.

To all of whom I say:

It ain't going to happen, Gang.

There is another Plan afoot, here.

And you can get with it.

Or lose out.


Sometimes, I'm not so keen to see Justice tempered with mercy.

Sometimes, I want to see it play out to its fullest extent.

But then, that's just me.

All grown up, from my days as a ninth grade Class President.

To an Observer of the larger scene.

Waiting, like Charles Martel (whom I have been thinking about today as well, for whatever reason), to take my place at the head of the queue.

Of Justice servers.

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