Wednesday, 2 November 2016

On Double Standards

A female doctor of Internal Medicine in South Dakota - who has spent her entire professional life catering to the needs of the poor in her state - has been found guilty on 12 felony charges and sentenced to the maximum for each charge, of 2 years, thus is facing 24 years in prison.  For what, you might ask?  You might well ask; especially as we approach a major election in this country, with both voter fraud - duplicate registered voters, voters voting under phony names, like the deceased; etc. - and electoral fraud - stuffed ballot boxes, rigged electronic voting machines; etc. - so rampant that it has become a joke: She, a neophyte in the business of running for public office, but feeling so extremely strong about the dangers of Obamacare - this was in 2014 - that she chose to take on the Establishment in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate, up against a former governor of the State.  Ignored at first, she came to the notice - uncomfortably - of the political Establishment there when her candidacy took on momentum, and that august opposition started looking into how they could take her down.  They found a chink in her audacious challenge to The Machine when they found out that “several” signatures - of authentic, registered citizens - on the petitions gathered to get her name on the ballot  were collected by her supporters while she and her husband, as ‘practicing’ Christians, were off in the Philippines briefly leading a medical mission team in the aftermath of a typhoon earlier that year.  Note that they were all legitimate, registered Republican voters, one; and two: although her campaign collected over 1,000 signatures more than they officially needed to place her name on the ballot, and thus it was really a moot point, it was all that the state’s Attorney General needed to press charges, for her not having personally witnessed those “several” names collected.  Whereupon The Machine threw the book at her (including taking away her medical license); as much for her audacity as for the letter of the law.

And as for that last point:

So you want to argue the letter of the law, do you?  Great - do I have a doozie of a case for you.  (Which also happens to argue the spirit of the law as well.)  And besides that of the illegal candidacy and occupancy of the Oval Office of Obama: as I said to Dr. Bosworth in my response to her appeal for continued support - prayerful, and financial, for her cause (The State Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on it on - ironically - November 8th):

“You should run for President on the Democrat ticket, Dr. Annette.  That’ll get you off the hook.”

I wrote a smilie at the end of that comment.  But it really is no laughing matter.  When the Director of the FBI says that “extremely careless” somehow does not equate with the legal charge requirement of “gross negligence,” we are in deep trouble as a nation.  With the fish rotting from its head.  

Dir. Comey argued that it would be very difficult to prove ‘intent’ on the part of Hillary, in the matter of her official emails whilst SoS, including some clearly marked Classified, or clearly capable of being considered Classified by any reasonable person, being posted on an unsecured email server - and subsequently found to have been hacked into by any number of persons or states.  Which amounts to treason.

And you were saying again, in the matter of the criminality of Dr. Annette Bosworth - what, exactly??????????????????????????????????????????????


As for Hillary & Co.:

1a) a hard-hitting report from ‘Clinton Case Avalanche Of New Evidence, Server Hacked, Rats Deserting Sinking Candidate’- Rick Wells - November 2/3

Stan // November 3, 2016 at 2:54 pm // Reply (act. still - barely- November 2 PDT)
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Good for you, Sean & Co., for covering this atrocious matter so well.

Book’er, Danno.

1b) to a friend via email re the above report (now gone November 3):

Hard-hitting stuff.  Sean Hannity using the word "collusion" regarding Hillary; the guy that the Dept of Justice put in charge of the investigation into the Clinton Fdtn is a friend of the Clintons...the fox guarding the chicken coop comes to mind...

It's all coming out, and unraveling for those people.  Now, the question is: Are the REAL perps going to get outed too, or are they just setting things up for a false flag op and Obama declaring martial law and taking over as a dictator???

Watch this space.

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