Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Survey

(Ring ring)


‘I would like to speak to a Mr, Duane Stanfield?’


‘Hello, Mr. Stanfield.  This is (garbled), I’m calling from Trump Headquarters.  You recently filled out an online survey of ours, and you gave some rather, shall we say, independent answers, and since we are interested in extending our appeal to political Independents, we would like to ask you a few questions on your replies, if you don’t mind.’

‘Sure.  Always happy to support a worthy cause.’

‘Well, thank you for that, Mr. Stanfield.  So - shall we just get into it, then?’

‘Sure.  Fire away.  So to speak.’

 ‘ - What?  Pardon??’

‘Sorry. Little joke, there.’

‘…Sure.  Well.  First off, at the very beginning of our survey, where we asked for you to indicate your main areas of concern - and thank you for the ones that you did indicate - you also indicated, quote,  ‘Other’.  Would you like to elaborate on that ’Other’ reply to your main areas of concern?’

‘Sure.  Mainly, I was thinking of the need for The Donald to follow up on his already-expressed concern, or at least question, about the Usurper’s ineligibility for that office.’

 ‘ - Wha- . You’re talking about Obama?  President Obama??’

‘Indeed.  Although better identified as the Usurper.’

‘ - Yes.  Well…you mean about his ‘birth certificate’?’

‘Not totally.  And not mainly.’

‘…Would you…’

‘It’s not really about the birth certificate per se.  It’s about his claimed parentage.  He has claimed his father to have been a Kenyan national, with no indication of American naturalization whatsoever.  Correct?’


‘So he falls at the first hurdle.  Not the second, or third.’

’ - Um…’

‘Let me ask you: If you wanted to find out what the constitutional Framers meant by the term, a ’natural born’ citizen, when they put it in their contract for that particular office, what would you do.’

‘…Mr. Stanfield, we really - ‘

‘You would go to the historical record and check it out.  Correct?’

‘…Well, it would be a little more complicated than that.  Wouldn’t it?’

‘You’re thinking that things might have changed since then, as regards either the definition or conditions.  But just stop and think for a moment.  The definition - whatever it would turn out to be - would still hold, as an eligibility requirement for that office - that particular office, I would point out, as to its reason for being in there - absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  Correct?’

‘…Mr. Stanfield, it’s not my job to go into these sorts of things with you.  All I’m here for is to - ‘

‘But could you just tell me if you think my logic is correct or not.’  

‘Look - Actually, Mr. Stanfield, I think that bringing that question up now is rather late in the day; isn’t it?  It’s water under the bridge. ‘

‘But with eddies still swirling around, from its passage.’


‘Say, Ted Cruz.’


‘Not a ‘natural born’ citizen either  Maybe not even a U.S. citizen, as far as that goes.  But I am pointing out that the violence done to our Constitution by the undisputed candidacy, and election, of the Usurper in the Oval Office as we speak - ‘

‘Look, Mr Stanfield,  I”m not going to get into this matter with you. - For heaven’s sakes, man, can you imagine the turmoil that that would cause, if - ‘

‘If we got back to the truth of the matter?  And other matters?’   

 ‘ - I mean, just look at all the rioting that’s already going on, with that…potential element.’

‘Two things in response.  Number one: You are insulting black Americans, by implying that they can’t understand plain facts when they are plainly presented to them.  And number two: All that business is being orchestrated by the payment of money to troublemakers.  Cut off the flow of money to the leaders of the rioting and it will stop.’

‘…And how would you propose doing that.’

‘Trace it back to its source.  Undoubtedly George Soros, at the very least.  And publicize that fact.  Oxygen is a great anti-toxin.’

‘…Anyway - ‘

‘And another, and major, factor here is that the Usurper must not be allowed to stay in that office to the end of his purloined stay in the office, because he may well be presented with a ‘state of national emergency’ by his handlers, and thereby be given the excuse he needs to declare martial law, and that would be the end of not only the rule of law in this country - its Constitution - but the nation altogether.  The federal constitutional republic thereof.  And we would be deep into the dark night being set up for it - and the entire world - by the New World Order crowd.’   

‘…Mr. Stanfield, we really need to move on, here.’

‘I agree totally.’

‘…I mean, with this question-and-answer session.  Do you mind if we get back to that?’

‘Your call.  Literally.’

‘…Yes.  Well.  Yes.  My next question: When we asked the question about who is the nation’s greatest enemy right now, you did not check ISIS.  Would you care to elaborate on that answer?  Briefly??’

‘Yeah.  Would you blame Charlie McCarthy for what comes out of his mouth??’


‘Or would you check to see who is behind the dummy sitting on a knee.’  

‘…You are saying,,,’

‘I’m saying that we need to look at who is behind ISIS.  And that involves us - the U.S.; or rather, nefarious aspects of ‘us’ - and Saudi Arabia, and Mossad, and - ‘

‘Look - Mr. Stanfield - let’s move on.  Shall we?  I’m almost done here.’


‘And I think you may have just touched on your, attitude, on this next question, according to your, er, attitude, when you did not support that we - the United States - continue to support Israel, our only ally in the Middle East.’  

‘Not until they apologize,’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Not until they apologize to us - the U.S. - for the likes of the Lavon Affair, and the strafing and attempted sinking of the USS Liberty, and their acts of omission regarding the suicide bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon, and their acts of both omission and commission in regards to 9/11.’

‘…I think we need to wrap this conversation up here, Mr. Stanfield.  Thanks - ‘

‘Just trying to be of help.  To establishing the truth of things.’

‘ - Look. Mr. Stanfield.  I will be honest with you  Because we are involved now in a reach-out to the Independent area of the voting public, we were going to offer you a job in the lead-up to the elections.  But - ‘

‘Oh; thanks for the potential offer, but I couldn’t do that anyway.  I only deal with truth.  However…’

 ‘ - What?  Yes??’

‘Tell The Donald that I would be happy to offer him a job in my government, if he would straighten up just a little more.’

‘…Goodbye, Mr. Stanfield.  Thank you for your time.’

‘It is, indeed, time; isn’t it.’

(a pause; then: a click)

with a nod of acknowledgment to Rob Long

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