Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Yes We Can - The Right Way

To the People of America I would say that what you now need to do is to back a leader who will say something like the following.

To The American People:

You have spoken, in a great national political contest, about your immediate future.  It is a shame that there is so much evidence to indicate voting theft and systemic fraudulence that that voice cannot be trusted to be a clearer indication of your Will.  However, the broad parameters of that Will can be identified.  There is the loud voice that says that the very rich don't seem to have heard the rest of the populace very well, in that portion of the body politic's disgust with the excesses and seeming indifference to their plight of the financial Elite in the country (and internationally, in such as job-relocating multinationals).  And from the other side of the political aisle, roughly speaking, there came the voice, again roughly speaking, of the Middle Class, that said that they are sick and tired of carrying the weight of those who have become net takers in the society, rather than net givers; who are taking advantage of the governmental structures put in place basically to aid those who are in temporary need of a hand, and beginning to look for a hand out rather than a hand up - that a culture of 'entitlement' has pervaded the country, and needs to stop, and especially with the terrible debt that the country has taken on.  And so forth, in various permutations of what seems sometimes to take on the feel of class warfare.

I don't want here to address the entire picture of the political scene in the country.  I wish here to address just one part of it, going to the overlying issue of morality.  And specifically, to the current leadership of the Democrat Party, and many of its supporters, who have an agenda that is not, strictly speaking, for 'the little guy,' whom that political party has long been associated with in American politics.  It is an agenda the intention of which is to take over the country - and the entire world - in the name of a socio-econo-political ideology.  An ideology that leaves the Larger Picture of Life out of the equation; that leaves the very Plan in and Purpose to Life out of the picture.  And which, if implemented, would undercut the very reason for the American experiment in self-governance, and individual responsibility, and leave it in the dust bin of history.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: There are socialists and outright Communists - not just secular humanists with good intentions - on that side of the political debate who are leading you 'right' into their lair.  They have made 'a long march through the institutions,' as their literature describes their takeover strategy, and their goal is now within their grasp: to turn the United States of America into but a part of a region of their New World Order, of a massive state enterprise, designed for controlling all aspects of the lives of the people of the planet to within an inch of their lives.  You are about to have your various 'colors' nailed to that mast, whether that is your intention or not.

Be careful about what you are about to do.  You are about to surrender to, and support with your soul, the dark Forces of this dimension.  Are you sure - absolutely certain - that that's what you want to do?  If so, then you have the right to.  And that's all the rights you will have left.1

I urge you: Don''t listen to their siren song.  But it's your choice.  As it has always been.

Up to this point, in time.

But now, you are faced with the biggest choice of your soul's 3rd dimensional lives.  My advice: Don't blow this Opportunity, to ascend.  Or you will have to come back - again and, possibly, again - to this sort of illusory arena.2  I say 'this sort of' such an arena, for dualistic experiences - i.e., for giving one choices to make in a context of seeming Dark and Light - because this planet - Gaia; this live Being, that has been our home away from Home, to act out our dramas on - is ascending with us.  Or rather, more accurately, we are ascending with Her.  And so you would have to carry out your 'penance', as it were - your karma; your momentary setback, in the school of soul development - on another planet.

But that's another story.  This one stops here.

Welcome to the biggest choice that you will ever have - soft 'v' - and have - hard 'v' - to make.  We are literally on the edge of a New Era for Humanity.  A New World.  That part of the mantrum of a New World Order is correct, alright.  Although that one is all about Force and coercion.  The real New World Order - a quantum leap in energy and its consciousness component - is all about Love and cooperation.  I repeat: Choose well.

And I'lll see you on the other side of your decision.  Either way.  For you are all My People.  And I am in You.  As You are in Me.  Wayward aspects and all.  Spots that need a little searing off with Light energy, to clear us for takeoff.

And for those who still need a little more than just a bit of searing Grace, need a little more seasoning in 3rd dimension experience: We will both have the support of those Lightworkers, and Lightbearers, who choose to lend a hand to their fellow brothers and sisters, to help them up to the next rung on the ladder of the stairway to the heavens.

But that's all in the future; albeit the very near future.  For now, we have work to do, right in front of us: to start with the establishment of a level of civilization that will be a true reflection of the best that we souls involved in our Earthian history came up with; for our own growth and satisfaction, and as a beacon of Light to other civilizations on other planets, helping, perhaps - to those behind us on the spiritual evolutionary ladder - to light their way to the highest potential of how it can be done, even in the density of 3rd dimensional circumstances and consciousness.

So: Yes, indeed; as the call has been put out:

We Can Do It.  But it needs to be done in the proper way.  With Love, and in alignment with The Path that a loving Creator has chosen for us, for the accomplishment of our ultimate mission, our ultimate goal: to return Home.  In Unity, with the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.  Hallowed be the Name of The Ineffable One, behind all our illusory forms, of races, and religions, and nationalities, in the lower grades of this school we are in, and the lower 'form' that we are about to graduate out of, as most of us head to graduate school, and the first 'year' thereof.  A resplendent year (by all accounts); just waiting in the wings, for us to walk off the stage of history that we have been acting out our various parts on, and are now about to have our cast party.

Enjoy the Term Break.  And then let us begin, as One, into the next stage of our Ascension into the furthest reaches of the Creation in which we live and move and have our being - ever towards Total Unity.

So Be It - and Us.



1 Could I be wrong?  Yes.  But I'm happy with where I'm at, feeling right about it.  And I'll stick with this hand.

2 Illusory, because it is not permanent; is simply a matrix.  A projection, in which to act out our karmic debts, and learn lessons from the play.      

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