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On Being Neighborly

I have recently gotten involved not only in perusing items in our neighborhood ‘Next Door’ postings but commenting on some of them.  One of those I posted here very recently, at a site calling for a petition to cancel the elections because Trump - supposedly - didn’t get the Popular vote, wherein I pointed out the facts of the matter regarding both the Electoral vote and the Popular vote itself.!.  Much to the irritation of one poster in particular, who has continued to have a slanging match with me - or actually, it has all basically been from her side, with ad hominem attacks on me, besides excoriating Trump (mostly for being - supposedly - “a sexual predator”).2  And it has brought other posters into the fray, with, I would hope, helpful results, in the way of educating the populace to various political, and acceptable social, matters.

Another such 'political' matter is the subject that I addressed in the post below; which gets closer to the mark, of the major and total concern, about what is going on in our country:

from - November 21

JD Wilson from Alamitos Beach · 1h ago (November 21)

My neighbor just informed me that cars were getting tickets even after the street sweepers came by today. The cars were not even there when the street sweeper came by, the parking Nazi's were about 15 mins behind the street sweepers and they still issued them tickets- he told me one car even got a ticket with the driver still in the car. This is just unfair and insane for the city to issue tickets to cars that were not impeding the street sweepers but only moved into the space AFTER the street sweepers went by. It seems that these parking Nazi's have been instructed to issue tickets to anyone if the car is there during the hours the street sweeping is scheduled regardless if they've already swept the streets or not. I have lived in this area for about 30 yrs now and I have never known this to be the practice. Has anyone in AB been ticketed this way?? This was witnessed on Appleton St near Orange Ave

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Greg Keith from Alamitos Beach · 1h ago

The other day I got a ticket in the middle of the day when I parked in front of MY garage door in an alley....between 1st and Ocean. I was next to the building and not blocking the alley AT ALL. People park that way all the time but I GOT A TICKET!!! The only thing I was blocking was MY GARAGE!!!

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This is just one of the issues that arise when Your Mayor and City Council are more interested in forcing you out of your cars, then working on any lasting fix for impacted parking.

No one cares about your parking issues, its just their own private agendas, how to build their resumes and collect more money off the backs of the 99 %


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Revenue from tickets is probably down since they switched to more reasonable street sweeping times.

Stan Stanfield from Alamitos Beach · Just now (November 21)

Basically it's a political thing: TPTB are trying to move 'the established order' of Americans out of the state, in order to a) flood it with more illegal aliens, and b) get people moved into pack'em and stack'em housing, rather than individual homes and apts. It's part of the UN's 2012 (now 2030) strategy. Look it up. And this state's governor is part of the plan (it's called Cal-Exit). It's designed to turn the S/W 7 states into part of a region of TPTB's (totalitarian) New World Order, and is modeled to align with La Raza's plan for a 'return' to their dream of Aztlan. But they are in for a surprise. It's not the far Left that is primarily behind this scam. It's the corporate bozos at the top of the pyramid of power, in charge of fastening their NWO on the people of the planet. It's time to wake up, folks. We are being had, by a bunch of very evil characters. And our window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller, to be able to turf them OUT of their positions of power over us. In this state, it needs to start at the top - a recall movement against Jerry Brown needs to begin. In earnest.

If you didn't know: Brown said at a public meeting in the L.A. area some months ago, at which many IAs were known to be present: "You are welcome in this state". Of course they are: they are part of the plan. And that's why this state doesn't require photo ID cards in order to vote - or any indication of your ID. The more voter fraud, the better, to these miscreants in power at this time. It is terribly wicked stuff. We need a major housecleaning - pronto.



1 The latter as being terribly tainted with untold possibly millions - that is millions - of votes from illegal aliens; plus from other ineligible voters, dead voters, duplicate/multiple voters, ballot stuffing, and last but not least, the corrupted electronic voting machines. both the known Soros machines and other likewise tainted devices. 

2  Really?  And she doesn’t blink an eye at the alternative prospect of a real sexual predator going back into the White House??  And additionally, with email ‘leaks’ about Hillary herself, as a pedophile - and possibly even worse.  As we start to get into the disturbing, and disgusting, realm of Satanism, and satanic practices and rituals.  Including the drinking of a child’s fresh blood.  For 'vitalizing' purposes.
   I kid you not.  
   Going on in this country.
   By these arrogant and appalling beasts.
   Who came very close - very close - to taking over fully, in this last election.
   Which, therefore, was about much more - much, much more - than a female shattering the final glass ceiling in the country.
   Which, considering the female involved, would have brought this country a considerable amount of ‘bad luck’.  Even without considering the full extent of the insidious matter at hand.


We certainly have enough on our plate to keep us busy for awhile.  As neighbors.  And as citizens in general.


And further on what is going on - the fuller extent thereof:

from ‘Media Massacred At Trump Tower As President-Elect Vents About Dishonesty’ - Rick Wells - November 21/22
(40-plus “prominent members of the mainstream ’news’ media” called on the carpet by The Donald - to their chagrined faces.)

Stan // November 22, 2016 at 11:05 am // Reply (November 21 PST)
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Yes, amusing. But we must never overlook the fact that these people – and especially their bosses – were and are out to turn this nation into a mere part of a region of their boss’s totalitarian New World Order. That this is not just ‘politics as usual’ that we are talking about.

That this is war. And, because ‘we’ are ‘their’ enemies – they are ours.

And their monopolistic practices need to be broken up, as a consequence, if not for simple, normal socio-econo-political reasons alone.

And speaking of the Internet, and free and open access to info on it; consider this:


China And Germany Make Play To Seize The Internet... Censor Your Content... And Monitor Your Online Financial Transactions.

       URGENT UPDATE:  It's happening folks. Reuters just reported that Communist China is moving "to develop international rules and standards for the Internet" and Breitbart is reporting that Germany's communist chancellor, Angela Merkel, while sharing the stage with Barack Obama, just called the Internet a "disruptive force that has to be 'contained, managed, and steered.'" 

       According to Breitbart, Merkel also "implied the Internet would have to be subject to restrictive censorship laws" across the globe. 

       And, you may have noticed that Internet giants such as Facebook and Twitter, seeing the handwriting on the wall, are already starting to delete user accounts and posts that contain unacceptable content." 

       Make no mistake, these recent moves are the direct result of Barack Obama ceding US control of the Internet last month and tyrannical nations are already jockeying to control your content and monitor your online activity and monetary transactions on the Internet before Congress comes to its senses and stops this globalist Internet power grab

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