Monday, 12 November 2012

'My' Message For Today

[I'm going to start paying more attention to what I feel inspired to write, however it sounds.  This is what I got this morning. Again: For what it's worth.]

"This is My Country, and you My People have nearly blown it, by the two main political factions that you have formed up in in this day and age entering into a voter-cheating contest with each other, and enlisting a large part of the public in your nefarious, corrupt, disgusting schemes.  I'm ashamed of you.  Depart from my sight.  I don't want to have anything more to do with you.  No, that's not right.   But it's close.

"And first, you have a chance to set things right; before the scene changes, and we1 enter into another stage of the operation of Life - a stage more becoming - and 'becoming', as in 'coming' - to our true natures.  No longer 'merely' as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' as one of My advanced souls has expressed it to and for you; but as souls a step - or two - further along on the stairway to the heavens.

"For those who can measure up, to reach those steps.

"For the rest: You will just have to go through the process, of measuring up, all over again.

"The rest of Us will give you what help We can.  At the least, by energetic example from and in the higher reaches; and among you in the lower realm from time to time.  But it is 'up' to you, to measure up.

"And that is my message for today.  Through my Beloved child; who is also my Beloved partner; who is also Me.  In essence.  So treat him as such."

(Well!  It's about time.  :-)  )

P.S.  For the record; and to my understanding:
     I don't 'get' God.  I don't 'get' 'The Creator'.  I 'get' a High Being, that I 'feel' as calling Itself Limitless Love and Truth.
     There's a lot about the Hierarchy that we don't know about, Horatio...

P.P.S.  I 'get' this sheer disgust with the 'voter fraud' thing.  It is part and parcel of the 'Whatever it takes'  philosophy that emanates primarily from the Left, and its belief - from its roots in atheistic Marxism - that there is no absolute/are no absolutes, that 'All's fair in love and war,' to put it a bit flippantly.
    Actually, it was put rather better yesterday by Joseph Farah, the man behind the online news service World Net Daily (a conservative entity), who went into the subject in a blog of his titled 'Did Voter Fraud Swing The Election?'  He himself comes from 'the Left', in an infatuation with Marxism in his youth; but broke from it, in part because of its relativism. (It grated against his 'innate' sense of morality stemming from his bringing-up in the Christian religion.)  He talked about the hardcore Marxists making fun of "lying, stealing, cheating, and all those other bourgeoisie 'sins'" as just being part of the job, to overthrow capitalism, by any and all means possible.  They operated by the philosophy of 'By any means necessary' - the end-justifies-the-means philosophy of tyrants down through the ages - "and that's why stealing the vote is not only an acceptable practice by these people.  It is a moral imperative in their twisted worldview."
     The philosophy of 'By any means necessary' is NOT a philosophy that will carry humanity into a  New Earth and a New Age.  It is of the old paradigm; and which is disintegrating before our eyes (under the pressure of more Light coming in to our 'matrix').2  And so the likes of Obama - who has come from that far-left background - are not of the future.  They are of the past.  Period.
     Farah called the American political system a 'thugocracy'.
     And I presume that all of this was percolating on a deep level for me overnight, and came out this morning couched in the way it was.  Which all goes to indicate that the distinction between 'sources' is a bit of a tricky one.  And I don't really have the answer(s) to all of that.  I just go by what I feel; and try to discern accordingly.
     It's all 'for what it's worth' anyway.



1 I will admit to occasionally getting this 'you/we' thing mixed up in writing down what I get.  I sometimes feel very clearly that what comes through is very clearly in the 'you' and 'My' split category, and sometimes I get the 'we' feeling. It must 'come with the territory' to people who channel.
     Oh - and I also realize that that may be 'me' keeping myself separate from feeling any responsibility towards what has happened in this country while I was away...all very confusing.  Anyway, it's the gist of the message that matters; not precisely where it's coming from.  Or at any given moment in time.
     Time being part of the illusion that we live in.  But that's another story.  For another time...  :-)

2  Or hologram; whatever we're encapsulated in, and by.  At the least while we're in 3D.


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