Monday, 31 July 2017

On Setting Things To Rights

It bears repeating:

Where did the Democrats ever get the idea that this was a one-party-rule state, not a two-party (at the least) political system?  That the opposition is to be 'Resisted,' as if they themselves were born to rule; like the ruling class of the former Soviet Union??  Meaning to turn this country into a socialist, if not outright communist, hellhole, where no opposition to their vicious totalitarian rule is to be allowed.

Well, however that totalitarian thinking crept into this country, let me tell you something, boys and girls of the far Left:

Not my country, you won't.

All you decent and honorable Democrats need to take back your party from the far Left ideologues who have hijacked it, and have been trying to overthrow this country, with the aid of the votes of all 'their' illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, like non-citizens, 'dead' voters, and duplicate/multiple voters.  All, a disgusting crime against this country.

The crime to be expunged from the voter registration rolls in all the counties of the nation.  And other crimes, under the rubric of 'electoral fraud,' involving electronic voting machines, to be eliminated as well.  Until this country is set to rights.

In this area, as in all others.  Because I will not countenance corruption in my country.

Not.  A.  Whiff.

I hope I am understood.

And about the fact that those days are over.

Part of the sad history of this planet.

Now, to be superseded.

By the likes of joy.  And goodwill.

In alignment with the Will (aka the Universal Laws) of our Creator Source.

As best we can ascertain that Will.

By deep inner listening.

And similar thinking.

And appropriate actions taken therefrom.

In this New Day, dawning for all humanity.

More on which, to follow.

This for now.

Getting it off my chest.

P..S.  Maybe I am just an old man, who dreams above his station.  Nevertheless, in my dreams, a couple of cases of miscarriage of justice in particular have come to my attention.  And are hereby reversed.
     One involves a doctor in South Dakota, named Annette Bosworth, who, new to the business of politics - desiring to clean out some of the corruption going on in that state, going on under its political establishment - inadvertently - that is, with no malice intended - signed off on some names, that were superfluous anyway, on her nominating petition (due to the errant advice of her campaign lawyer; who ended up on her primary opponent's side.  Go figure), and who is facing - get this - 24 years in prison, on 12 counts of felony (or to be considered as '12 felonious counts'), as a consequence.  On things that should be, at most, a misdemeanor.  And would be, in most cases.
     The case is unalterably tainted for being politically motivated; would never have come up if it weren't for the politics involved, which is all too long a story to go into here.  Here, all I need to say, in summation, is: Case dismissed.
     And the same sort of situation applies in the case of one Schaeffer Cox, being held in prison in Illinois.  He got locked away from his young family for 26 years, for being, in effect, a political prisoner.  He gets the same result, in the setting of things to rights in this country.
     I am hopping mad at the s.o.b.'s who are running things at this time.
     Their time, fortunately, now
     All.  Except for the shouting.
     On their side.  Though better described as wailing.
     And ours.  Perhaps best described as jubilation.
     The Light winning out in the end.
     The End.
     The Play.
     And the beginning of
     the Real Thing.

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