Saturday, 19 November 2016

Notes On America's Political Scene

      On The Occasion
     Of Hearing About
         The Booing Of
The Vice President-Elect
      By A NewYork City
           Play Audience
   And His Hectoring By
            The Cast At
                The End


   On The Rioters

They are taking
'The Soros shilling,
                   so they
             will dance
   to whatever tune
    he calls.
      you say. Massa.
               You want
                      a jig?
           I'll give you
                       a jig.
 Or a tap dance, or
      on my head, or
You call it, and I'll
                      do it.
   Just keep that
       cool cash
     a'comin' in,

And speaking of disgusting:


      Ah, Hillary

  is going to - or
  at least, needs to -
                    be up
       on charges
        of treason,
                not just
         on common
  albeit extremely
   having sold out
       this country's
           and access
      to the highest

             I am,

Sock it to her,
             as part of
     the clearing of
       the close-run
We have just endured;
             with Bill
             and her
 in such dangerous
            of power.
           The Bonnie
           and Clyde
      of this nation's
                Oh, yes
          A very
    Almost as bad
     as in the days
      of Hamilton.

 (That being the play
           that we
           are in.)


P. S. As for the spokesperson for the play cast:

How rude.  It was not your place to lecture the Vice President-elect.  Get out of my face.  For, I am America, and I will see this close-run thing through to its completion.  In a better world for all.  But not your way.  In your way lies disaster.  Pillage.  Ruin.  Totalitarianism.

And further rudeness.

Now.  Get on with the show.

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