Monday, 26 November 2012

Release and Recovery

I have been deep in a cold the last few days, am slowly coming out the other side.  I have chosen to take it as a cleansing and purifying - and especially at this time; with major Change upon us all - and hope to look with more discernment at all that I put in my body from here on out.  (Not that I don't eat well, in the main; and avoid fluoride as much as I can; etc.  But I have a weakness for ice cream, and I know that all the chemicals they put in everything these days can't be good for our bodies, as hard as we try to 'read the fine print'.  That will be a big one to release.  And I am talking about 'release' in this blog, as well.)

Perhaps because of my energy thus having been at a low ebb, I feel that irritation at all the misspellings and poor grammar, etc. etc. that I see on the Comments threads on articles on the Internet have been playing especial havoc on me, with my patience setting set to very low.  I don't know what has been going on in this country for years in its educational institutions - well; yes, I do know.  And it ain't been good.

I have been taking all of the spelling errors and such as a metaphor for life, and all of the falling away from standards that have been going on - ironically (or not; perhaps only from my limited vision on such things) now, as we approach Ascension, and the energy, the energetic aura, thereof.  Perhaps, then, it is all but an example, a reflection of a general breaking down of the old going on.  Rather than simply an example - as I say, a metaphor - of how many people - or rather, to be more precise, their souls - have not learned all their lessons yet.   But the caravan moves on, as they say.  And we are all faced with a deadline.

And a dead line for many things, of a 3D nature.

Take poverty.

There is some value in the phenomenon of poverty.  On the one hand, it gives the opportunity for people - as I say, souls - to open their hearts and experience the giving of loving charity; and on the other, it allows for the experience of want, lack, and the kindness of strangers.  They are both lesson learners, and soul developers.  But now, the time for the lower grades of the spiritual school are over - for those who are able to make the grade.  And they start from a higher default setting.  I say 'they', because I may well tarry awhile (although that, too, may merely be a reflection of my current state of low energy), and help out on this level, to get more of the late bloomers to join the parade up the stairway to the heavens.  If that turns out to be the case; for the rest of you, now moving onward and upward, a word: Well done.  See you back Home again; if not before.

And for the rest of you; who are merely 'us' in a different disguise, from your true Selves, I say: You really need to get your act (literally) together, and try a little harder.  'We' - your brothers and sisters on The Path; and our cousins from other parts of the galaxy, and other whole dimensions - can help you.  But the effort needs to come, basically and primarily, from you.

So, don't look outside of yourselves for your answers.  

And now I really do need to get some more rest.

What a bug.

And under my bonnet, too...  

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