Sunday, 6 November 2016

On Lesser And Greater Evils

An overseas friend of mine has sent out a request to her American acquaintances to try to help her understand what is going on in the U.S. elections.  She had felt, from her take on what she had been seeing regarding the subject, that Hillary "was the lesser evil," but, having come across the Julian Assange interview on Saturday with Aussie John Pilger, didn't know what to think anymore.  My response:

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Foreigners need to be aware of one thing in particular: Your info about what is going on in the US. comes to you through a 'filter' - i.e., is  biased.  Usually biased through our Mainstream Media, taking the point of view of The Powers That Be - the so-called Establishment.  Which Hillary is part of.  These are the people who want to take the U.S. into their totalitarian New World Order, run for them and their interests - open borders, the U.S. reduced to 3rd World status, no middle class, so that there is less of a resistance to their takeover, most people being beholden to the government for their 'wellbeing,' such as it is, a police/surveillance state (like the former East Germany and the Soviet Union), etc. etc..  But you may also have access to the Alternative Media, which tells a more truthful story about what is going on, and which many Americans don't have access to, or watch, hooked on their Mainstream Media as they are.  So, I'm not sure what you have been exposed to.  But the fact that you have looked at the WikiLeaks material, and Julian Assange, is a good sign, that you have been exposed to the alternative point of view.

Trump is NOT the demon that the Mainstream Media has tried to paint him as being.  He truly wants the best for the U.S. - and that does NOT mean going around the world being a bully, interfering in other countries' affairs; etc..  He wants a strong middle class brought back to life, for the country's wellbeing.  Many people, especially young people, have been brainwashed into thinking that the U.S. must be 'brought down' because it is doing such damage to 'the environment'; but this whole business about 'Climate Change' is false.  TPTB are trying to use that in order to gain control over the world, by creating 'carbon limits' on industry, etc.  But any Earth changes going on are NOT caused by Man; there is a bit of a warming going on in the whole solar system, because of activity on the Sun, not because of us Earthlings.

There is more to this subject, but this is just a quick response to your questioning.  Thank you for your interest.  It is a major point and time of Change, and my hope is that the American people will not succumb to the voices of those who are pushing for Clinton to ascend to the presidency.  She is a serial criminal and habitual, even compulsive, and dare I say a pathological, liar - and that's just for starters.  She has sold the U.S. out to the highest bidders, countries and individuals that give her and her husband Bill's Clinton Foundation millions of dollars in order to buy political favors; etc.  It's a terrible, terrible story; the nation is riddled with corruption.  And I see that as a good thing - because we have hit bottom, and there is no way to go now but Up.  And hopefully soon; not just sideways.  

All the best


I could have told my friend about how Obama - he who has recently told a La Raza-type gal in a filmed interview that illegal aliens can vote in this country, should not worry about Immigration coming after them; under his administration, that is to say - has instructed his DHS to facilitate the infiltration into the country of MS-13 assassin squads, obviously assigned to take out TPTB’s political opponents; and how there are ISIS camps scattered throughout the country, ready to pounce when given the signal.  (Perhaps in a sort of TET offensive, targeting gun-free zones, like athletic events, concerts, school malls and university campuses, and the consequent imposition of the intended martial law and its consequent gun confiscation roundups; also, for them to start using IED explosives on vehicles in the U.S., having already started purchasing and even stealing the ingredients for such nasties from stores and gas stations.)  But I didn’t want to unduly alarm my friend.  Besides, a person can only take in so much at a time.

And I personally have had it.

To all such people, I say:

Not in my country you won't.  Of at least, won't get away with it.

As has been said: You can run.  But you can't hide.

This surveillance business can cut both ways, you know.

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