Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Tale of Two Timelines

I have come to the conclusion that I have perhaps been too hard in my mind on a certain portion of my fellow Americans, currently acting the part of 'patriots'.  They have apparently had a sort of reaction monitor embedded on their feelings (and to an extent on their minds as well, resulting in sullen resignation to 'the way things are'), which has kept them from exploding in outrage at the takeover of their country from the Left that has occurred under the usurper presidency going under the name of Barack Hussein Obama - Barry for short.  

See, there is a part of me that has been responding to this whole scenario with barely contained outrage myself (and thus, I may well have had the same sort of monitor put on my own emotional body).  If I had been living in the country back at the time, and leading up to the time, of the primaries for the presidential candidacies of the two main political parties for the 2008 elections, and discovered at that time that Obama was ineligible for the office - for not being a 'natural born citizen' (and the good reasons still for that constitutional requirement) - knowing myself I would have joined the growing call for him and his candidacy to stand down over the issue, which, if such a reaction got sufficiently off the ground, could have spiked the outcome for that election; which was apparently on the 'celestial' cards to happen.  And I would have been left a) wondering what the hell was going on, and b) getting ulcers over it, and perhaps doing something about it that I would later regret, with the benefit of more information/awareness regarding what needed to take place, for a positive outcome ultimately, for the nation and the world.1

One timeline could have looked like this:

My fellow Americans and I could have kept the 2008 elections from happening until the Democrat Party came up with a legal candidate for the presidency.  Result: different timeline outcome; and whatever consequences therefrom.

Another timeline could have looked like this:

The election atmosphere, with what was turning out to be an illegal candidate involved, who also happened to be a black man, with all the hopes of that sector of citizens - and other minorities - pinned on him - would have been so poisoned, taken so beyond simple polarization itself, that it would have possibly to have been aborted, as the nation teetered on civil war, ironically with a black man involved; thus setting the nation back for generations in terms of race relations.  (And thus not allowing us to be where we are at today: at least further down that track.  And as well, the fast track to Ascension.  But read on a bit further, in this realm of What Ifs, before I get to that point.)  


If the elections had been held without this ineligibility factor having become better known beforehand, but the information coming out more and more, the Republicans could have mounted a major initiative to scuttle Obama's election in the Electoral College.  Or, barring that timeline, and its outcome:

The Republicans in Congress could have mounted a major campaign to refuse to allow any legislation to get to the Usurper's desk for ratification.  Result: Another outcome than where we are today; one with all the potential for civil, and racial, war that that 'track' would possibly have invoked.  Or:

The Republicans could have pressed the issue in the court system, and - and especially with that backing -  gotten a different outcome from where we are today.2

As for where we are today.  I have been chafing at the bit - and verbally on the Internet - to see justice finally done in this matter: the matter of the purloining of the American presidency by a charlatan, of whatever race.  The race is not the point.  The point is the chicanery involved.  The outright fraud, and deception.  The dragging of America through such mire.  It has seemed, to me, like the last straw, from so much duplicity and chicanery that has already emanated from that office, by this particular man's predecessors; especially the more recent ones.  Evidencing, apparently, a pattern.  A pattern of the country getting worse into the mire, as time has gone on.  I have wanted to put a halt to that ignominious end of the dream, the vision, of a nation to lead the world's nations into a New Era; the sunlit highlands of a Golden Age.  Not the putrefied depths of just another empire on the stage of history, strutting its stuff during its time and then decaying in its corruption and not being heard of anymore.  This one was supposed to be different; dammit.

For whatever reason, none of these other outcomes took place, in the realm of polentials and possibilities.  My suggestion has taken the form of calling for a march on Washington of The People, Assembled - led by Oathkeepers, and closely followed by Article Twoers and Tenth Amendmenters and Second Amendmenters and Tea Partiers and those Occupy Movementers who understand what actually is going on in the country and the world and don't want to support the 'business as usual' scenario of either the Right or the Left, with their respective draconian, people-control visions of a New World Order; and then members of the public representing just themselves, as 'simple' citizens, mad as hell and not going to take it anymore - to stay there (in orderly rotations, with some needing to go at some point, and others joining in the crusade) until the Usurper vacates the dishonored office (the 'demonstrators' with signs saying, simply, We Go When You Go); as well dissolving Congress - for not doing its constitutional duty as regards a usurpation of the Executive, and thus colluding in the crime - and appointing an Officer OF The People, who will oversee the 'changing of the guard' of the Republic.  

In musing last night about this scenario, I could see millions of The People involved; in nonviolent civil disobedience, practicing Ghandian tactics to a T, returning love for potential force, but gently, gently, moving 'the authorities' aside - disabling them by such loving tactics; occupying all the offices in Congress, and sending the 'betrayers of The People' home, with their aides - unless, of course, they wanted to join the ranks of The People, having seen the Light by then; all very organized, with all communication devices employed to the maximum, and information leaflets and various type interviews abounding…individuals bonding together, awakening to their origins, and remembering that this was what they contracted to do…the works.  Ah; what a sight.  It could be.  

The reality is that it would undoubtedly polarize the nation too severely; regardless of how I would try to couch it all in inclusive terms, regarding the nation, and the world, now entering into a New Era, where such 'qualities' as deceit and chicanery don't play a part any longer in human affairs.  A nice dream…

…and it will come to pass.  I just don't know how.  And have been having to accept that the outcome we have today is the preferred outcome, for The Plan to be fulfilled.

For whatever reason.3

…but that doesn't mean that I can't feel that when it is 'over' I will go up to the Lords of Karma, or whomsoever is involved in these sorts of decisions, and demand of them: 'All right.  Now what was that all about?  That was MY country you were screwing around with; as you well know.'

And of course, the answer - with the way these things often go - would most probably be a gentle reminder: "But it was your idea."

And then it would be up to me to figure out why I would ever come up with such an appalling idea; knowing how passionately I feel about justice/injustice issues.  And somewhere about then, I would presumably start 'hitting' on my answer to myself…

Don't have that answer, yet.  But I'm trying.  And I guess that that's all that can be asked of me.

Or of anybody: that they keep on keeping on.

And by doing so they will ultimately get there.

So: message:

Don't give up on The Process.  Because, ultimately, it's for the best outcome possible.  

'Ultimately': the most pressing being when this is all over - 'this' current piece of The (larger) Process: the Ascension split, between those souls who now ascend, with Gaia, to the next stage/level/dimension up, and those souls who move 'laterally' to another 3D realm, in need of a little more seasoning yet in the pot of duality and polarity -

- and that's how you know which one that is.  To say: Which one you are on.

Timeline, that is.

The one that ends here, and 'drops' you into Timelessness.  (And Joy.  And Abundance.  And…and…)

Or the one that continues on.  And on.  And on...

Until you get it.  

'It': the secret, of how to get off the merry-go-round, that you find yourself on.  

Psst: a little secret: Once you get - really get - that that is what it is; is all that it is:

You're almost there.

As we - all - are here.  Now.  Making the decisions - and creating the beingness - that will determine which way we go from here.   
The choice - as always  - is yours.

(Psst: Choose well.  I'd hate to see you fall behind, from this special Opportunity time.  

You like deals, don't you??  No better one around.  And you can take that to the bank. :-) )



1 As for 'knowing myself': I have an almost unhealthy passion regarding seeing justice done, and injustice undone.  And the celestial PTB would know that; which is, perhaps, why I was spared the ordeal full on.  And especially regarding the welfare of America - which is MY country, in a very deep-felt way; and particularly especially regarding its leadership, from the presidential office.
     As I have said - admitted - elsewhere in these blog pages, I couldn't feel more strongly about the founding, and vision, of this country if I had been one of the Founding Fathers myself; or even more involved than that.  And I'll just leave it at that.  
     Except just to add here an indication of the depth of my feelings regarding this particular injustice issue.  In the aftermath of the 2012 elections, and with all of the reports coming out from all around the country about both voter fraud itself and signs of electronic voting machine chicanery, I have been keeping an eye on 'patriot' reactions (as, I'm sure, has the Left); and one major potential response came out of Arizona, from where the suggestion was made to pour communications onto the governors of the 4 main swing states (and all extremely close in their presidential count) to have an honest recount and investigation of the voter rolls, which could tilt the Electoral College vote in Romney's favor.  It seemed a good idea (and certainly more capable of bringing about a different outcome than the indication of voter frustration signaled in the many state petitions to the White House for secession that was also happening), and I kept an eye on its progress, if any.  Alas, its demise was signaled on a particular rightwing blog site that I follow ( when a letter from a prominent conservative was posted indicating that the initiative failed to gain traction; and he himself wasn't in a position to try to pick up the ball and carry on with it.  Extremely disappointed (not that I necessarily wanted to see Romney, and his NeoCon advisers, and the tepid Republicans, win the election; I just wanted to see ABO in that disgraced office), I found myself making comment to the blog in words to the effect: "And so this generation of American citizens proves itself to be not up to the test.  That's feedback at least."
     Not a happy camper at all.

2 As for this business of the 'strange' silence on this extremely important constitutional matter from the Republicans - and not only silence but also active blocking of any attempts from the citizenry itself to redress this grievance: I have simply not known what to make of it.  Oh, I know the basics of an answer: that they did a quid pro quo with the Democrats on the issue because they could see that they could use that little constitutional 'fudge' themselves in the future, knew full well how difficult it is to get amendments through on the Constitution; and so are just part of the current corrupt zeitgeist, part of the collapsing of the moral order that is going on, which is part of the last stages of a healthy Republic before it enters totally into the historical stage of Empire, before that collapses in on itself; and so forth.  But even then, there has been something very peculiar about how complete the betrayal of the Republican Party has been on this matter; which, by rights, should take them to court on RICO charges, along with the Democrat Party machine, and dissolve them both of any substance, flaming in ignominy to earth, never to rise again, and ushering in a new political era, where political parties would be closer to/more definable to their electorate base, and allow more than two to prevail in the nation.
     Could 'that' be 'it'?  That somehow, 'they' have known that it is the end of the line for 'politics as usual' - for the way things have been - and in their way have just been helping to usher in 'the new'???  How else explain such effrontery, such deceit, such...words fail me.  Which is just as well, because I need to move on with this narrative.
     But you get the picture...

3 Even though, sooner or later, in this outcome, the political debate in America is going to - has to - boil down to its essence; to wit:
     There are those on the one hand who want Obama out of the office because he is an illegal occupier of it, according to the rule of law; and there are those on the other hand who don't care about such details, who want him there even if he is illegal, according to the Constitution; because to them the Constitution doesn't matter, it's how you feel about something that is all that matters.
     It's called, in the liberals's own words, situational ethics: meaning, there are no absolutes.  To such believers, everything is relative; and therefore, they have no compunctions about believing in and applying to all life situations the 'philosophy'  that the end justifies the means.  Or 'By Any Means Necessary,' in the vernacular of Saul Alinsky, and his 'Rules for Radicals' (which Obama cut his community-organizer's teeth on).  And so it's a battle, in its essence, between the Absolutists and the Relativists.
     (And thus mirroring their religious beliefs - or lack thereof - as well.  On the Right: traditional morality.  On the Left: situational ethics.  It's showdown time.
     And, this sort of showdown - between cultures - has been brewing in this country for quite some time; and is now piping hot, and ready for delivery…
     I am reminded of Cool Hand Luke's comment, near the end of the film, when he has had to come out of hiding, and tries a last bit of bravado: "What we have here is a failure to communicate."  And what we have here as well is a failure also to recognize that we all undoubtedly have been on the other side of this sort of barricade, arguing for the opposite of our present position.
     Go figure.)
     And so, many illegal aliens may be for Obama purely because he's one of them: an illegal.  Or an 'undocumented worker,' in the euphemistic term put forward by those leftists who have a modicum of personal moral decency left, and are uncomfortable with the term 'illegal alien'.  Much too in-your-face for those tender saplings.  And so, to them, Obama is merely an 'undocumented worker'; so?  So let's move on??
     Not going to happen, friend.  See you on the barricades; very possibly, in this outcome…
      So I'm not sure precisely why this current outcome is the preferred outcome of all the other possibles/potentials.  But - it's on the bottom line...

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