Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Not In My Name

I have been feeling particularly sensitive today and yesterday - for whatever reason - about the matter of Injustice.  Yesterday I found myself jotting down the beginnings of this blog, without knowing where I was going with it; with the idea.  Something - some stray thought - triggered me, and away I went on the issue.

I have been passionately against injustice all my life; I'm not going to start rationalizing for it now.  The nomination of Barack Obama for the office of the presidency by the Democrat Nominating Convention in '08 was a blatant injustice, being unconstitutional; and so was the voting in this 2012 election just gone, with massive electoral fraud being reported.  It is all a disgusting disgrace; and must not be allowed to stand.

And I am bipartisan in this sort of thing.  I happen to be very glad, e.g., that George W. - aka George II; reminiscent of kings of old - had no more terms in office.  He was getting too big for his britches in that particularly powerful position.  And should, apparently, never have been in there in the first place, in his second term - and very possibly in his first term as well.1  Recent campaigns have demonstrated the sort of voter fraud that saw its elevation nearly to a science in the election just past, with the Democrats - through the good services of such 'community organizing' bodies as took ACORN's place - demonstrating a particularly keen ability to do the dirty deed.2  Karma, to some extent (especially, apparently, in Ohio).  But it all really must stop.

Let it stop here, and now, with Obama removed from office, and a New Era allowed to commence.  For America; and for the whole of Humanity.

The scenario playing itself out on Earth to this specific conclusion appears to be particularly fitting, because of the especially egregious behavior of the man who calls himself Barack Obama regarding unmanned aerial vehicles - drones, in the parlance.  I sat down today for my somewhat-daily read of whatever strikes my fancy each mid-day, and it turned out to be - after finishing up an article on the above very subject, entitled 'Will Phantom Voters Make the Difference In This Year's Elections?' in the October 8th edition of The New American3 - an article in the same issue of TNA entitled 'Attack of the Drones'.  (Subtitled 'This proliferation in the use of drones overseas and at home threatens timeless principles of constitutional liberty, including due process and the prohibition of unlawful searches and seizures'.)

I was, simply, stunned.  And appalled.  And got more and more angry, the more I got into the article. (The magazine almost - almost - becoming a UAV in its own right.)

I simply did not know know, realize, how bad this subject, and the resultant situation it has engendered, was.  The article did list the five criteria - 'principles' - which Obama has publicly given that he purportedly goes by before targeting someone for assassination.  (A situation appalling in its own right.   The president of the United States, engaging in such stuff??  Is this the Roman Empire already???)  They are all nice and neat and aboveboard.  But the bottom line is that, in the words of the author of the article,4 "(Obama) orders drone strikes to assassinate people based on nothing more than his suspicion that they threaten U.S. national security."  

Is, then, in point of fact - thinks of himself as - a law unto himself.  

To the point of authorizing a strike on the teenage son of an American citizen whose own life he played judge, jury and executioner over??  The son being no member of al-Qaeda. Was not 'an inspiration' for terrorist activity.  Had not gone 'operational'…was never charged with a crime……

This sort of thing is unacceptable.  I need to go on record as being totally against such lawlessness on the part of 'my' government - and I would hope that a majority of U.S. citizens would join me, in saying:

Not In My Name.    

Whether the man's brain is addled by years of pot smoking and coke sniffing - or got entrained early with Marxist revolutionary thinking, and never lost its bravado luster - or for whatever reason, the man is a danger to the American Republic; and to the world.  

He has to go.


He is dragging America's - admittedly already somewhat tarnished - name and image right into the mud. 

This is not the America that was supposed to be, by its Founders, inspired to come up with a nation dedicated to some fundamental principles regarding human rights and liberties.   

This man is not my president.

This is not my country.

Come on, People.  You can do better than this.  I know you can.  Just put your minds, and hearts, to it.  Together, we can make this country - and planet - a better place.


In a different form, now.

A more purified form.

For it's time for the end of History.  

As we have known it.

The end of the play-acting on the stage of 3D life.

And time for a Fresh Start (aka a Reset).

With a little karmic cleansing to take place first………



1 I am basing my 'judgment' on good investigative reports of voting irregularities in '08 in Ohio in particular; which state was crucial to his election.
     Why the Democrats chose not to follow up on that outrage is another matter.  But it may have had something to do with what happened in that state in this just-past election; with Ohio being one of the 'swing states' apparently heavily involved in voting fraud.    

2 If all the dead people, and false-ID people, and double/multiple voters, and non-citizens, and wonky machines were subtracted from the totals, it would have been a decidedly different picture; even discounting the wonky electronics from the Republicans' side of the fence.
     A greater number of votes than registered votes in many places…and on and on and on…I would have given you some credit for a 'deft hand' at the game, Democrats; but you went too far this time, you gang of hoodlums, you den of thieves.  You didn't know when to stop.  But then, that's what greed does to one. 
     Apparently the Republicans are a little more sophisticated in their approach to this matter.  Although, judging by their massive greed in the economic sphere, they most probably would have come a cropper in this arena of life as well, sooner or later…
     Take a cynical bow, both sides of the political aisle.  You both deserve one.  

3 both October editions of which for some reason I never got the first time/their due time around, and had to write for them; and which came only in the last few days.  On the 5th of November, in point of fact, as I just confirmed.  Which is interesting; because if I had received them any earlier than then, and had read this particular article - an appalling indictment of voting practices in this country, that have been escalating for years - I would possibly have made even more of a stink at my polling place - about just such fraudulent voting practices - than I did, and it could have escalated to the point where I may have been embarrassed at losing my cool; feeling so strongly about this sort of matter - the matter, essentially, of Injustice - that I do.  
     Wouldn't want to make a spectacle of myself.   

4 Joe Wolverton II, J.D.  A consummate constitutional expert, according not to just my estimation, the latter based on having read his articles in this magazine for years, and knowing a thing or two about the Constitution off my own bat.
     As for 'this magazine': I read a variety of materials, from both sides of the political aisle.  But if you want to get the point of view of very strong advocates for the founding principles of the U.S., you can't go much further 'right' than this magazine, in my estimation.
     I also take the monthly 'whistleblower' magazine, from World Net Daily (TNA is a bi-weekly).  They, too, do a good job of reporting on 'conservative' issues.  And I also keep an eye on Common Dreams in my emails, for a liberal perspective on things bling down these days.  And…and……   
     What do I consider myself, politically speaking?
     A seeker of Truth.  Fundamentally speaking.  


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