Sunday, 27 November 2016

On Getting Things Straight

1) from ’Sanctuary Cities, States Could Quickly Bankrupt If They Force Trump To Withhold Funds’ - Rick Wells  - November 26/7

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Now let me get this straight. American citizen taxpayers are supposed to support all these illegal aliens taking ‘freebies’ on their backs, and that’s okay; but withholding American citizen taxpayers' money from these sanctuary cities is not, because, well, it just isn’t??

Why are we supposed to be slaves to the illegal aliens? Oh, I get it: it’s supposed to be some sort of ‘reparations’. I guess. What other even halfway intelligent reason could there be for it, in the liberals’ minds???

Oh, I get it further: It’s part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy to bankrupt the nation, and thus to let it fall into the hands of the New World Order crowd. Order out of Chaos, I believe it is called, and considered.

Now, THAT makes a lot of sense.

P.S. You don’t reward lawbreakers. Or what you will end up with is a nation of lawbreakers.

2) I think that we need to cut to the chase in all this putzing around, and face some brutal facts. 

Item: California is being faced with being taken out of the Union, by the New World Order forces, to be handed over to the likes of La Raza and Co.  Why?  Because TPTB can't have the U.S.A. Republic standing in their way for a global dictatorship.  They might have been able to accomplish their mission under a Hillary presidency - because that's what she wants as well; and those forces behind her were feeling their oats, of intimidation of the great American public, being controlled by the MSM arm of the takeover.  But something happened to their best-laid plans.  So they are going to their Plan B.  Which involves said breakup of the Union.  And not only with California being split off.  Eight states, mostly in the Southwest, are 'destined' to be taken over by these Dark forces.

Over my dead body.

And I don't plan on sloughing off this mortal coil just yet.

And here I was, thinking that I had returned to my old home town just to retire in the sun...

We ain't seen nothing yet, folks.  The fireworks are just beginning.

And what will win out in the end??


Not Force.

Because we live in a just universe.

Even if we are now in a false reality.

To learn lessons.

And then move on.

And Up.

Just waiting.

On the other side of the end of our contracts.

Having chosen, to be here, at this time.

To set things right.

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