Friday, 18 November 2016

On Not Always Believing Your Eyes

Aka Things Are Not Always What They Seem

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Stan Stanfield from Alamitos Beach · 1d ago

Any attempt to change the outcome of the election is an attempt to ignite a civil war in this country. it's a shame that the Electors aren't under clearer rules in every state. In any event, the election proceeded under the assumption of its normal steam for the elections. If it had been otherwise, Trump would have campaigned differently. Give it a rest. Or hold some of the responsibility for a more terrible tragedy than that you lost this election time around You are proceeding under spite. Not intelligence.

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Helen Good from Alamitos Beach · 1d ago

That what George Soros wants. Divide and conquer. Just look what is happening in Europe.
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Anne Proffit from East Village · 5h ago

you're the winner Stan - just shoot me

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Leah Kando from Alamitos Beach · 4h ago

Trump lovers want everyone to calm down, yet they went absolutely insane when Obama won. Lovely double standard.
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It must be hard to be so conservative in such a progressive city.
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Sergio, you think it's hard to be conservative. I'm fairly libertarian. When people ask what the libertarian values are I say "well, you know conservative values are? I'm even worse!" I look at … View more
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meh; it is another check and balance. They're free to try to get electors to change their votes...
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People went nuts when Obama was elected? I missed those protest.

Check out my post on another was from 4 & 8 years ago... sad!

Leah Kando from Alamitos Beach · 50m ago

Yes, David. There were tons of hate crimes, widely reported all over the news, when Obama won. And unlike Trump, Obama won the majority. The people actually wanted Obama, and they do not want Trump. I guess you've forgotten history.

Leah, we will never know who actually won the LEGITIMATE Popular vote in this election, what with all the illegal aliens voting for Hillary, and other ineligible voters, and dead voters, and duplicate/multiple voters, and potential ballot stuffing (which went on at least in the primaries for Hillary; see the Veritas Project undercover videos), not to mention the programmed electronic voting machines of G. Soros and others. And this sort of thing has been going on for years. So, be careful what you believe about things. You - we - are being treated like fools. Trump must have had a HUGE turnout, to be able to overcome these scams.

And judging  by the size of the rallies that he attracted, that is indeed what he got.

P.S. And then there's the little matter of Barry even signaling the illegal aliens to go for it...

P.P.S. As for Barry, and all this sort of scammy stuff:
     At least two channeling-type sites are now trying to say that Obama is one of the Good Guys - as another such site that I follow has long claimed (via 'AAM' - Archangel Michael) as well.  I commented once somewhere to this take on things, that the only way that could be true is if he is consciously, deliberately trying to bring things to a head, with all of his terribly dark actions, like threatening Americans' freedoms, and setting things up, with the Muslim invasion of the country, and gangster types of illegal aliens (plus the IAs themselves,for their votes for the Democrats/Hillary), for massive takeover activity, and a consequent declaration of martial law, and his imperial takeover of the nation that way - and not even to mention the 'little' fact to be considered that he is illegally in the office to begin with - all for the higher purpose of eliciting a reaction from patriots, to stand more staunchly for the 'essential liberty' that this nation was founded to protect, embody, and enhance, as the facets, fracas, aspects, points of view of the One Holy Being that we are, beyond the workings-out of this matrix, this realm of duality and polarity, this classroom for aspiring gods to earn their stripes.
     And - who knows:  
     Maybe that is, indeed, the larger truth...

     I still have my doubts.
     But - and as further on the theme of this blog -  I will keep an open mind, on this matter.
     This terribly important matter.
     About to come to said head.

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