Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Our Home Work Assignment

It's a very confusing scene, in the Middle East of some two thousand years ago, in regards to the birth of the Christian religion (and from that questionable nativity, the one of Islam as well.  Not to mention the questions regarding the tribal, and jealous, god of the Hebrews).  For the German scholars whose research on it I read in the mid-'50s (back at the beginning of my search in earnest for capital-t Truth), it was hard enough, with links to the likes of 'vegetation' gods named Tammuz and other exotic-sounding names (to our modern ears), with burials (in the earth) for some time and then being reborn in the Spring, etc. etc. etc.; and in our time, there have been the researcher likes of the woman who calls herself Acharya S, who has brilliantly summarized the research of others in following the story into the depths of ancient Egypt and the Osiris-Isis-Horus legends, relating it all to solar and other cosmic myths, the allegorical and astrotheological characters eventually 'carnalized'/historicized into actual humans through religious temptations; to the likes of Ralph Ellis, who has 'traced' the myth of Jesus, by a number of different names, to an actual historical, kingly figure, who then became the mystery figure we call King Arthur; to the likes of Tony Bushby, who has 'traced' the myth down even other avenues to outcomes other than that of the established Christian churches.  And so on, and so on and so on; John Lamb Lash and others, seekers, all; and all interesting, and all very confusing.1

But the bottom line of it all - all the 'western' strains of the speculations about Man's origin and destiny ('Who am I; Where did I come from; Why am I here?'), and all the eastern strains as well - is that we are all God.  Are all of God.  And our God nature is now calling us more directly Home, from where we have been straying in a 3rd dimensional setting: a stage, of a play -  a matrix, a construct, an illusion, in which we have been playing, and exchanging, parts, in a drama of our making, and that of our Keepers, whose human acolytes' time2 has now come to release us from the drama, as our time has come to release ourselves from it, and inherit more of our basic natures, as essentially phototropic beings - i.e., tending to the Light - as the sons and daughters, the divine Sparks, of a loving Father/Mother God, the I AM that has been called, amongst many other names, The Nameless One; the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.  (For all We know; We fractals of that Whole.)*  Now - as I say - calling Us further Home; to a higher dimension that the one in which we have lived and moved and had our being for eons of time.  To the next dimension higher up, in terms of vibratory rate; of frequency.  And then comes the next one higher up from that, as we incorporate all the lessons we can learn - fill the consciousness intrinsic to the stage - at each step of the spiral stairway to the heavens.  Reaching up, and up, and up.  Each reach just exceeding our grasp; else "what's a heaven for," in the words of the poet.  It's for, that is to say, each of us to return Home again; in, and to, total Unity.  The Whole greater for the experience, of the sum of Its Parts.3

But that's all part of another story.  For now, we have enough on our plates, to assimilate, in just moving from our 3rd dimensional experience now - of time and duality and the experience of separation - to our 4th, and on through that more 'feeling' state (called the Astral plane) to our 5th, a more 'conscious' state (called the Mental plane).  Just waiting for us to inherit it.  Our having, now, come of age.  So to speak.

The whole Thing being a matter of Ages.  And stages.  Of life  And beyond.

So, our 'home work' assignment is:

Get ready.

Be, ready.

And bring along as many others with you as you can.

For it's going to be a glorious trip.

At least, I think so.

And choose, to do so.

Having had a bit of an inkling of Truth around it.  To say:

I am here to help see in The New.

That's all I know, for a fact.

Other individuals have other pieces of the picture.

And all together - all, together - We Are One.

And have won this Opportunity.

So: Let's go.

In mutual service to others,




1 There are many seekers that I could name; but just being a seeker doesn't mean that you have found Truth.  I'll refrain from naming some seekers whom I am not all that sure of, as to their egos getting in the way, and/or their sources not being of the highest.  This is an area in which it pays to develop, and practice, discernment.  But then, that's not a bad thing, in itself.

2 Our original extraterrestrial Keepers having left the scene, and for good, and for Good; according to a number of seeker sources.
     Time will tell.

3 To say, as far as we can know, from our still finite minds, as parts of the Whole, not the Whole Itself.


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