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On Getting Things Right

from 'Here’s Why the Election Results Weren’t Wrong’ - November 25 (orig. posted at Hot Air - John Sexton)
(“Yesterday I noted a story at New York magazine which reported Hillary Clinton’s senior advisers were being urged to demand a recount in three swing states which determined the outcome of the election. The basis of those requests was an analysis by University of Michigan computer scientist J. Alex Halderman who claimed to have found a discrepancy between Clinton’s performance on paper ballots compared to computer ballots. The suggestion was that maybe someone (read: Russia) had tampered with the voting machines in those states…”

daves 5 hours ago

The popular vote has Ms. Clinton up by more than 2 million votes now.

  • Bob G daves 4 hours ago 

  • Minus 3 million illegal alien votes.

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  • ourzoo10
    daves 4 hours ago 

  • At the same time it has been established that 3 million illegals and 60,000 inelligable ex-cons in Virginia voted...

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                   kibitzer3 ourzoo10 a few seconds ago (November 25)
    • Not to mention how many estimated millions (one source says ab. 4M) of dead and duplicate/multiple voters. And quite possibly, as another estimate has it, 3M IAs in California ALONE. (And 200,000 in Nevada, where Hillary only 'won' by 40,000 ANYWAY.)

    • As for a recount - Great: let's get it all out in the open. Including ALL the voter and electoral fraud that took place; which includes the G. Soros programmed electronic voting machines in 16 states, and other machines reported as capable of having their electronic tallies that are posted to a central tally location being intercepted, massaged, and THEN sent along their way. And then let's admit that we have allowed the voting in this country to become a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce, a delusion, an illusion; and clean the whole thing up, and set up a true system, nationwide, with certifiably cleansed voter reg rolls, mandatory photo ID, mandatory exit polls to check the reported tallies against, receipts for one's vote, and dipping a voter's finger in purple dye if we have to, to GET THE WHOLE THING CLEANED UP. If we are going to act like children, we need to be treated like children.

    • So - thank you, Democrats, and Jill Klein, for bringing the subject up.


Further On Getting Things Right regarding the election;

from an article in the November issue of Whistleblower magazine entitled '2016 election rigged?  More so than Watergate' by Joseph Farah:

"...(A) major campaign theme for Hillary Clinton is doing away with all voter identification requirements, which, she suggests, "suppress" the vote.*

"Ironically, there is even a direct tie-in between Watergate and Watergate 2 [the 2016 attempted elections rigging], which I hereby dub 'Hillarygate.'  That historical and ironic link would be Hillary Clinton herself.

"Few remember, or care to remember, that HIilary Clinton played a significant role in the Watergate scandal.  Her role was scandalous itself.

"Hillary Clinton, as it turns out, was one of the staff investigators of the House Committee preparing an impeachment case against Richard Nixon, but she was fired by her boss, lifetime Democrat Jerry Zeifman, general counsel and chief of staff, for being a "liar" and "an unethical, dishonest lawyer."  He said Clinton was collaborating with allies of the Kennedys to block revelations of Kennedy-administration activities that made Watergate look like "a day at the beach."  In addition, he said, a brief Hillary wrote for the committee was so fraudulent and ridiculous, she would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge.

"Hillary's brief argued that Nixon did not have the right to counsel in an impeachment case because of lack of precedent.

"To make that case, Clinton ignored the then-recent impeachment case of Supreme Court Justice Willian O. Douglas, who was, indeed, allowed to have a lawyer during the impeachment attempt against him in 1970.  Zeifman claims Clinton bolstered her fraudulent brief by removing all of the Douglas case files from public access and hiding them in her office, enabling her to argue as if the case never existed."  [my emphasis]

Flagrant fraud.  And which leads ineluctably to the conclusion that she is not only a compulsive but a pathological liar and cheat.  A staunch acolyte of her mentor, Saul Alinsky, with his attitude of 'Whatever It Takes.'  'By Any Means Necessary.'  To defeat your opponent.  Because the end justifies the means. 

(Ladies: And this is the woman whom you championed for, and wanted to fill the office of, the presidency of the United States??  To represent YOU, as a woman???...)

As Farah concludes his article:

"Not much has changed in the character of Hillary Clinton since then.  In fact, her propensity to lie, cheat and steal set the stage of Hillarygate in 2016."

Indeed, Joseph.  Indeed.

And a close-run thing it was.

And not over yet.


we get things




* In another article in the same issue of this magazine, Patrick Buchanan reports:

"...(I)in a private speech that netted her $225,000 from Brazilian bankers, Hillary Clinton confided that she dreams of a "common market, with open trade and open borders" from Nome, Alaska, to Patagonia."

Ah.  So, the better to hide the voting of millions of illegal aliens by a lack of voter identification requirements, eh Hill???...

Buchanan goes on, to state the obvious conclusion to all this sort of crap going on, by the Clintons and their Establishment-elite buddies:

"That would mean the end of the USA as a unique, sovereign and independent nation...."


But to continue.

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