Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Timely Essay On 'Political Choices'

'We, the People, in bondage to the bankers, hereby sign our own death warrants.'

This 'We the People' business is such a canard these days; some voting themselves money out of the pockets of others, and all.  I doubt that the Founding Fathers ever envisioned fully a day for their dream, of a free and independent people, that 'We the People' would turn out to represent such a large number of the citizenry as part of a welfare class (planned for; think the Cloward-Piven Strategy), living off of the proceeds of the relatively fewer, held in debt in perpetuity, to pay for such largesse, and oh, well, a little in addition to the bankers and crony capitalists, of course.

I sense that the American youth of today are waking up to the fact that they have been had; that their erstwhile masters have used their idealistic concerns about 'the environment' to corral them into a state of subservience to said Erstwhile Masters, to be held down to Third World levels of living - feeling (dutifully) guilty of living at such a high standard of living as to deplete the world's resources unfairly.   And to cause Global Warming, you terribly selfish bastards.   What's that?  There is no AGW??  Oh.  Well; how about Climate Change, then?  Huh?  Huh?  How about that, then, you terribly selfish bastards???

'Shame!  Shame for being productive!  Get thee into our corral, subject to our beck and call, and together we will Save The Seals - I mean, now, Save The World! - you the slaves, and we the masters. - Well; you know what I mean.  Tee hee.'

Yes, more and more of us know precisely what you mean, O EM.  That's for Erstwhile Masters, of course.  The ring of that supplicative utterance to take the place of the old OM.  So old-fashioned, that one.   Not practical at all; linking people to the larger All as it did.  When what really matters is for the masses to bow to their rightful, ordained Masters, on this level of existence.

There are other levels??  Well, nothing to do with us.  Here, there are to be masters and slaves.  And we are to be the Masters, and you are to be the slaves.  It's all ordained; doncha know??

No.  I don't.  And you, our EM, can just get off your high horse, and be one of us.  As we all are:

the facets, fractals, aspects, offspring of a higher God than yours.

The God of All That Is.

Hallowed be that Name.

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