Thursday, 17 November 2016

On Bones To Pick...

...And Coming Of Age

I received an mail yesterday from an overseas friend who alerted me to such words, and attitudes, in our new ‘culture’ as ‘post-truth’ (Oxford Dictionaries’ declared international word of the year). Defined as “an adjective relating to circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotional appeals”.  The word being “associated with the phrase ‘post-truth politics’”… 

Some ramifications of that sort of mentality.

1.  The rampant voter fraud that’s been escalating over the years, and which reached such huge proportions in this last election.  Under the totalitarian philosophy that the end justifies the means.  Any and all means.  Voter fraud presumably being at the milder end of such thinking.   

2.  Dear Donald,

     First of all: congratulations.  You had a hard ‘climb’ - to overcome all the fraud that was thrown at you, in the voting scam that goes on in this day and age, and as amplified by the likes of George Soros and his programmed electronic voting machines, and by Obama brazenly counseling illegal aliens to come out and vote, and his administration would see to it that they were not prosecuted for coming out of the shadows in such a major truth-flaunting way.   

     But it is this latter point that I wish to address you on.  I see by reports on the Internet that you are entertaining the likes of Ted Cruz to have a position in your administration.  It is obvious that your advisers have not let you know the truth about Ted.  And the truth is, that not only did he run for the presidency under false pretenses - pretending that he was a ‘natural born’ citizen.  But that he may well not even be a citizen of this country either; and continuing the pretense could well sink your administration in the end.  When the Truth outs.  As it will.  As.  It.  Will.

     You see - which I, or at least someone, apparently needs to point out to you; presuming, off the evidence, that you just don’t ‘know the facts of the matter, have left it up to your advisers to let you know the details of such things - when his parents moved to Canada, and his mother applied for Canadian citizenship, she would have had to give up her American citizenship, since Canada did not allow dual citizenship, at least at that time.  And so, he was not only ineligible to run for the presidency, under its special eligibility requirement, of the person needing to be a ‘natural born’ citizen - i.e., “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” (de Vattel, ‘The Law of Nations,’ Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212; and that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary).  But he may well not even be an American citizen to boot.  And thus, not having been, nor currently, eligible even to be in the Senate.

   ‘Oh well; close enough’?  Not unless you want a war on your hands.  

     A civil war.  Between you - and the side that you will have chosen to be on: that of your political enemies.  And patriots of the American republic.  With Truth to back them up.  

     Take your pick.  


     (to be signed)


‘Oh well.  Close enough.’

No, it’s NOT ‘close enough,’ to those of you who think that way.  Don’t you realize how close you made us come to being under the thumb of Obama and the New World Order crowd?  Having to live as slaves to that totalitarian system??  Come ON, folks.  This is not rocket science. 

3. And on a lighter note, but no less germane: I am sick and tired of those posters on Comments threads who poo-poo the objections of those who point out misspellings and the use of poor grammar of others; obviously having bought into this notion, of things being ’close enough’.  

Get out of my face, you stupid dolts (and the faces of those correctors amongst us - still).  Don’t you understand the IMPORTANCE of getting things right???   YET????????????

‘Oh well.  There is nothing right or wrong but thinking makes it so.’   Riiiiight.  You of the Saul Alinsky, ‘Rules for Radicals’ persuasion.  Whose book was dedicated to  - who was it, now?  Oh yes: Lucifer… 

4.  A certain category of feminist: the ones who have attempted to skew the brains of their children; into, e.g. forcing their boy children to play with dolls (and even to wear skirts!), and their girl children to play with the likes of fire engines and racing cars (‘and make ‘vroom vroom’ sounds like the b- - er, like other children do’).

‘But I don’t want to play with the fire engine, Mommy.  I want to play with the dolls.’

‘But I don’t want you to play with the dolls, sweetheart.  I want you to play with the fire engine.’

‘Why, Mommy?’

‘Because it’s good for you to.  You don’t want to play with dolls your whole life, do you, sweetheart?’

‘But nobody plays with dolls their whole lives, Mommy - ??’

‘Yes they do, honey.  Sort of like…’

‘Mommy…Are you all right??’

‘No I’m not, ‘honey’.  And I’m tired of this baby talk crap.  The only reason that I’m doing it is because I have been forced to.’

‘By whom, Mommy?’

‘By The System!  By having to play ‘Mummy’.  Just because I had you and your brother.  Just because I’m built the way I am.’    

‘..Are you sure that you are alright, Mommy??’

No she’s not, honey.  Because she has a male brain wired into her female body.  Or on some degree of the abnormal spectrum.  Because our erstwhile masters realized that they needed to create a bunch of minority classes of the masses - people made to think of themselves as being part of a ‘class’ - shades of Marxist philosophy - in order to overthrow the established order of things, that they were having too hard of a time taking over in a frontal attack, and so needed cannon fodder on the front lines to further their cause.  Their cause, of enslavement of the rest of us to our ’rightful’ Master class.

But don’t worry, honey.  One fine day you will grow up.  And be able to leave that tortuous nest that you were born into.  Quite possibly, to help reset things, to their proper position.  Of not being at the extreme ends of the whole spectrum of cultural mores.  But reflecting more the 

 Middle Path.  

Note: I refer to the LGBTQ ‘class’ crowd as having been created on purpose because, if our authorities had been doing their proper job, they would have noted long ago that there seemed to be some environmental factor(s) involved in so many children being born with skewed brains/'gender identity,' and would have done something about it long ago.  Such factors as all the endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics that have polluted our waterways/drinking water, and the drugs like barbiturates prescribed to pregnant females (at a particular, early stage of their pregnancy, when the fetal brain is being sexed by the hormone levels in the mother’s womb) without sufficient regard to their effects on the developing fetus.*

And this sort of criminal activity in general.  Like the toxins put into vaccines; with some sort of ‘cover’.  But some with deliberate intention ‘simply’ to do harm.  Including to kill.  

But - hey.  No matter.

Close enough.


* Yes, there are other causes of such as homosexuality.  But a major one is 'stress' - of all kinds (including nutritionally).  There is evidence of a larger number of homosexual babies being born in the wake of wars than the 'normal' background 'noise', e.g..
   A good read on all this: The book 'BrainSex' by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel.

P.S. Oh - and as for the Usurper himself, and the ramifications of that act of 'post-truth':
     In the wake of his arrest: All of the legislation that he signed - illegally - into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that the issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin.  And you will learn to live by the rule of law - that is to say: by Truth.  Or you will not pass Go. 
     And further, as to that particular act; in the rightful New Order of Things:

     That you were moving to
      One-man rule
     Was a signal,
      As these things go:
              and I will
     Take over now,
     And will embody
           the Truth
             as what we     
     Live our lives by.
     From henceforth.

     For those who
     Are ready to.
     And prove it, by
          their actions

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