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My Credo

                                                        My Credo

First, to tell what it is by what it is not.

It is not the end-justifies-the-means philosophy that there are no absolutes.  That everything is relative.  Relative to whatever your erstwhile masters declare it to be.   And so, in that way of thinking, for example, 2 + 2 does not have to equal 4.  It can equal 5.   Or whatever your masters declare it to equal, amount to.

And thus, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg can say, with all equanimity, “I frankly don’t understand all the brouhaha lately from Congress and even from some of my colleagues about deferring to foreign law.”1  Well, I’ll give you a good reason for it, Justice Ginsburg: 

because the Constitution of the United States is not only a contract, with built-in meaning (‘original intent’) - and an amending process built into it as well; but it is a compass, for this nation to guide by.  Screw around with the compass - make it wonky - and you lose your bearings.2

However, if that is your purpose…

And so much for what is called ‘the New Math’.  And the ‘Common Core’ education that los federales - commissars, actually, in spirit - in the Obama administration are trying to impose on all the schools in the nation.  It is all part of a plan, originated by our erstwhile masters - those wishing to impose their New World Order on not just this nation, but the world - to hijack this country, and use it as a tool to pry open their Pandora’s box of goodies.  Or at least, what they think of as goodies….3

Who are ‘they’?  I have addressed this issue before in these pages.  But just to summarize: ‘They’ are those sorry souls who wish to deflect humanity from its (individual and) collective soul path into their thicket of brambles, where ‘they’ can control said humanity to within an inch (whatever that is precisely, relatively speaking) of their individual lives.  Because ‘they’ lust after power.  Power Over.  Rather than Power With, and Within.

‘They’ have emerged in such forms as ancient royal dynasties (from such places as Persia, i.e., modern-day Iran), Jesuits (at least the higher reaches thereof; some good ones are at the grass roots, doing admirable work), Masons (at least the higher reaches thereof; ditto about good works) and other secret societies (think Skull And Bones), many prominent families and international banksters; the latter category of which brings up - and ubiquitously - ‘the Jews’.  Nation-sappers for centuries (and being kicked out of one after another over the years for their efforts as such).    
And so, there is Them, and then there is - to Them - The Other.  To be controlled, manipulated, into serving Them.  Whereas the Truth of the matter - yes, Virginia, there is a Truth - is that 

we are all One.  Facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of the One Holy Being behind All That Is.

Let me clarify something at this point.  There is - very possibly; we will find out for sure, in due course; on our proper course - the Creator Source of this universe, and beyond that Source there is the Prime Creator - the ‘true’ All That Is - of all the universes.  But because our universe’s Creator is One with the Prime Creator (or our Creator wouldn’t have Been) - i.e., is in perfect alignment/resonance with the Prime Creator - 

they are One and the Same.

And that is The Way that we are headed, as well.  As aspiring gods in our own right.  Apprentice gods.  Gods in the making.  

And we will get there, if we follow

the Rules.  (Aka The Way.)

And our erstwhile masters - those lost souls on the Dark side; creating the effect of duality, and polarity - in this universe don’t want us to do that.

They want to shortcut the process, for themselves, and become gods in their own right, as they dictate.

Being - for whatever reason - rebels.

As Saul Alinsky painted, in dedicating - or at least acknowledging - his primer, ‘Rules for Radicals,’ to 

“Lucifer - the first rebel.”4

In whose Way lies


At the hands of souls who believe that

the end justifies the means.

Any, and all, means.

And thus, it is okay to lie, and cheat, and steal.  And even kill.  

To get your Way.

And thus, the basic immorality of the likes of Jews and Muslims.  Who believe that there is Them, and then there is

the Other.

To be dealt withs severely.  For standing in their way.  Of total control.  And power.

Power Over.

Rather than Power With.  And Within.5

Because We Are All One.

In reality.

Not merely relatively.

P.S. What do I think of the 2016 elections in general, and the election of Trump in particular?
     As regular readers of my blogs will know:
     1) My take on 'the elections' is that they are, have become, a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce, a delusion, an illusion.  What with all of the illegal aliens voting - and as welcomed to, and even encouraged to, by no less than the Usurper himself, Barry Soetoro - and other ineligible voters (up to 3 million non-citizens voting, according to one source), dead voters (up to 4 million of those, according to another source), duplicate/multiple voters (7 million people registered on our wonky voter reg rolls in more than one state, according to another source), and the rigged electronic voting machines (in more than one way), it would appear to be a miracle that Trump won, against such odds.
     2) It is a good thing that Trump did win, against the evil-incarnate Hillary - the serial criminal and habitual, even compulsive, and, to all appearances, downright pathological, liar, and darling of the New World Order crowd, who was set to take the U.S. of A. into said NWO, until 'fate' intervened.
     So, Trump was the better candidate.  And, with his promise to 'drain the swamp' of American national politics, in Washington, D.C., and 'The Creature From the Potomac's  commissars out in the boonies therefrom.  But his first wave of appointments in his upcoming administration - that is, if Obama and his masters don't pull the plug first, and mount an offensive against the reaction to their takeover, in the form of a false flag op, that leads deliberately to a declaration by the Usurper of martial law, and the cancellation thereby of the (upsetting) elections - leaves some things to be desired.  I think in particular of his appointment of a man to head the CIA who believes in the 'surveillance state' crap going on, including believing that Snowden was a traitor and deserves to be hung for it.  When Snowden was a righteous whistleblower against an establishment that had gone rogue, and deserved to have such whistleblowers to it.  (So, Alinsky was 'right' in that regard, of the value of rebels against 'the established order'.  It all depends on the nature of said established order...)
     So, do I have 'buyer's remorse'??
     Are you kidding, considering the alternative???  
     Trump can be worked with.
     The New World Order crowd cannot.
     In their minds, they are 'right,' you see.
     Everything being relative, and all......... them.
     Denizens of the Dark - i.e., self-inflicted cutoffs from the Light - that they are.
     And actually - truth be known (so to speak...) - only playing a part, in the Drama of 3D life.
     Giving us aspiring gods an edge to hone ourselves against.
     And being invited to take their place IN The Light, when The Play reaches its end.
     Which will be any day now.
     So, they will have to make up their 'rebellious' minds, soon.
     Or miss out, on
     the cull.
     What we incarnated for.  To help along.
     Truth be known.

P.P.S. And all of it, involving the elimination of the Federal Reserve - and the elimination of the Western monetary system itself.  And its obscene, and slave-creating, 'money as debt' system.  And replacement with a 'system' more conducive to
     gods in the making.
     But more on which, another time.
     But not too far away, now............


1 Hey, Ruthie babe - here’a a good example, as put by the president of the Justice Action Group: 
   “If Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s drive to impose foreign law on U..S. courts succeeds, socialist foreign judges will be responsible for writing U.S. law…” 
   But of course, that’s the point.
   But to continue. 

2 As has been happening, under the ‘spell’ of shyster lawyer types who have succeeded, to some considerable extent, in establishing the concept in the citizenry’s minds of ‘a living document’, with the Constitution subject simply to its ‘interpretation’ - with all their personal social and political proclivities - by modern justices, rather than by the ’original intent’ of a true contract.
   All of which is gone into in helpful, and fascinating, detail in a number of series’s of online lectures sponsored by Hillsdale College, and conducted by its lecturers.  An excellent, excellent contribution to life in America.  Don’t miss them, if you care at all about your country.  
   Or if you are a foreigner: to know about the dream, the vision of the Founders of this country.   Raised up for a noble, and very spiritual, purpose.  To that end.
   But to continue.

 3  And thus as well, both Google and Facebook could censor postings critical of Hillary, out of a sense of ‘rightness’.  Rightness, in relation to their cause.
   The cause, of establishing a - the - totalitarian New World Order on the planet.
   Where things are to be as ‘they’ say they are.
   And to hell with such antiquated things (contracts) as national - or even state - constitutions.  With everything to be controlled from the top.  By our ‘rightful masters’.

4 In full:
   “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”
   So, if not in ‘truth’, at least in concept: rebels against ‘the established order’.  Which can be a ‘good’ thing.  If said ‘establishment’ needs rebelling against.  For being defective.  In some way.
   But then, it’s all relative.  Innit.  

5 As for ‘the Jews’.  And there are exceptions, of course.  To ‘leaven the loaf,’ as it were.  But basically: I have never come across such an immoral group, as a group.  Even with their roots in a moral code, as handed down to them by their historical leader, Moses.
   But then, most of whom we call Jews in this day and age are not such descendants; are in actual fact (yes, there are some) the descendants of a people, originating from Middle Europe, called the Khazars, who were converted en masse, in loyalty to their king, to Judaism way back in history, and whose DNA does not ‘align’ with that of true descendants of the Semite tribe that their religion is named after.
   A very warlike bunch, these Khazars.  Who are currently ruling the roost in the modern nation called Israel.  And trading off their supposed religious inheritance, and legacy - of being The Chosen People’ - shamelessly.  
   But to go into all that would be another ‘story’.  Or blog.
   But just to add here, that the Muslims are equally guilty of this ‘philosophy’ regarding ends and means; considering it okay - and even rightful - to lie and cheat and steal, and even kill, the infidel.
   The ‘Other’.  When in reality, We Are All One.
   But now, really to continue.  But in order to wrap this exposition up on that definitive note.

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