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The Way We Were...

On Looking At Things More Deeply

Today in my reading in the park, in the sun, I came across an interesting take on how I might well have been ‘inspired’ to write, in the wee hours of this morning (copy of in my earlier blog today), on how and why our erstwhile masters, who want to rule us in their totalitarian New World Order stalag, have come to that intention, and why they feel that theirs is a “righteous cause”.  My ‘reading for the day’ is from a book that I have had sitting on my bedside table (in a couple of such piles) for quite some time before getting back into it - at least two or three years now.  It’s not as though it is not interesting reading - it is.  But I have simply had too much other reading to occupy my time with in the interim; other material that took my priority attention, for whatever all reasons.  But today I felt drawn to picking it back up for my outdoors reading - and opened it at a perfect, to say timely, spot, where my reading had left off, lo, these many moons ago now.

It is a book entitled ‘The Fall,’ subtitled: ‘You Were There - iI’s Why You’re Here’.  It is a compilation of material, channeled through a Brit named Michael G. Reccia, from an entity who calls himself Joseph (a “highly evolved spirit communicator”); part of a series of such books called in toto ’the Joseph Communications’.  This one came out in 2012, and is basically about how we took part in an event that has echoes in the biblical tale of ‘fallen angels’ and The Fall, why we did so, and how we can extricate ourselves from this illusion that we created, with seemingly good intentions.  (And thus, my  ‘intuitive’ reference in my comment referred to above to the ”righteous cause” of our erstwhile masters.)

I won’t go into the details of that story here, preferring to concentrate on the essence of the message that this entity delivers as it relates to this particular subject, of our current predicament, of having some souls attempting to rule over us who believe that they are ‘right’ in doing so - thinking, unconsciously, to bring us back in chains if need be to our roots, rather than in the forgotten part of ‘the deal’: Love.  But to get to the material itself (to let it speak for itself; and offered simply for what it is worth to you): 

“…I have given you the tools and means to think your way out of the illusion you find yourselves in, to rip through it, to bring Light into it, to rediscover yourself, and help others to rediscover themselves and break the circle, to bring it to a conclusion and say: ’That is one thing we tried that doesn’t work!  Now let us reinvest in our true heritage and try the things that do work according to the way that God orders this universe.’

“I also want to speak…about the people that you would describe as ‘leaders’ of the Fall, and to talk briefly about those who had the most creative power invested in this illusion.

“Those leaders are the ones that believe most strongly in the continuance of the world as it is.  Those beings are the ones who fight most strongly to order the world and, inevitably, they do it through treading on others and by seeking power.  I would like to suggest to you something that you may not have considered: those leaders (the ones who always come to power and manipulate and destroy others) are working, at heart and at core, from a desire to maintain the Fall in order to glorify God.

“So, their initial motive in doing what they do is not rooted in evil; it is rooted in a desire to bring back to God something that is now right, to bring back to God order (according to their subconscious) that says to God: ‘Here I am Father (‘Father’ in the true sense) - look what I have done for You.  Look what I have done for You!’  And that strong desire, rooted in their heritage as one of the main instigators of the Fall, propels them, through the negative effects of the Field, to commit atrocities and distortions in the treatment of people in order to satisfy that need within them that they cannot understand consciously.  It is power at any cost!  It is order at any cost!  It is my way and my views at any cost!  Do you see?

“They are expressing their involvement in the Fall at a highly creative level.  It is an echo from their past and they are expressing it in the only way they know how, by obliterating anything that is not of their vision* in order to satisfy their subconscious need to please God by saying: ‘I was right, Father’, rather than realising that there is no judgment from God.  There is no punishment; there is no perception from God of the ’child’ being a naughty child or a child that is out of line.  There is simply a desire from the Godhead to express ever greater bliss and love through that child and the relationship to be one of mutual…’super-affection’ is the closest word I can get to it.  What I mean by that is a love that you cannot feel on this level because, as with everything else, it is filtered by the effects of the Field and, therefore, it is watered down and distorted.

“So, look to you leaders - look to the people who have caused the greatest amount of destruction, upset, pain and control across the Earth - look to them with an eye that says: ‘Here is a leader!  Here is an angel who is drawing on a memory that they cannot understand.’  …And pour more Light in their direction.  Address those who seem to create mayhem with as much Light as you can will towards them and as much Light as you can surround them with because they are the ones (more than others, perhaps, to a certain way of thinking) who need that Light to remember who they are and to let go of the things that they are doing.

“Around leaders you have followers, and around leaders you will find those who originally lent support to those leaders in vocalizing to the angelic host that the way of the Fall was the right way.  So, the subordinates or followers are locked into a repeating cycle with those who originally led, who still try to lead through coming to positions of power time and time again.  In other words, clusters of souls reincarnate together by the original magnetic effect of the urge to justify and continue the origins and effects of the Fall.  What I am saying is that the people who are around those people in power that cause such mayhem have been around them before as followers because their subconscious desire brings them to a magnetic attraction towards those that they follow.  Often they do not know why they have such devotion and dedication to those they follow - they simply know that they have to follow them.  Again, they are following a course that has been set up within them via that original sin or that original mistake.

“So, next in your prayers, meditations and your wielding of the Light, you must encompass the followers of those who cause destruction and atrocity.  You must see the Light approaching their hearts, invading their hearts, illuminating their hearts and changing their hears - reminding them that it is alright to let go, reminding them that they are creative beings and that to invest millennia in the constant creation and recreation of a mistake is a tremendous waste of effort and a confining of creative ability.

“The leaders and the factions that you see causing such mayhem and havoc today have done so in the past…time…and time…and tine again….”

There is more.  But you get the drift:

Forgiveness is in ’order’.  So to speak…  

So - according to this take on things (and I believe it has merit, a) regardless of the truth of its source, and b) as food for thought if nothing else): Where do we go from here.  

No. 1.  I am willing to concede that in their minds, it is all a “righteous cause”.  But - and No. 2: We must help them ‘break the cycle’.  

Not give in to them.  But - and this is the bottom line, again according to this take on things:

Let’s cut our enemies some slack.  On some level - a very deep, basically inaccessible level - they mean well.

1) This 'take' rings to me to hold truth.  And 2) We are all functioning under some degree or other of confusion.  Of some degree of separation from our true selves.

So let’s cut ourselves some slack as well.

And then,

let’s all get on with the work at hand.

Which is 


With our basic, true identity.

As a child of a loving God.

Who have simply lost our way, temporariiy, is all.  On our return

Home, again.

P.S. And if you have some difficulty with channeled material:

1) So do I; and

2) Just take what resonates with you, and let the rest go. 
     Distortions are everywhere, in this reality.  
     About to change.
     And you can take that to the bank.  He said, mischievously.  As I have before, and recently, in these pages.  In commenting on our current chaotic scene; leading up to
     A rending.  
     Of the veil. 
     Between realities. 
     As we get closer to 
     our true selves.
     As multidimensional beings. 
     Having a human experience. 
     In order to grow from it.
     And know ourselves as though for the first time.            

* Shades of my reference, in my comment referred to, to those “who want a government that could annihilate the opposition…”


...And having said all that; some unfinished business:

1) the Usurper telling illegal aliens, on a video iv with a La Raza-Type gal, just before voting day, that it would be okay for them to vote, because his ICE dept. wouldn't deport them if they surfaced to do so.
     WHAT???  That's ILLEGAL, Barry.  As if you didn't know...
     The Congress needs to censure him - and fast.  Or he will use that sort of thing as a battering ram to open the door for more outlandish stuff, before he leaves the office - if he ever does.
     As I said at  WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE???!!!

2) from ‘TRUMP MAKES HISTORY! Takes Michigan - Gains 306 Electoral Votes to Win Historic Race’ - November 11/12 (orig. posted at
(Totals of votes: DT: 60,110,474; HC: 60,535,097
 States won:: DT: 31; HC: 19
 EC votes: DT: 57%; HC: 43%)

Clinton did not win the total vote count. A study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (F.A.I.R.), has estimated that over 1.6 million illegal immigrants vote each election. After Obama's You Tube video in which he states that illegal immigrants can vote without fear of being arrested or deported, there were most likely many more. He told them that they would be citizens for voting. This is of course against federal law, but Obama doesn't really care about the law. He only follows laws he agrees with and ignores those he disagrees with. This seems to be the main way in which democrats win elections.
Like · Reply · like.png  31 · 13 hrs

And thank the good Lord it did not work this time! We were praying for a landslide victory that would make the illegal votes nil. 

I saw that video. Sickening that we let non citizens vote in our country. What other nation does that? I pray that Trump will have wisdom in moving this nation forward in a positive and lawful direction!
Like · Reply · like.png  2 4 hrs

How many "DEAD" people voted and how many "illegals" voted for CROOKED HILLARY? The Dem-o-rats rigged the election and they still lost!!

In the next election it should be no legal ID no vote! We have to pass some laws while we have the power to make sure the DEM-O-RATS can`t rig the next election!

3) ...And a Tea Party site is pointing out that Obama has given himself the power to order his DHS to shoot to kill 'rioters' if riots ever break out......and of course it depends on who may be doing the rioting and why.  If the Usurper declares martial law, and thus attempts to stay in power, and thus negates the elections, that will become very clear very quickly.........
     This thing ain't over yet.  Not by a long, sniper-like shot............
     Such is life in this illusory reality.

     (As a not altogether aside: That there are 'other voices, other rooms' - other realities - I have no doubt; the evidence is well in on that.  And I think that we are going to 'leak into' one, if not some, of them, as this one begins to close down.  Its 'job' finished; here at the end of this major cycle of Time.  As we 'meet our Maker' through  a larger portion of our Source's creation.
     And begin to ignite our creative abilities closer to their full potential.  Being 'chips off the old block,' as it were.)

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