Wednesday, 16 November 2016

On Taking One's Daily

On the homeward leg of my daily 'constitutional' (I like that word, for its connotation/associative meaning) this late afternoon (early evening now, with the cessation of Daylight Saving Time) I was inspired, for whatever reason I knew not (these things happen on my - one's? - daily), to write the following bit of doggerel:

How many years
        do you think
It is going to take
For us to come up
With cancer cures
  in the meantime,
The people whom
             we expect
                  to do it
Are being paid
                      a lot
          of money
To do it??

                   I think
               that Einstein
Had something cogent
                     to say
             about that sort
                   of thing,
              in the way
Of doing something
          and over again
          and expecting
          a different

And then, back home, and going through my daily load of donation requests (who knew how many outfits there are taking care of 'big cats' and mistreated horses and donkeys and dogs and such??  Let alone all the poor starving children all over the world needing food and vaccinations and operations for cataracts and such; and oh yes, the political requests thrown in to the pile, to leaven it with some cynical laughs about that terribly corrupt subject), I came across one from the local (state; well, actually, multi-state) chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This, for their Annual Request.  Knowing me - as is my wont on these types of ongoing requests for donations for medical research of all kinds - I might well have written a note to them last year in response; however, at least this time I wrote:

'A major cause of MS is the mycotoxins produced by molds and fungi (and yeast).  (The reason that MS is more prevalent in the colder climes is two-fold: 1) the mold/fungi on food; and 2) a lack of sufficient vitamin D (D is an anti-fungal).)  And treatable accordingly.

'In the meantime, a holistic diet (and some supplementation) with an emphasis on lecithin, magnesium, the B complex, and vitamin E can help with its symptoms.

'This information, and with the encouragement to use it, is the best support that I could ever give you.

'Best wishes,


'P. S. See, e.g.:'

I have actually been writing this sort of letter to various such societies for years.

Maybe I should take my own advice.

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