Friday, 26 August 2016

The Law Is The Law

‘Going across!  All aboard who are going aboard!  -

‘’Not you, Friend.  Sorry.  You’ll have to catch the next ride.  If you qualify then.’

‘What is this?  I’ve led a good life.  Basically.  See, here’s my resume.’

‘We don’t go by earthly resumes, Friend.  But in how you register.’

‘Register??  I don’ t  - ‘  

‘It’s a matter of resonance.  As reflected in your aura.’

‘’My what?!’

‘Which is recorded in your akashic record.’

‘My -  this is nuts!’

‘’Board!  - Call it what you will, Friend.  See this meter reader?  In a ‘nut’ shell:  You don’t resonate to a sufficient pitch to join the choir.  Sorry.  But it’s The Law.  We go by The Law.  You need to go back for a little more seasoning in The Field.’


‘The Field of human endeavor.  It’s all a matter of energy.’


‘Yes.  The Field.  Where you exercise your muscle of Free Will.  Excuse me: All aboard!  We’re taking off to NOW!’


‘Yes.  The constant, eternal Now.  Just beyond The Field.’

‘…Just beyond…’

‘You’ll have to get out of the way, Friend.  See you next time a’ Round.  Hopefully.  But it’s your call.  All aboard!’


‘Yes.  It’s all u[ to you, Friend.  But ‘now,’ you’ll have to excuse me.  You are about to forget that all this happened.’

‘Wait - what?  Why.’

‘So that you can handle staying in The Field.  It would be hell on earth for you otherwise.  Well; it will be, anyway.  But you need not to know that.  To help you engage with The Process.’

‘With the…’

‘You will need all your wits about you, to survive in The Field.  No good having one foot in hell, and one foot in - excuse me -  

‘Last call everybody!  Strap in your seat belts, as they used to say!  This ship is taking off!  

‘See you next time, Friend.  As I say…’

‘Yes.  As you said:

‘’hopefully… ‘ - wait!’

‘What?  Yes??’

‘Any…last messages?  Last words, of advice??’

‘Okay.  To put all this another way: 

‘It’s not a matter of quantity.  It’s a matter of size.’

‘Of size…’

‘Yes.  Of quality.  The size of your spiritual quotient.’


Gotta go now, Friend.  Hope to see you next time.  I sincerely hope to ferry you to the other side.  If……’


‘That’s it, everybody!  Settle in!  It’s going to be

‘an interesting ride!……………’

 ‘It must be hard on you, Ferryman.’


‘To have to leave a soul behind, like that one.’

‘Yes.  It’s my job to get souls across.  Not leave them behind.  But that One will be okay.’

‘You reckon?’

‘Yes.  I remember that One from the last Time.  ‘He’ was a ‘she’ then.  And ‘she’ almost made it then.  Just a little short on the ol’ resonance meter.  But there has been definite progress there, in The Process, of getting that particular One, from the matrix of Time and Space, to


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