Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Post Mortem

I am heading down to the Main Library in town now to check out the papers on how the elections unfolded, particularly with respect to the presidential one.1  The little that I 'got' on the evening itself, on a couple of e-newsletter sites that I follow, appeared to show a curious set of incidences.  It  looked - could look, to a discerning, or just outright paranoid, eye - that a few of the handful of crucial states were holding back their results until the report from a key one among them indicated what would be needed from them to swing the election.

Yes, paranoid; perhaps.  But I had good reason to be suspicious about 'the vote'; and not just from what I have already blogged on, regarding my personal experience at my polling place, of how the system here in this county and state worked.  I still remember very well the election of 2004, when, in watching the Election Returns from Scotland -  where I have lived for many years, and so have not been directly involved in the voting process in the States for 'yonks' (as 'we' say in the UK) - I went to bed, with the vote very tight, and with the report, from exit polling, that Kerry was up by about 3% in Ohio; and when I got up the next morning, it 'turned out' that Bush had taken Ohio by about that much.  What?? I wondered, from abroad.  But then, I didn't know which counties/area types had been reported on at the time that I stopped following the Returns, and I know enough about these things to know that that is a crucial factor in the ongoing reports from the States.  So I let 'it' go.  Until I heard later that some people/Democrats in Ohio were demanding an investigation, on just the sort of issue that I had 'observed' from afar.  And I waited, to see what the key Democrat Representative involved in those stories 'from the ground' would do about it.  And waited...and we know the rest of that story.

Or do we...

And so I did not go into these current elections with my eyes closed, as it were.  But I also knew that a good group (apparently very small; but still...) of citizens had been seriously checking out the matter of the programming of, and capability of hacking, the electronic voting machines that were starting to spring up around the country, like mushrooms after a rain; and just as potentially poisonous.  Over the years since, I watched a couple of videos on the subject - one even including a Congressional hearing on the matter (that should do the issue, I thought; rather naively, I suppose.  That sort of thing can expose the matter.  It can also give some people ideas...) - and trusted that progress was being made on the front of getting back to 'free and fair elections' in the U.S.2

Anyway, so here we were, facing the elections of 2012.  By which time I had read enough about Barack Obama to know that there was something seriously wrong 'with this picture'.  That
'this picture' was a facade, masking a deeper scenario.  That there was, in short, deception going on, back in my home country, and at a very high level; and I was getting more angered about it 'by the minute,'3 as I discovered the attempts -  by simple citizens; NOT the Republican Party officials or party Congresspersons - to try to get to the bottom of serious questions regarding, first, Obama's birth certificate, and then other personal documents of his - his Social Security number, and so forth and so on - that he was keeping from the American people - had even signed, as one of his first acts in the Oval Office, an Executive Order sequestering all of his records/credentials.

This was serious stuff.  Why wasn't the Republican Party doing something about it??  I began to feel the need to get back to my home country, and investigate this murky matter further...Until such a possible time, I continued to keep my eye on the Internet, for my information.4

And we come now to the elections of 2012.  And I have been back in the country for a little over half a year now, keeping an eye on things 'American' close up.  And I have to ask the American people in general: Where have you been??  Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, etc. etc.???

The man is a fake.  A fraud.  A phony.  A ringer.  An inveterate liar.

You know who I am talking about. I don't even have to come up with a name, do I...Nor is he the only such a one in the country, and in this election.5  But for right now, let's take The Man.

The Man even gave you the ammunition to blow him out of the water himself, when he said, and even on camera, that if he hadn't cleaned up the unemployment problem after his four years in office, he wouldn't deserve to be re-elected.  The unemployment problem is virtually where it was when he took office.  Why didn't that happen?    

A couple of reasons - major reasons - that I can think of, right off the top of my head.  No. 1: An opponent who wasn't up to the job, for having various weaknesses, particularly in looking like he was a weathervane instead of a man who stood on his principles; and thereby projecting a sense of underlying weakness.  And no. 2, and perhaps first and foremost: the voting system was not cleaned up.  Romney might well haves actually won that election, for all we know, if it weren't for all the fraud and 'voting irregularities' that took place.  Some of which got reported on afterwards.  But 'afterwards' is too late.  And only reports on sporadic incidents have made it to the media.

The voting system itself needed to have been cleaned up systematically, for the American people to have been able to 'trust the process'.  Why wasn't it.  Most probably - i.e., beyond the factor of The People having gone 'asleep at the switch', of their country having been taken over by vested interests, instead of their remaining alert to the requirements, even demands, of a self-governing people maintaining Liberty over themselves (quick: What's the first quote on this subject that comes to your mind??  Waiting.  Waiting...) - most probably, as I say, because both of the major political parties in the country have been involved directly in the corruption and deceit for years; and decided to stay with the way things were, calculating on being able to 'game' the system their way enough to affect the outcome sufficiently to come out on top.

Of the game.

Of the game of chance.  And just so, is this fixed game what it has come down to.  In the modern home of democracy - of government of, by, and for The People - for the planet, to emulate.  Or not...

This has been going on for years; is very deep-seated in the American psyche, both in the resigned sense of 'That's just the way it is, how things are,' and the belligerent sense of 'If they can do it [and get away with it], we can do it, too, and even better'.  A sad, sad state of affairs.

What could have been done about it??

The People could have 'risen to the occasion', and said, 'Enough.  No more.'  They didn't.  The federal government, through The People's representatives, and including their Executive choice, could have demanded of the States clean elections; at the very least for the federal offices on their ballots.6  That didn't happen.  And so the condition got worse, and worse, and worse; until it became chronic.7

Enough of the post mortem.  Such things are important to conduct, for the information that they give, and potential lessons to be learned from.  But it is getting me down, in spirit.  And now I really must start concentrating on the positive future.  Awaiting us all.  Regardless of the individual outcomes.

All; because the process itself is a positive one.  Leading ineluctably to our ultimate, total Unity. Not just with Each Other.8  But with the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.

And thus, the ultimate, total dancing in the streets of heaven.  As it were.

And will be.

And ever was.



1 Not having a tv.  But then, how much can you trust 'them', to give you the correct story, let alone the full one.
     I'll take my chances with the more in-deth report that the newspapers can give one.  Although, even that is to be taken with a grain of salt, these days; such is the degree of corruption in the nation.  But I'll get to more on that in a moment.

2 That may have alway been a bit of an illusion.  But at least it wasn't as bad before the advent of electronic voting machines, and that quantum increase in the potential problem, of election theft.
     Why in heavens aren't they insisting on a paper trail, for god's sakes?? I wondered, from across the pond...

3 becoming, as it were, a Minuteman...

4 I was at the time living a semi-retired life at the spiritual community that I had called home for many years, having left the U.S. at the beginning of '76 to start a new phase of my life, open a new chapter in the ongoing saga of a life dedicated to Spirit; ever since a 'spiritual experience' in university started me out ON that path.  But that's another story.  But it at least helps to indicate why I was so personally caught up in alarm, and anger, about what I perceived to be Dark Forces at work in my home country, undercutting the Constitution of a free people - a country dedicated to the principle of self-government, and therefor, of each person responsible for their own decisions in life, neither the State nor the Church taking over that responsibility.  America had been raised up for just that divine purpose, I felt, strongly; and I perceived it as being threatened, with someone who by all indications was not eligible for its presidential office taking over the helm of The Good Ship America.  I was incensed.  After many hours looking more deeply into this matter: I still am.  

5 There are serious questions about the background of his opponent also.  Romney appears to have some serious skeletons in his closet.  But then, there were such skeletons in both their closets.  How come the Republicans didn't make more of the ones in Obama's???...

6 'All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside...' the 14th Amendment.  The federal government has a legitimate say in the voting systems used in the country, and how they are applied.  
     This is not takeover.  This is taking responsibility for its own.

7 Mr. Obama: You have been portrayed by a number of people feeling that they are working for the Light as being a very high spiritual soul, purposefully - and by personal choice - sent down here to this vibratory level, this frequency, this 3D arena of the acting-out of free will, to assist in the raising of consciousness of the people, not only of America, but of the planet, in order to help with the move into the New Age; a Golden Age.  (1) Where are your credentials for The People, and the people, believing you are such a person?  (2) If this is true, why didn't you elect to clean up the voting act in America while you had the chance?  You couldn't have known you would have a second term in office.  (Or could you???...)  (3) Where are the signs of spiritual integrity in and from your first term in that office?  I see decisions to assassinate people by drones, including American citizens.  I  I won''t get into that list here.  It's too long.
     If you are truly working for the Light, it must be from the Dark side.  Leg's hear about all that.  Stat.

8 Remember from previous blogs of mine, how I have referred to the reality behind the reincarnation Plan - of spiritual evolution/consciousness-raising - as how 'We Are One Another'?   The nest step in that process, and understanding, being that 'We Are One'??...


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