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On Not Suffering Fools Gladly

(from 2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?' - '30 States...
…Pick Up Reigns on GMO Labeling Initiative After Prop. 37 Defeat' -  Nov. 14  (article itself by Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer for Waking Times)

Got a little perturbed today, by this blindly passionate follower of Obama.  Definitely lost my cool.  Can hardly wait for the Change to come through; before I totally lose it, in the heat-up to the end of history - the last Act playing itself out to an inconclusive conclusion, because 3D life just keeps going on, regardless of whenever the Director says, 'Okay, that's enough rehearsal.  We've had our Time.  We're now going to go out of the theater and go for the Real Thing.'
'But - but - ' some of the actors on the stage will say.  'I'm really into this part.'  

And the raven off-stage will croak, simply: 'Nevermore.'  And that will be the end of that.    

Roberto says:
First step is PAPER BALLOTS.
THEN you get a fair vote. That result smelled like manipulation.
We the people are incensed and up in arms. Romney and his fellow bullies and rapacious allies in congress will bully us until we stand up and take our rights back. They have no sense of ethics or fair play. To them an election is just a chance to gain more power and control over the people and suppress the people further.
Do not make the mistake in thinking that the Elite, or the cabal, or conspirators or whatever you choose to call them, are just people like us. They aren’t. They have sworn their loyalty to a satanic god – power, greed, murder, cheat lie, steal, war, do whatever is necessary to achieve their criminal aims.
Let us tackle the first priority. Use our power to put the issues on the ballot is a great idea, but without paper votes that can be counted we know the hoodlums will rig the machines, after all they own them.
Raise a ruckus and get paper votes on a proposition, then you’ll know what happened.
This way many people put their life blood into the campaign for the truth and the cabal hacked the machines and transferred the votes where they wanted them. That’s demoralizing. But that’s the kind of enemy you are fighting out and out criminals with no conscience and no moral standards.

We have to wake up and be aware of who the enemy is and exactly how they think, and then cut off their crooked solutions. They have repeatedly shown that they cannot be trusted. Don’t reason with them and don’t compromise with them.

Whether you realize it or not you are in a war for your life and your freedom and the life and freedom of future generations. And YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

If you truly want to know what they are trying to achieve go to and read daniel’s articles.

then download: girlhopehow to fix the world.
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  • kibitzer3 says:
    November 15, 2012 at 3:25 am
    Paper ballots? A fair vote; votes transferred where ‘they’ wanted them; “crooked solutions”??? I was really with you, Roberto; until I found out that you were talking about the Republicans. Not the Democrats. Who stole the national election, by many many reports starting to come in from all over the country, about massive voter fraud.

  • Be careful who you point your finger at, Roberto. You might find yourself pointing at ‘yourself’.

  • But I do agree with you, that it’s time to stop all this nonsense, and start moving into the new consciousness. I have no trouble in joining you there.

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    • Roberto says:
      November 15, 2012 at 6:03 pm
      I am referring to the monied interests. If you voted for Romney, you obviously don’t know his real history and deep, deep connections to drugs and white slavery.

    • Or, if you know his real history and where he made his fortune, then you agree that that a criminal has a right to rule others. Had R been elected, which was the plan, we would have been at war with Iran at the first opportunity. That was made blatantly obvious by his close relationship with the murderous psychopath from Israel, who is not supporting his people. His warmongering and ruthless slaughtering of his Palestinian prisoners tells you point blank where he stands. 

    • Jean ran an excellent recently about the large number of Zionists in extremely powerful government positions. O is not perfect, I don’t expect him to be, but he is doing his best surrounded by a bunch of viperous Zionists who do everything they can to stop him from doing the constructive things that he promised.
      I say give him a chance but back him up with People written propositions. But before that can be effective we must have paper ballots. 

    • The “many, many reports” you quote are not backed up by “where”. Generalities like that convince me it’s plain, old fashioned DISINFO. 

    • If you truly want to move into the “new Consciousness” you need to inform yourself better on what is going on in your world and why and how it came to be this way – and then do something constructive to change it. 

    • Republicans, lead by Rove, are sore losers who just lost their $3 billion investment. It went up in smoke. Where did most of that money come from – crime syndicates. Track it down. Even with their skimming votes, which has already been established as a proven fact, the Republicans, even they own most of the voting machines, could not skim over a certain % or it would be noticed.
      We asked for some extra help… to police the machines. apparently not enough protection was placed on that proposition in California. Daniel’s reports explain the role the criminals who Monsanto play in the new world order scheme. 

    • People come to this site for info, not for bullshit!

    • I bless you brother, may you find the truth that you seek.

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    • kibitzer3 says:
      November 15, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    • You’re not getting where I’m coming from. Yes, there’s dark stuff behind Romney. (And no, I didn’t vote for him.) But there is also dark stuff – a lot of it – behind Obama. But the bottom line behind him anyway, is that he is illegally occupying that honorable office. Yes, it has been tarnished, by the likes of Bush II. But America has never been so close to a despotic Dear Leader taking it over as it is under this current Occupier; this Usurper.

    • Running a list for those to be targeted for assassination by drone?? Which then included the 16-year-old son of another target – an American, deprived of his Constitutional rights; and the son, who was no member of al-Qaeda, was no ‘inspiration’ for terrorism, had not gone ‘operational’, or any other rationale for his takeout. Eliminated, because our erstwhile Dear Leader decided it to be so. Talking about a Stalin…

    • I’m not going to do your homework for you regarding all the extensive reports coming in, from all over the country, through the Internet, on massive voter fraud by Obama’s minions. It’s all there, for anyone with eyes to see. I’m just going to say two things to you. No. 1: the presence in your eye of a telescope on Romney’s faults is masking for you the microscope in your eye on Obama’s. And no. 2: Don’t lecture me on finding “the truth that (I) seek”. I’ve been seeking the Truth for years and years and years – probably more years, in this lifetime, than you have even lived. And I don’t let my personal political or other preferences stop me.

    • And I would suggest that you do the same.


      ...and things do move on:

      From 2012/'Real' Truth's posting today of the video (and text) of Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress of Nov. 14:

      2 Responses to Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress, November 14, 2012 – thanks to S.
      1. Anna says:
        Hi Jean,
        I just wanted to pass this on…according to Mr. Keshe’s post on his forum, the United States has accepted the invitation to receive the plasma spaceship technology. The exchange (via USB stick) was made between the director of the Keshe Foundation and a senior officer of the US Embassy yesterday.
        Things may really move fast now…or so we can intend! :D
      2. kibitzer3 says:
        Thank you very much for posting this, Jean.
        Listening to Ron, I was reminded of some wise words from 2500 years ago, from another sage. This, from Lao Tzu: ‘The more rules and laws, the more thieves and robbers.’
        When I first came across this quote, as a young man, it took me a while to get it. In my doddering years now, I can say that, in the course of my long life, I have seen the wisdom of this observation acted out over and over and over again.
        Thanks for having been there, in that House of The People, Paul; and for so long.
        We may get ‘it’ yet.


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