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On Building Blocks

Going online today to check my bank balance - I have a few items that I need to keep an eye on, in order to top up my balance when I need to1 - I noticed a duplication of charge to my account from an outfit that I had made a small donation to.  I dutifully went to my bank to set things right on the matter.  And it reminded me of something else that needs to be set right; in the nation.  

A little story, to kick that telling off with.

I read somewhere recently, on the Internet (remember that factoid, of where I read it. You will coma across the subject, in a very fitting way, later on in this anecdotal blog), something that relates obliquely to my bank account little kerfuffle.  The ‘worthy cause’ in question is an outfit called ‘Friends of the National WWII Memorial’.  The item on the Internet had to do with the report that a student recently had asked his or her high school teacher what the reference to ‘WWII’ stood for, and the teacher reportedly answered, in all seriousness, that it meant ‘World War Eleven’.  And one can believe it, with all the other horror stories out and about, regarding the level of education that our children are receiving.  But it actually goes way back.

When I dropped out of university before the end of my Junior year (choosing to forego the Finals of my last semester there, for reasons simply of an inner sense that it was time for me to be on my way), I went to the Campus Bookstore to see if there was anything I wanted to take with me, before I stopped with the formal education of The System and headed off on my own on a search for Truth (which is a story that I have touched on before in these pages, so ‘nuff said about that here).  A book, and subject, that caught my eye was entitled ‘Why Johnny Can’t Read,’ and it went into the whole business - as I was to find out in its pages - of how a sea change in the way that reading was being taught in the country had resulted in a generation - even then; and this was heading into the summer of 1955, mind you - of kids who just couldn’t read well, and so were put off by the chore of doing so.  It was part of a whole dumbing-down process that had been going on - as I say: even then - for some time, that had resulted, for example, in a huge number of entering Freshmen of my class, and subsequent ones, needing to take what was called Bonehead English: a supplementary course in English, its structure and comprehension, to bring them up to university par in the subject, and for reading other course material, and comprehending it.  

The change, briefly (for those who are not familiar with this subject): was from what is called phonics - i.e., teaching reading by sounding out the individual (note that word: individual) letters of the words, and getting them that way for oneself (on one’s own) -  to the ‘whole word’ method - i..e., teaching reading by getting - trying to get - the child to recognize the word as a whole - by its shape, not its construction.  The former way of which is akin to hieroglyphics, where forms stand for ideas.  And the idea behind it?: 

to control the ideas that get put in our brains.2

It took me some years before I got into the background of the issue, and found out that the whole subject was the brainstorm of socialists - social engineers - dating back to the early 1920s, as an outgrowth from the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the installation there of Karl Marx’s concept of communism.  (Note the concept: collectivism.)  Which is a method of social structure for controlling people, to within an inch of their lives, by the almighty State, replacing both Family - i.e., individual family - and God.  And thus, the emphasis in our day - still; even with the collapse of communism in Russia - on disenthroning the ‘concept’ of God and the individual family, and their replacement by the almighty state, leading to the New World Order of our erstwhile masters.  Wherein everybody is equal, and some are more equal than others, is all…3

I come now to the next ‘building block’ in my story: that of the likes of Facebook and Google censoring any postings contrary to their desired, to say ideological, take on life.

And following right on from that block, the next one, in immediate succession (things ‘heating up,’ as they are): that of the current push, in the post-election period, to save the vision of our erstwhile masters by their trying to label some sites on the Internet as ‘fake news’ sites.  And you will notice that all of the sites that TPTB are trying to rule out of bounds have to do with the refutation of the ‘story’ of our erstwhile masters.  Not just in the way of recognizable ‘politics,’ but in the way, e.g., of sites that do not buy into the meme of ‘Climate Change’.4  

Which is a tool of our erstwhile masters to pry us away from ‘the old story’ and into their desired new one.  Wherein nothing is absolute.  Everything is relative.

Relative to what our erstwhile masters want us to know.

And think.         


1 I only keep enough in my checking account to cover my bills and the various ‘worthy causes’ that I choose each month to support.  And the minimum that my bank requires to keep from charging me if my balance drops below it.  
   I can appreciate that they want their customers to keep a certain amount in their accounts, for the accounting service that they render, and to count on the figures to gamble on the foreign exchange markets each day after the basic working day is over.  But $500??  It seems rather a lot.  There never used to be this sort of thing in the banking business.  It seems a sign of the times: gambling seems to be de rigueur for this society.  And every once in awhile, things go boom with that mentality at work.  And sometimes, a very big boom.  As in the nation as a whole.
   But to continue. 
   And then there is the coming matter of converting us to a cashless society.  The better to control us with, my dears. 
   Which actually, in its essence - i.e., the idea of a cashless society - and in fact, of a full-blown moneyless society - at least as it is now - has value.  And is coming.
   But to continue. 

2 A classic example appeared in a book - which I think I got from a John Birch Society bookstore; a telling piece of information, in this whole regard - about the philosophy of a socialist named Gates, who taught teachers the ‘whole word’ method - aka ‘look-say’ - with examples like teaching their children the word ‘monkey’ by the use of a picture of a monkey hanging on the tail of the ‘y’ at the end.  (I kid you not.)  And this way, the children were exposed to a few more - well-chosen; by the ideological pedagogues behind this whole sorry story - words in each succeeding class.
   Of bonehead English. 

3 To clarify: Both the far Left and the far Right meet at the top of the pyramid of power in the world, in the single nest of vipers that control both ways to the summit of their ambition and desire:
   Total Control over humanity.
   Their food.  And cattle, in general.  To do their bidding.  And then be eliminated.  As one of their members has described: ‘useless eaters’.
   Eliminated, by any number of ways.  Wars.  Injections. Control of their food, or water; or both. 
   A particularly nasty bunch of monsters, this. 

4 from jamesfetzerdotblogspotdotcom:



This is no longer about having a different opinion or being labeled a conspiracy theorist.

This is about 100% online censorship of viewpoints, ideas, and information that governments (and the megacorporations they are in bed with) do not want you to see online.


Note that Time Warner changed its name to “Spectrum” and then got bought-out by AT&T. Their icon is a hypnotic eyeball:

As previously reported, there’s a reason Google’s new parent company is named “Alphabet”. They will literally be controlling the exchange of information and online communication in the future.

The Wild West of the Internet is coming to an end.

Like clockwork, floating around on the Internet now is a list of these “fake” sites authored by Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of Media and Communications at Merrimack College.

It just so happens to include almost every major alternative news site you can imagine.

She has deemed all of these sites as “false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical ‘news’ sources”.

This list, she claims, is for educational purposes only (think about what viewpoint those college students are paying to be taught), but it is being shared everywhere including by the LA Times like it’s an authoritative list from a valid, vetted, unbiased source.

It has been so revered that it might as well be the final, official list from the mouth of Google itself. In fact, the way this list is being spread is actually in a false, misleading way (oh the irony).

Zimdars has broken everything down into four categories, and even satire websites like “The Onion” on there because quote, “1.) They have the potential to perpetuate misinformation based on different audience (mis)interpretations and 2.) to make sure anyone who reads a story by The Onion, for example, understands its purpose.”

Like we live in a world where everyone is on the exact same educational and experientiallevel that when they read a story, we are all going to understand it in the same way. That doesn’t even make any sense and it isn’t the job of Google or the government to make sure your grandma knows whether or not a story in “The Onion” is “real” or not.

She also tells people to check information out with Snopes, which has been caught blatantly lying and using logical fallacies in its so-called “fact checking,” and Wikipedia, which can be altered by anyone anywhere at any time, to find out if a website is a good source of information or not.

On top of that, she says the sources that she trusts include government-funded NPR, Bilderberg attendee The Washington Post, Council on Foreign Relations partner The Atlantic, and blatantly biased (especially in its 2016 election coverage) The New York Times.

How does that make her qualified to create such a list when she’s obviously biased to begin with?

Using Wikipedia to fact check information was a huge no-no back when I was in college… I remember one lesson in a journalism class specifically reinforcing that Wikipedia was not a reliable resource, as did many of my English courses on paper writing.

Zimdars goes on to note that The Huffington Post and Fox News are not yet included on the list (when they quite obviously should be), but she never once mentions MSNBC or CNN — clearly exposing her political leanings, as both lean full left. Both are biased through and through, and both completely misrepresented coverage of Hillary Clinton during the election just like NYT, while both have conversely censored information in the past about topics like the CDC whistleblower and the revelations of Wikileaks’ Podesta emails (except to misleadingly blame the leak on Russia, an establishment talking point which has never been proven).

Here’s the list below. You will notice right away that mainstream media sources are glaringly absent, even though Wikileaks and other sources have proven over time how biased and dishonest many mainstream sources are.

Talk about living in George Orwell’s 1984


Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!


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