Tuesday, 1 November 2016

When Things Heat Up...

...Can A Clean Sweep Be Far Behind??

from wnd.com: ‘Clinton Insider Abandons Hillary On Live TV’ - October 30 
(“Longtime confidante withdraws support from Democratic nominee”)

ong 4 hours ago (October 31)

A little late Doug, With the current administration we are under a Constitutional Crisis.


We entered into a constitutional crisis when the DNC fraudulently vetted barry soetoro. And we will remain there until it is properly addressed and remedied.


          kibitzer3 mnkysnkle a few seconds ago  (October 31)
  • Amen. This country needs to face that fact: that it let an ineligible candidate run for, and occupy, the office of the president. But MAINLY because the Republican Party failed to do its duty, as the official opposition party, to call Obama and the Democrat Party on his ineligibility. Why did they do that? One need look no further than the roster of candidates that IT put up for the office here in 2016 for the answer to that question. Cruz, Rubio, Jindal - not a 'natural born citizen' amongst them.

  • It's outrageous. And IT MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND. Obama needs to be arrested - by oath keepers - and held for trial, on a whole host of charges by now (including fraud, perjury, and treason); both major political parties need to be hauled into court under RICO statutes, for being the collusory criminal enterprises that they certainly are, found guilty as charged, fined, dissolved, and their major officers hauled off to prison. (To keep the Usurper company, in their white-collar quarters.) The sitting Congress dissolved, for having failed to do its constitutional duty to rein in a rogue executive. And an Officer of The People appointed by said oath keepers, to call for new elections - and CLEAN ELECTIONS this time - within a time certain, and in the meantime, to clean out the nest of vipers that has taken up residence in D.C.; over the years, but especially in this illegal administration's time in purloined power.

  • And all of that, just for starters, in our patriots' job at hand, to SET THIS NATION TO RIGHTS.

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