Monday, 7 November 2016

The Truth WILL Out

Obama has been caught on film giving the game away.1  In an interview aired by Fox News’s Neil Cavuto and conducted by a La Raza-type gal inquiring of Obama if there would be any action by “Immigration” if illegal immigrants - “contributors” to the economy - showed up to vote, in a response seemingly to have been set up for the filming - to send a clear signal to IA's everywhere in the nation - Obama said, in his laid-back, slippery way, No,2 that his DOJ would not press any charges, prosecute any such case.  His reasoning apparently being that they are ‘residents’.  Close enough, in his  estimation, to actually being a ‘citizen’.  But then, he would say, and think, that, wouldn’t he.  Not being a ‘natural born’ citizen, and all; as the law of the land - the Constitution - requires, of a person to occupy that singular office.

Just a citizen.

Close enough…

And thus, the ‘smoking gun’ evidence of the consequences of such actions; the slippery slope on which they are ensconced, and, in fact, create.  One thing leading to another, and all.  The snowball effect, and such-like metaphors……

And even then,

As Bad As Things Are

The hour is late.
            And yet
I still refuse
        to lose
My loyalty to
And passion for
   The Truth.
   And the truth 
  (in this matter
    before us) is
  the election
       is rigged, 
     a charade.
And I will not
      a part
         in it,
      a part
         of it;
   and thus be
   captured by
      the Dark
        even if

        The hour
            is late;
           But I    
    And thus
To take part in
    a charade,
    wilt not be
    I will rise
To the occasion, 
  the fray - 
  with Hillary
‘Pay for Play’
    and other
  criminalities - 
     and wait at
     the summit
     for all who
    can make it
   As the Dark
slinks back away
    into its lair,
    its cut-off
     yet once


1 As has also just happened with a Project Veritas female undercover ‘agent,’ posing as a Muslim in a burka, going into a precinct in NYC, wanting to vote under the name of Huma Abedin - ! - which was not, predictably, on their registration list, but she was told - by more than one precinct worker - that she could still vote, just with a paper ballot, not with a machine.
   Come again??
   That’s all that it takes???…
   Welcome to Ameri-ka.

2 even arrogantly invoking the “sanctity” of the vote; how “the vote is strictly confidential”…
   “Audacity" indeed, Barry, you fraud.

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