Tuesday, 1 November 2016

On Being Dumbed Down

I am shocked.  And troubled.  But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, at the following information.  It is contained in a letter from the chairman of the Friends of the National World War II Memorial, regarding the occasion of the upcoming 75th Anniversary of the surprise attack1 on Pearl Harbor.  Quote:

"In fact, you may be shocked to learn that a 2007 survey found 72% of students polled did not know America fought against Hitler and Germany in WWII."

What??!!  What's going on here??

I could understand if our youth were not told about our going to war in WWII with Japan; because they are 'people of color,' and our youth are being brainwashed into believing that Americans hate 'people of color' and that that's why they do not want their country being 'overrun' by the black and brown and yellow races,2 because the whites are racist, and need to be overrun by the 'people of color'  on the planet.  Which is one of the 'arrows' in the quiver of the Marxists and New World Order crowd, designed to bring the U.S. down, and to be cut down to 'size' - the size of a nice, docile member of the New Order of Things, totalitarian style.

And therein lies the answer to this whole business, of our youth not being taught history properly, I sense.  Because Hitler's Germany was - besides a take on a Master Race (and thus, in a roundabout way, drawing perhaps undue attention to the concept; undue for our erstwhile masters, that is) - an example of a totalitarian state.  And these New World Order wannabe Masters of the World don't want the American youth to be exposed to the idea of a fundamental war going on on the planet between the totalitarian mentality - the all-powerful state - and the 'individualism' mentality.  The latter approach to life as exemplified primarily by the U.S.

And thus as well the slowly slowly withdrawing of the teaching of Western Civilization to our college students, in those upper grades. of our intentionally dumbing-down eduction system.   Don't want to draw too much attention to what is really going on in the world, these dark days...

I suspect that TPTB would eliminate the Olympic Games too, if they thought they could get away with it.  Too 'xenophobic,' that expression of patriotic loyalty to a nation as they currently exist.  Needing - in the minds of our Erstwhile Masters - to be replaced, by their wonderful new creation:

a world totally controlled - and controlled totally - by them.

Ain't going to happen, boyos.

But in the meantime, these Masters alright: Masters of Deceit - are going to cause a helluva lot of trouble on dear olde Gaia.

So, be on the lookout for them.

They are the ones with the long noses, and sharp teeth, in sheep's clothing.

Oh - and P.S.  Look out for their long needles as well.  Those vaccination shots have a lot more in them than their advertised protection against communicable diseases.
     We have been warned.



1 As we now know, it was no surprise (except to the American people).  It was a setup.  By political forces intent on getting the U.S. into the war with Hitler's Germany, and the Axis powers.  But to continue.

2 And the Jews; to be the Masters of all of us.  And thus why this is a religious battle as well; with Christianity - the hated symbol of 'white power' over the Jews since its beginnings - to be replaced by Islam, and then that prybar tool to be phased out by their Masters as well.
   But to continue.
   (But just to note, here: Did you know that the leader of ISIS is a Jew?  And that the state of Israel is also behind the rise of ISIS (i.e., besides other geopolitical players, like the U.S.)??  And that that is why some of the ISIS mercenaries are being treated for their injuries in Israeli hospitals???  Not only because some - a lot? - of them are Jews, but because they are doing dirty work for the Jews.
   At least those Jews that are of the Khazarian/Ashkenazi 'persuasion,' i.e., of a mentality to take over the world forcefully, and run it like one big gulag.
   But to continue.
   But just to point out that the Jews have a long history of using black Americans as cannon fodder, used to pry loose the power structure in the nation.  Jews were for a long time at the head of the NAACP, for example.
   But to continue.
   And then there are the Jesuits...
   But to really continue, now.)


A ray of hope:

from rickwells.us:  ‘A Clinton Obama Coup And Counter-Coup By Intelligence, Law Enforcement?’ - Rick Wells - November 1/2
(Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former Dep Asst Sec of State under Kissinger Cyrus Vance & James Baker (Ford, Carter, RR & Bush admins)  tells us about a group of White Hats who have been behind the scenes, releasing info thru J. Assange/WiiLeaks, to help in the saving of the Republic .  A major announcement, nailing the Clinton Fdtn for what it is: a corrupt cesspool.) 

Stan // November 2, 2016 at 8:01 am // Reply (act. still October 1 PST)
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At last – word of, and from, some White Hats behind the scenes of all the terrible corruption that has been going on in the high echelons of the Republic. Welcome news indeed.


The First Cavalry, arriving at last?????  

In good old American fashion...

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