Thursday, 17 November 2016

Where's The Outrage?!

So the Soros-funded rioters are still at their 'outrage'.

You want outrage?  I'll give you outrage:

So the - nominal - president of this country signaled to millions of illegal aliens to come out of the woodwork and go vote for Hillary - because, as he damn well ANNOUNCED, his administration wouldn't prosecute them (for doing their 'patriotic' duty - !) - and thus disenfranchise You, the Citizens of this country - and you have let him get away with that monstrous act of betrayal of this country?  Among other such monstrous actions??


I can only assume that patriots are quietly biding their time, waiting for Trump to be inaugurated, before they redress this terrible grievance in some way.  Either that, or you have become a nation of, not just mindless sheep, but conscious sellouts.  And who would want to save you, then??

And please note: What if things aren't allowed to go that far??  It's obvious - or should be, to any halfway decent, to say awake, citizen - that some very malevolent and dedicated creatures - with a hive mind - have wanted to take this country over, for a very long time...

Just thinking.

And asking.

Please don't let it be the end of America.  That at the end, they went meekly to their deaths, still playing with their, er, gadgets.  Like the automatons that they had become.

'Don't drop the guillotine yet - just a few more - '

And then the lugubrious silence.


You have to see that your elected representatives are not going to do this work for you, that they are hopelessly compromised.  (And you let them become that way, remember.  So, you carry that burden.)  And that obviously Obama's minions in his so-called Justice Department and various other executive-branch agencies are not going to do the work required.  So, who does that leave?  The military??  But they are under the thumb of their - nominal - Commander in Chief.  (And you let them become that way, remember, in this nation of self-governing citizens, sovereigns in their own right.)

No.  The work is, now, up to


Just thinking.

Out loud.

He who has ears,

let him hear.

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