Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The People Have Won

Going into my Elections watch today (yesterday, now), I came across this sort of response, in a Comments thread, regarding an early report out of Florida, where the vote went for Trump:

"In Florida Broward county is waiting until the panhandle reports so they will know how many fraudulent votes to add in to take the state. The registrar there has had a four person team filling out ballots for 12 plus hours a day for weeks as they did in 08 and 12. Back in 2000 they miscounted how many fake votes they needed and Bush won the state, they have no intention of miscounting again."

That's the sort of climate that there has been in this country.  And with the Veritas Project undercover people reporting, in a late offering of theirs, on massive voter fraud going on in the Philadelphia area, with two reverends incautiously sharing with a couple of Veritas undercover journalists how they scam the system, with busloads of their parishioners being taken to the polls and told how to vote: for Hillary, and the straight Democratic ticket.  And on.  And on.  And on...

...and still Trump pulled it off.  

Or to say, more properly inclusive, the American people pulled it off, with a stalwart leader at the helm.

As I emailed to a good friend overseas just a short while ago (after a celebratory dish of ice cream, and after a rather pessimistic message to said person just the day before, feeling that George Soros & globalist Co. were going to pull this heist off):    

"For The Donald to be able to beat all that was against him - the MSM, the Republican Party establishment, the massive voter fraud, the cleverly rigged electronic voting machines, the works - was an amazing feat, and event.  Think of how much had to be overcome, for him to take this.

"The Man of the Hour, indeed.  

"The American people rose to the occasion.

"I will sleep better tonight, with this under our belts."

And to say one more thing, in the pleasure, and perception, of this moment; and on the specific subject of the separation of the sheep from the goats:

God moves in mysterious ways, sometimes......All those who cheated - who chose to cheat - in the U.S. elections just past have - as far as I am concerned; and admittedly, I don't run the Play - automatically relegated themselves to 'the also-rans' - to not advancing on the collective spiritual path at this time, need to wait for the next Harvesting of souls.  And all the liars and thieves and cheats in general, have likewise made their beds.

For the rest of us: it's time to go Up a notch.  Out of the (illusory) realm of duality, on our way to total Unity.  

See you on the other side.  When we proclaim our victory over the Dark, and inherit our - the -

New Era.  Our - the - New Aeon.

In a region of the kingdom of Heaven.

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