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From The Check-Out Counter

Checkout Counter Item No. 1.

"Excuse me, Madam.  I couldn't help but notice in there that you bought an awful lot of expensive, and non-staple, food and sundry items with food stamps.  And I see that you're getting in an expensive car; and are about to talk on a mobile phone.  I'm just curious: Why do you think that you have a right to other people's money?  What's your thinking process there??" 

And you get rant and rave and rant and rave in belligerent reply; "I'm entitled because of" such-and-such.  And you wait patiently for the explosion to subside.  And then you say, gently:

"That attitude isn't going to get you a ticket to heaven, Madam. It's going to get you thrown right back into a third-dimensional classroom, until you learn a lesson or two; or three, depending on your development of consciousness, of awareness, in other parts of your life."

Checkout Counter Item No. 2.

"Obama won the election'?  How do you know that??" - asked in all Columbo-style deference.1

Let me cut to the chase here.  If you answer that question - of 'Who won the presidential election?' - in that affirmative: With all due respect, what you are actually saying is, that we have been told that Obama won the election.  We don't actually know that.  

My university Philosophy 101 professor said a particularly very interesting thing in class one day.  (I'm sure that he said many; but this one has particularly stood out for me.)  He said that we actually only know what we have personally experienced (and even that can be an iffy proposition; my addition to the insight).  I got hung top briefly on 'buts' (and even used this one as an example to him afterwards, when I 'cornered' him before he disappeared into the dim background of my university days and life): I've never personally been to the South Pacific, but a lot of people,who say they have been there, say that there are islands there.  And the mass of people believe it, because it has been confirmed, over and over again.  And it's on our maps -

Ohh…well; yes: that in and of itself doesn't prove anything

…and 'a lot of people' could be pulling our legs, trying to make us believe that there are islands there.  For whatever reason, or reasons, they may have to do so…

I see, said the young fellow, just starting out in making his way in life:

In this life, there are people who may try to get you to believe in something that they want you to believe in, that isn't necessarily true.   

Example.  'A lot of people' believe that there was a Jew named Jesus who lived in the Palestine area over 2,000 years ago, of humble birth - but with special features attached to it - who did such-and-such, and said such-and-such…

I see.  Point:  Just because 'a lot of people' believe something doesn't  in and of itself make it so.  What makes it so is in itself; not in what 'people' may or may not believe about it; not, to say, what is in their minds about it.  That is, at the best, second-hand info about it - if 'it' even actually happened/existed in the first place.2

And so forth.

And we have had enough experience in life already -  passed on in books, and personal accounts, and so forth - to know that people do try to get you to believe things that aren't true.

Take 9/11, for another example.  And a particularly good one, for the extent of the scam.

We were, and continually have been, told (there's that tipoff word) that such-and-such flights took off at such-and-such times, and they ended up crashing in such-snd-such places.  What if I told you that there is no evidence that those flights that we were told about ever, in point of fact, took off the way we were told they did?  There there was some dummy flight info given to the public to swallow??  That the real passenger jets with those flight numbers were spotted in other places well after the events in NYC and at the Pentagon and at a field in Pennsylvania???  - whatever actually took place in ALL of those locations…

And so on and so on and so on, about that caper. That outrage, in far more ways than one.

Look up these sorts of questions and issues about 'the truth about 9/11'.  And then cross-reference it all; and always: Consider your sources.   (Does somebody have a dog in that fight??  Etc. etc.)

Don't take my word for it; but my conclusion, after a lot of reading and watching videos on the subject, is that the public was and has been fed a pack of lies about 9/11.  Including what actually brought those buildings down.3  

It's time, ladies and gentlemen, that we stopped buying into the fairy tales that we have been told by our erstwhile Keepers, and started looking at the actual facts of matters squarely.  And especially about this fairy tale conjured up around 9/11.  For that is precisely what that caper was: a fairy tale, about a big bad wolf named Osama bin Laden. who had nothing to do with 9/11.  9/11 was a way to best America embroiled in 'a New Pearl Harbor' in theMiddle Easts, in order to further the political interests old the state of Israel, and therefore of the NeoCons in the Bush II administration, and of various power-elite players, for money-making and people-control purposes.  

About whom the Truth is about to be outed.  Because we are about to have the separation of the sheep from the goats, as it were.  To use a phrase from a source that is good for some things; if not the literal truth of others.        



1 I realize that I'm talking to a new generation, who may well not know who Columbo was.  He was a scruffily-dressed and ambling-gaited homicide detective on TV in the '70s ('rumpled', he was often described), who had a 'schtick' of acting very humble about information he received from prospective suspects, and in that offhand style, would catch them out; week in and week out.  He was so successful in his act that I often wondered why all the prospective bad guys in his neck of the woods didn't just up sticks and try their luck in some other part of town…(I jest.)

2 As for 'the Jesus story': just to wrap this example up, of what you can actually believe about something.  Shortly after my little epiphany during my Philosophy course, I had another, larger one - what I describe as 'a spiritual experience' - that caused me to drop out of school and go searching for Truth with a capital T.  My quest shortly took me (from the West Coast) to New York City, to spend time in what I figured was 'the largest public library in the Western world'.  I read all I could get my hands on in that library regarding 'spiritual' matters -  all the books of all of the religions; Theosophy; Ouspensky;  Krishnamurti; Spiritualism; William James's 'Varieties of Religious Experience'; books on meditation - the lot.  And including some books, mostly by German scholars, on the origins of Christianity; which opened my eyes to the truth of the seed that my university philosophy professor planted in me: that you can't belief something is true just because others believe it is.  Well, you can believe it.  But you can't know it.  
     It also helped me take to heart something that my freshman English lecturer told me once.  When I had decided to drop out of school (at the end of my third year), and go searching for capital-t Truth, because I had gotten close to the man (he encouraged me in my writing) I let him know about it (by letter; he had moved on to another university by that time).  He replied, in part, with a quote from some Central American writer/phiiosopher, that I have never forgotten, it impacted me so; to wit: 
     'Of all sure things, the surest is to doubt.'
     The world's scam artists have had a hard time putting one over on me.  I had a good grounding, from my university days, in being on the lookout for such things.  If they did nothing else for me, that would be enough, for those halcyon days spent in academe, before hitting the world scene proper, and its hard knocks.
     Oh - and as for 'the Jesus story'; a bit of advice, from my reading, and life experience:
     Nobody is going to save us; and least of all from ourselves.  We need to save ourselves.   That's what the whole life thing is all about.  And is what the new dispensation is all about: For us all to claim our Christhood, in a word; as a part of now knowing, and owning, that We Are All One.
     It's time for a New World.  Let's inherit it. 

3 A hint: Check out Dr. Judy Wood's book 'Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11'.   And for other aspects of that caper, check out in particular Jim Fetzer's site Scholars for 9/11Truth.  Eyeopener stuff, all.  

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