Saturday, 12 November 2016

Back To The Business At Hand

from ’The Media Calls for Insurrection Over President Elect Donald Trump’ - posted by Marilyn Calkins, Mod. - November 11 (orig. posted at constitution com - Warner Todd Huston - November 11) 
(Appalling calls on Twitter for the likes of ‘DEATH TO TRUMP AND ALL HIS SUPPORTERS’ - and the authorities let them get away with such dangerous crap???  Well, of course, it IS the Usurper’s authorities..)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (November 11)

1) Every one of those citizens - or non-citizens - who posted, or continue to post, calls for assassination of Trump needs to be followed up on and charged accordingly, for speech calling for violence, and aiding and abetting the commission of violence.  

2) It was to be expected, I suppose, with the misleading of them by the MSM, that their attempts to take over this country were going to work this time.  They could taste the New World Order a'comin' in.  They may not all understand what was at stake here precisely.  But the snowflakes should have known, that they were being used, by malevolent creatures, who want a government that could annihilate the opposition, in order to install their 'righteous cause' of totalitarian control over the planet. 

The People spoke up.  Just in the nick of time.  Well done, Americans.  You rose to the occasion.  Now let's get to work, and clean the vipers [over at I used the word ‘termites’ here] out of their positions of power.  Like we had to do with the Communists of yesteryear.  This time, it’s both the far Left AND the far Right - with the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power in the world.  Whose days IN power have now come to an end.

A Time to Remember.  And remember well.  That the Dark never comes so close to total takeover ever again.


I realize that the above sounds like I feel that a final 'reckoning' has taken place.

That is, indeed, what I believe to be the case.  As we face the collapse of the Western monetary system, as part of a total collapse of 3D structures and institutions, and their replacement with a new paradigm - a fundamentally new reality.  With bleedthrough from other, higher dimensions into this one.  As we embark on a voyage to

a - the - New World.  


(Additional points to consider in this election:)

from ‘Hillary Clinton Wins the Popular Vote….Maybe Not!’ - Steve Feinstein for American Thinker - November 11
(Absentee ballots - which historically break ab. 67-33% Republican - aren’t counted unless needed to in a close election.)

MIKE6080 3 hours ago (November 11)

will they exclude the dead, illegals and felons that voted for her ?


  • kibitzer3
    MIKE6080 2 minutes ago (November 12)

  • And the multiples. Don't forget the multiples. One figure quoted was that there were over 7 million people registered to vote in more than 1 state. Plus those who are bussed from precinct to precinct within a state, and given a name under which to vote, In those states that do not require photo ID. Not required because - of course - it's 'racist'. Or whatever.

  • And not to mention the programmed electronic voting machines...The whole atrocious thing needs to be cleaned out, like the Augean Stables. CLEAN ELECTIONS OR NO ELECTIONS. PERIOD.
Gen11American 4 hours ago

Hillary Clinton carried 11 of the 12 states that issue driver's licenses to illegals, plus the District of Columbia, which issues them to illegals also. Given that 11 of those 12 states started issuing driver's licenses to illegals during the last three (3) years, I suspect that was done to facilitate voter fraud. Having the Motor/Voter Law in place, which was signed into law by Bill Clinton during his regime, also helped facilitate massive voter fraud. And when states like Washington got away with passing a law which bans election officials from requiring proof of citizenship before registering new voters, it's hard to harbor much faith in the Electoral System. That faith was only partially renewed by the election of Donald J. Trump. If more than 12 states were issuing driver's licenses to illegals, the outcome might have been different!



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