Friday, 9 November 2012

Big Brother Is Watching YOU...

...And Don't You Forget It.

Item: from Mother Jones:

'Secret Video: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters.'
'When he doesn't know a camera's rolling, the GOP candidate shows his disdain for half of America.' -  by David Corn, Sept. 17

My response (just gone Nov. 9):

kibitzer3 0 minutes ago
Just checking with you, Mother Jones: So you don't believe in a basic human right to privacy, then?  Everything out there, to be picked over by whomsoever??  
If you don't want all of YOUR private moments picked up and spread around, where do you draw the line???  Romney became a public person, so he's fair game; is that it???  Anybody who puts themselves out into the public arena has lost all right to privacy; right????  Full disclosure comes with the territory?????... Just trying to get a handle on where precisely you draw the line on this moral and civil rights issue.    
We are living in dangerous times.  Both the Left and the Right are working each toward their own version of a New World Order, in both of which The People are considered to be sheep to be sheared, cattle to be herded and culled at will.  Kept in line, with surveillance techniques like mobile phones not only tracking one's movements but listening in on his/her private conversations - not even on the phone, but 'live'.  Car license plate recognition cameras, tracking everyone's movements that way.  Land lines tapped.  TVs monitored.1  Drones surveilling whole areas, keeping an eye on everything going on, regardless of such 'quaint' 'ruies of engagement' as the 4th Amendment.2  Smart meters, capable of telling how many people are actually living/staying in the house, and capable of either rationing or completely turning off the power to the house, at the whim/direction of either Big Nanny or Big Brother, depending on whether the Overlord is a socialist or a fascist.  Food-growing being regulated and monitored; in part, with the federal government making sure that a person can't feed others off of the produce of their private plots, under the rationale of 'food safety' laws.  The Big Brother action conducted in association with the attempts to get the populace to 'swing' to GMO foodstuffs; not only because of their secret, and sinister, effects on the human body, but because 'He' can control the food production itself that way...
I could go on.  But need I??
Oh - almost forgot one of the major matters: the little one of guns.3  
Freemen and -women own firearms.  Slaves don't.  They might stage an uprising, on their Masters...
Slaves, subjects, serfs - call them what you will.  They are The People.  These are not categories of citizens that go down well with the average American.
I'm betting.
Let them now stand tall and tell their federal government:



1 I've also heard that new models can listen in to conversations going on in the house.  But that's probably just a conspiracy theory.    
     A lot of those around these days.

2 And of course they can easily be converted into the kind that currently seek out and assassinate 'bad guys' in other parts of the world.  Including American citizens.....and, of course, Tea Party and Ron Paul bumper-sticker types and Militia types and 'Prepper' types are all considered to be 'potential terrorists', or outright terrorists, depending on whom you talk to, in the people-controlling circles of the federal government...and that subjects them to.........a whole heap of trouble.  Including a one-way ticket to a FEMA camp.  Or worse.

Re-elected senator from California Dianne Feinstein is already on record as wanting to engage in some version of gun control.  Watch this space.  Plus, of course, the Obama administration's flirtations with UN Small Arms control...
P.S.  Speaking of Romney's characterization of 47% of the populace being welfare recipients of various kinds - and people like Michael Moore giving him hell for his audacity even to raise the subject: Let me weigh in on that one - a little more than I did in my last blog - to make crystal clear where I personally stand on that sort of subject.  
     Which is to stand with those citizens who are angry about their tax money being spent on keeping 'welfare people' attached to their welfare goodies, by referring to all manner of those goodies as 'entitlements', and thereby creating that sort of mentality in the populace.  I have touched on this subject before, but I don't think I mentioned one aspect of this atrocious situation, which, following on from my comments to 'the Ladies' in my last blog, I would like to do now, for the record.
     So: for the record: 
     'The government' has no business paying females to have babies on the taxpayers' dime - and ESPECIALLY not when many of those taxpayers can't even afford to have their OWN children; and are being responsible citizens, and parents, in not doing so.
     I couldn't believe it when, years ago, I found out that a new welfare policy had come in whereby Single Mothers ('Parents') were, in effect, being paid to have babies.  The rationale seemed to be that they were being supported as Families With Dependent Children; but the reality on the ground was that many single females were creating 'families' in order to get the financial support (& housing, and other goodies, like food stamps; and now even 'Obama phones'!) for having babies to look after.  This outcome should have been anticipated from the beginning - and undoubtedly was, given the likes of what is called the Cloward-Piven Strategy, whereby the welfare system would become so costly that it would collapse the economy/capitalist system, and thereby pave the way for the substitution of socialism.  Neat.  Not.
    These are live people we are talking about, folks on the Left.  Children being born into poverty conditions - and generation after generation of them in the same boat.  Outrageous.
     I do understand that the system has changed, somewhat; and the program is now called 'Temporary Assistance' or some such; and more and more of welfare-type matters (since the Clinton administration; in a bipartisan approach to the welfare 'problem') are being passed down to the individual States to administrate.  So some progress is being made in the right direction with that reform. But the bullet needs to be bitten.  From the federal level, at least: No taxpayers' money to go to any single female who basically wants the baby for the 'income' (and the priority for public housing that goes with the deal) - or just wants to have a child, or children, without having to go to the trouble of putting up with a man, let alone a husband.  And I am aware also that it seems to have become fashionable for lesbians/lesbian couples to want 'the government' to pay for their child, or multiple children...   
     This is madness; is low-consciousness stuff.  It shouldn't be allowed to continue.  No money for Single Mothers to have babies on the taxpayers - period.  Certain legitimate hardship situations after children have already been born can be dealt with, of course (after the person's own family have done what they can to help out; or church, or other public or private institution).  But this business of having 'the government' - whether federal or State - pay for a female to have a child is theft, pure and simple.  
     Charity is a virtue.  Theft is not only a vice.  It is a crime.  And the greatest crime in this matter is that of females bringing children into the world whom they can't take care of properly.
     Help low-income females with contraceptive information and, in the most straightened financial circumstance, materials.  But not one cent for tribute.  
     And make of THAT what you will, Michael Moore & Co..        

P.P.S. In mulling on all this overnight, I realized that I need to balance the 'charge' out a bit.  Let me start with the matter of the 'rise' of the Single Mother phenomenon; which I realize is not due strictly to young females seeing how they can get a 'good deal' out of 'the government' by having babies on the taxpayers' dime.  I understand that  a fair amount of this is due to 'the feminist revolution' - the 'feminist' desire to break down the traditional nuclear family 'meme' so that females can go out of the patriarchal 'trap' of marriage and become independent in life (or at least, more independent).  But how does becoming dependent on the taxpayers serve that purpose???...You who are in that position are, simply, using other people to achieve your ends.  That's not right.  And that governmental policy just creates a welfare class; a culture of dependency.  That's not right.  If you support that sort of mentality: Consider yourself chastised.

And, if you have been using the federal government - i.e. to say, using the taxpayers' money - to further your individual ends to make big bucks up on the other end of town: that's not right either.  You are simply using other people in a different way.  But it's the same mentality; for which: Consider yourself chastised.  And especially because you appear so hypocritical: You don't want the poor scamming the system, but there you are, getting bailouts from 'the government' in order to continue your speculating on other people's money.  How gross.  

(Can't you see how you contribute in a major way to the systemic mentality of 'getting while the getting is good' when you do that??  Yes, the phenomenon of your personal quests promotes economic activity, which is often salubrious for 'the economy'.  But a) often it doesn't pan out that way; and b) it's the consciousness with which your actions takes place that determines the results.  And it is all too clear that often your consciousness in your actions has not been of the highest.
     That is what greed does to one.  And affects others.  Infects others.)     

So there is plenty of blame to go around, as to how we have come to this pass...May we learn as much as we can from it all; before we release it all, as we release money - i.e., interest-bearing money; fractional-reserve banking money - and embark on, move into a New Era for humanity.  Hopefully having learned a fair amount, about ourselves, and others.  On the way to this major Pass, that we are about to enter through.  On our way to a new Heaven, and a new Earth.

Giving ourselves credit, where credit is due...



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