Thursday, 24 November 2016

On The Art Of The Possible

On the one 'hand'...

from ‘Why we need the Electoral College’ - Bob Livingston - November 17 (accessed on November 23 through replying to a voting ad from them titled ’Should we keep the electoral college?’ posted at 
(Excellent background on the purpose of the Electoral College, highlighting the differences between a democracy and a republic.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (November 23)

Very good, clear article, Bob. Thanks.

The conservatives need to keep pointing out how the Popular vote for Hillary is so skewed, by illegal aliens (whom Obama outrageously encouraged to get out and vote), other ineligible voters, dead voters, duplicate/multiple voters, stuffed ballot boxes (see Project Veritas proof of the Left's dirty deeds and corrupt mentality, that the end justifies the means), and perhaps most significantly, the programmed electronic voting machines, both the Soros machines and others, whose results are hacked into on their electronic way to the central tabulating site, massaged, and then sent on their merry way. The elections were/have become a farce - it's a miracle that the huge voter turnout for Trump & co. was able to overcome the horrendous scamming going on by the Left. Disgusting stuff. 'Drain the Swamp' indeed. Go Trump!


(Alex Jones points out the reported estimates - reported by The New American and other sites - that at least 3 million votes for Hillary came from illegal aliens, and possibly 4 million from dead voters and other categories of shonky votes, like multiple voters being bussed around from precinct to precinct, or even interstate.  So that there is no legitimate telling of how many true/legitimate votes she received.) 

...and on the other 'hand'...

from ‘Dick Morris - Trump Downplaying Hillary Clinton Prosecution With An Objective’ - Rick Wells - November 23/4 
(“I think Trump may be attempting to lower the temperature on this whole issue and not letting it heat up to a point where Obama feels he has to pardon Hillary.”…)

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I think this could go a little deeper than all this, Rick. Especially with Trump apparently actually considering Romney for SoS. I think TPTB have something on him.

Remember the pussycat who appeared on CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ after his visit with Obama in the Oval Office?? I think that the Usurper showed him a folder that ‘they’ have on him; and said (words to the effect): ‘Now, this doesn’t have to go any further than here. All we want is for you to appoint some of our team to your Cabinet. And to let me and Hillary off the hook. That’s all.’ And thus, the Art of the Deal: snookered.

What could they have on him, that could cause them to pull such a deal off?? How about photos from the Lolita Express, and Orgy Island, taken in his wilder days???…

I have a dreadful feeling that we’re not out of the woods yet.  [Much less] the swamp.


...but on the brighter side:

from ‘Clinton Recount Effort Debunked Before It Even Began’ - Paul Joseph Watson - November 23
(A leading Democrat pollster has debunked the theory of some ‘computer experts’ that the results in WI, MI, and PA don’t match with what they think they should be.) 

XXX - 4 hours ago (November 23)

OMG, these peopler truly are desperately in deep denial…liberalism really is a mental disorder.



kibitzer3 - XXX - November 24

I don’t think it’s “a mental disorder” so much as an ideological disorder - they have been turned into Marxists by their college professors and the MSM, and the elections to them are about establishing an environment-saving socialist New World Order, and doing away with capitalism itself, meaning as well private property, meaning as well the ‘essential liberty’ bequeathed us by our Founding Fathers.  Many of them, I am sure, truly think that they are ‘saving the planet’.  Not realizing that they are being had, by experts in the field of group dynamics, and will disappear into their gulags along with the conservatives/capitalists, when their masters have finished with them for their shock-troop use.


The estimates of votes by IAs are ranging from 3M to 8M w/3M from CA alone (& 1M of those from my/L.A.County alone), and 200,000 in NEV where Hillary only won by 40,000...and another estimate has it as up to 18M IAs, and 5M dead people voting...

These people are going to go all out to attempt to tear apart the United States, and establish their New Order of Things.

Sensing - deep inside - that such a 'thing' is about to occur. 

Well; yes; it is.  Only their position on the matter is part of the 'antihesis' that has been generated by historical/evolutionary processes, against the Established Order.  With the Synthesis of the whole process - because it has been raised to the global level, by our erstwhile masters - yet to come.

As I say:

Any day now; the first signs of it.  Like buds in the springtime......

...with 'money' - and the dis-attraction to it (as an end in itself, rather than treating it as the means to an end that it was supposed to be; or at least, should have been) - the key to it all.

As I personally have been waiting for since I 'got', in 1961, that that was

the key.

To open the door to

the New World.

Beckoning us onwards.  

And not just onwards.  But Upwards.

In consciousness.  Frequency.  And resonance.

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