Sunday, 13 November 2016

On What Is Reality...

...And What It is Not

In my last blog I touched on the concept of Breakthrough.  Of a 'rending of the veil.' between illusion and reality.  I'd like to go into that concept a little further, here.

And to do it, I'd like to bring in three facets of 'the issue':

1) The Elections;

2) A lecture I watched today online; and

3) Obama.

First things first:

1. The Elections

A very close-run thing.  In a number of ways.1  The one I want to address here is how the winner would be involved in choosing a number of Supreme Court justices during his or her tenure.  Which brings me to

2.  The Lecture

From a series produced by Hillsdale College on 'The U.S. Supreme Court' (this one - 7th in a series of 10 - entitled 'D.C v. Heller (2008)),' given by a professor there in his 'day job' and as well a sitting justice on the Michigan Supreme Court, Stephen J. Markman, this one dealt with the subject of the Second Amendment.  I won't go into the details, although they are very interesting, and should be to anyone interested in this nation's rule of law and its judicial branch of government.  But the specific issue I wish to bring to our attention here is how close we were to having the 'liberals' (in this nation's case) take over the SCOTUS, and the horrendous ramifications that would have meant to the nation.  This one example should suffice for me to make my point:2

Justice Scalia gave that body's majority opinion in this case - on a 5-4 decision - in a cogently argued presentation that showed, from the historical record, that the 2nd Amendment is not just about 'a well-armed militia' (the first of two defining clauses in the amendment), but is as well (the second of the defining clauses) about the right of 'the people' to have weapons of, and for, self-defense; and especially against a too-powerful national government, ever thinking to overwhelm its 'subjects'.

A condition that we are in today.  And with the liberals' 'take' on this matter - as referenced in Justice J.P. Stevens' dissenting opinion, in which he, and they, argued against the fundamental right of the individual to have weapons of self-defense (i.e,, is 'allowed' only in the context of being part of a 'well-regulated militia') - we can never, ever, let their version of an interpretation of the Constitution stand, and rule over us.  Especially in such a terribly important matter area as this one.  Where, if 'the people' are ever deprived of their right to 'keep and bear arms' for self-defense, the national government is apt to - or at least could all too easily - ride roughshod over them.  As in Hitler's Germany  And Stalin's Soviet Union.  And Mao's Red China.  And as with our current executive branch.

Which brings me to

3. Obama          

I hope you are beginning to understand why it is so vitally important that we live under the rule of law, as opposed to the rule of men.  The latter of which is also known as arbitrary law.  And also known as tyranny.  And which is what this nation entered into, when it consented to allow an ineligible candidate run for, and be elected to, the highest office in the land - which also happens to make that person the Commander in Chief of this nation's military forces.

I won't go into that whole story here.  Suffice it to say, for this exposition, that

a) the bulk of this nation's citizenry has been duped in this matter - fell asleep at your duty stations, as citizens of a self-governing republic; and

b) the only knowledgeable people who think that there is any question about Obama's ineligibility for that office - for not being a 'natural born' citizen, and thus not meeting part of the test for that office; and a crucial part of it as well - are those who want to make it so.  Bottom line: There is no LEGITIMATE question about his ineligibility for that office.

Deal with it, America.  Or you will be dealt to.

And deal with it all.  As the most of us - and in the world as a whole - go up a notch on our (individual) spiritual paths, back towards Unity; out of this realm of duality - choice - and (seeming) separation.

And the rest of you: Prepare for a little more 'seasoning' - and as in the seasons of the year, i.e., as in the constraints of Time - in 3rd dimensional 'reality'.

Which is not a true reality.  Is a sort of hologram; an interference-pattern plane of existence.  For training purposes.  Like a school.

You don''t think that a really good parent would allow their children to play with matches, do you???

The consequences of our actions, folks.  Living with the consequences of our actions.

Like adults.

Which some of us are going to be treated like, now.

Having passed the test.

Of the relevant consciousness.



1 The first one being how close we were to having it be decided by a huge amount of corruption.
   People, people:
   Why did you even allow
   The elections to proceed
   When it has been made
            abundantly clear
   That they were rigged???

2 And not to go here into the serious question about the 'principle,' or 'policy,' or 'fudge,' applied in the 1920s, of the SCOTUS's interpretation that the14th Amendment's 'due process' clause somehow turned the entire Bill of Rights upside down and made it apply from the federal government to the States; thus effectively wiping out the federal form of our government, and replacing it with a centralized form of government.  (The easier to eat you with, my dears.)  A bridge too far in its interpretation, in my humble opinion.  But to continue, for the purposes of this particular blog.


And on the general subject of being, or becoming, adults; this:

from ‘Five Days After Election, Is Trump Already Waffling -On Deporting Illegals?’ -  Rick Wells - November 13/14

Stan // November 14, 2016 at 3:50 pm // Reply (act. still November 13 PT) 
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I agree with you, Rick. You don’t reward illegal behavior. Or you will just generate more of it.

To be somewhat lenient, and show some ‘tradeoff’ flexibility in the Deal (he supposedly knows The Art of The Deal, let us remember), he could say that if you are here illegally, we will not bar you from ever coming in here again; you just need to go back to your country of origin, and apply to come back in through the front door. And NO JUMPING THE QUEUE. You’ve already done that.

For those who bleat that he can’t just break up families: 1) The children of illegal aliens born here ARE NOT U.S. CITIZENS. That is a (deliberate) misreading of the 14th Amendment. They are subject to the same jurisdiction that their parents were, and are – that of their home countries. I admit that it will be difficult to be totally ‘legal’ about this issue, because it was ‘our’ fault that they were allowed to THINK that their children would be U.S. citizens if born here. But at least DRAW THAT LINE NOW – NO MORE ‘ANCHOR BABIES’. And 2) I happen to believe that we choose our parents; and if so, then they chose to incarnate into their situation, and cannot consider themselves victims. They chose that situation for some reason, having to do with their spiritual growth. And ours: testing us to see if we would HONOR THE RULE OF LAW. So, we are on the line in this situation, too.

Funny how these things work out…

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