Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Play It Again, Sam - And Fold

The arrogance of these, our erstwhile masters, is amazing.  For example: to them, to want to stop the invasion of this country by illegal aliens - including criminals - and so-called 'refugees' bent on jihad is being 'racist'.  But it isn't, really.  Neither in itself or to them.  To them, it's just a card to play - and one of the last ones in the deck - to accomplish their end.

What is their end?

A New World Order.

Dark version thereof...

These, our erstwhile masters, don't want just a Scandinavian-style socialism for this country; they want a Soviet-style totalitarianism - the all-powerful state, with a whip and a jackboot.  And a dead giveaway to their intentions in this regard is how they deliberately and methodically set up 9/11 to happen - with explosives pre-arranged and -set - down even to telegraphing it years in advance through Hollywood cartoons.

But not to worry.  To play such cards - and like the 'xenophobic' one (a fancy one, that one .  Probably not even understood, by many of their dupes) - is a sign of desperation on their part: that they are all out of better ones to play, and so have to go to their aces in the hole.

Citizens of America: Don't listen to them.  Or, rather - more precisely - let them play their last cards.  As we get this process over with.

What 'process'??

The process of moving into a New Era.

And in fact, a whole

New World.

With the United States of America at the head of the fleet of nation-states sailing us Earthlings into it.

Sans these, our erstwhile masters.

Replaced by better ones.

'Masters' who have earned their stripes.

As Wayshowers, on The Way back to


Not further into Mammon.

Which is in the exact opposite direction.  Into the Dark, of destruction.

Rather than the Light, of true accomplishment: the return to

Our Source.

From whence we came; to go exploring.

Exploring our potential.

As creators.

Whether as devils.

Or as gods.  In the making.

True gods.

Not these ersatz ones who would think to storm the heights, and turn them into castles of their making.

Built of sand.

Rather than the castles of glory that they are

in Truth.

Play your last cards, rebels.

It's taps for you.

Tap City.

On the ruins - and runes -

of 9/11.

Which we are now going to get to the true bottom of.

As we turn the last bend

and head, down the short stretch,  for

Home, again.

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