Monday, 21 November 2016

From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

1a) from ‘Breaking: Natural News announces economic boycott of CNN corporate sponsors, including GEICO, Wells Fargo, Sprint, Dodge and ETrade' - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger/NaturalNews - November 19/20
(List of ‘journalists’ who colluded with the Clinton campaign, etc.)

Stan November 20, 2016 at 10:58 pm
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I gave up on CNN as a legitimate source of info when they had their war correspondent during the first Persian Gulf War pretend that he was broadcasting from a rooftop in Tel Aviv amidst Scud missile attacks – including someone [sounding] an alarm off-camera and the guy hastily donning a gas mask (and the person he was interviewing being given a military hard helmet to put on) – only to have it come out later that he was broadcasting from a studio in Florida or Georgia, I forget which.

This is news as entertainment, Hollywood style. The same with the Sandy Hook Hoax. And the Boston Marathon Bombing ‘drill’. And on, and on. All with the same crisis actors showing up for their paychecks, incidentally.

Disgusting stuff.

1b) from Should Trump Shut Down the Federal Reserve? - Dave Hodges - November 19/20
(Concerns about Trump’s assassination if he does so, a la JFK.)

toejam November 19, 2016 at 5:04 pm 

Excellent Dave. I too fear for the life of Trump if, and that’s a great big if, Trump would go after the private owned and controlled Federal Reserve Corporation (The Fed). First, it would take an act of Congress to disband the Fed, and 2nd many in congress are in the back pocket of the private owners of the Fed.Here is an example how Trump could bypass Congress and let the Fed wither on the vine.

It’s not known by most people, that in most if not all the states of the union, that the individual counties can issue what are known as “county warrants”. A county can issue warrants to be used as money for county works and city works within the county. The warrants once paid into circulation, such as paychecks for county workers, city workers and public school teachers the warrants can circulate through out the county economy, stimulating same And as the warrants circulate through out the economy the citizens within each county can use the warrants in the payment of property taxes. Eventually, if all the counties of a state were to issue interest free warrants to pay for capital improvements and wages they could be honored state wide, therefore, escaping bonded debt that has been strapped on the American people via the use of fake dollars issued for interest via the Fed. For over 100 years the private owners of the Fed and the big commercial banks of America and most of the world, have had their grubby, greedy hands in America’s cooky jar, the US Treasury and in the pockets of the American worker. In other words the American people must pay interest on all the fake dollars whether in the from of Federal Reserve Notes or computer money loaned into circulation for interest via the Fed to the government or loaned to the people via the commercial banks. To add insult to injury the Bankers use factional reserve accounting to issues money for interest at 9 times the fake dollars on deposit. That’s a subject for another time.

Just like the counties that issue warrants, the Federal government can issues US Notes, interest free, into circulation. These US notes could be used to pay for the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure and military that Trump wants to do. Therefore bypassing the Fed. and the backbreaking interest that already has American in bonded monetary slavery. These US Notes over a period of time would replace the Federal Reserve Notes, letting the Fed die like the parasite that it is. Like any form of fiat money, what gives it value is that the government will accept it in the payment of taxes. If the the Government did not accept the fake money in use today in payment of taxes they would at once loose all value, as little as it is. Putting the country into further debt by borrowing for interest the money to fulfill Trump’s rebuilding of America will destroy this country. The only way to bring the youth and others out of there socialistic stupor is, just like Ron Paul has said for decades, an honest money system. Bill Still also has good ideas along these lines.

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Good stuff from toejam. (Not a good image; but to continue.) I would personally go further, and say, that it is time to go all the way. What do I mean?

I mean to do away with both the interest-bearing fiat money and the fractional-reserve banking system altogether, and replace the dollar with (interest-free) US Treasury Notes – yes, as a beginning of the shiftover, but to then continue on into the Golden Age, long prophesied; wherein we don’t use currency, rather, simply have an electronic system of debits and credits – credits for goods [and services] rendered, and debits for the use of them.

Dangerous? In the wrong hands, including those of the New World Order gangsters; yes. But nothing wrong with the idea in principle. And our technological development is leading us inexorably to such a moment. 

How do we do it without the concept of a profit, and interest? With a higher motive. People sharing goods and services with one another – and giving of their best in the process – out of the highest motive that there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

How do I know that it will work? Simple:

Because it is time to.

And if we don’t, we will continue a spiral into Darkness, and disaster.

Been there. Done that. Time to go Up.


To conclude:

We are here at this time to anchor a new reality.

End of story.

Oh - and just to add:

Thoughts are things.

'Nuff said.  A word to the wise, and all.

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