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It's Time For Something New...

…The Right Way

A couple of themes in particular have emerged into my awareness from the Internet recently.  One has to do with the emergence of socialism in the American psyche - as exemplified by the rise of Obama, and his brand of politics, including the end-justifies-the-means meme; and the other has to do with the rise of homosexuality, and its influence on societal structures.  And the two impulses are related.  I'd like to look at this associated phenomenon for a moment.

First, the rise of (the mentality of) socialism in America - the stronghold of 'individualism' in the world; the rugged frontiersman, and all that.  Which bred such fantastic results, in the rise of 'western civilization' - the Industrial Revolution, and all that.  The ability to reap great financial results from one's individual efforts.  Which also bred, in its wake, a lot of poverty; and the consequent rise of a societal tension between the owner class and the worker class.  I won't go into all that here; I just want to lay the groundwork for where I do want to go.  Which is to today; and the face-off, in this country, and the world, between those who 'have' and those who 'want' - between those who have a lot, and those who want more; both camps mesmerized by all the material goodies available in the modern world.  And this, of course, brings strife.  

Of various kinds.  For example, it is not just a matter of the envy of the 'have less' that is involved, or the gluttony and greed of the 'have more and want even more' .  It is as well the damage being wreaked on the planet; particularly by the wealthy, in seeking even more material affluence, but also by the other classes of society, in wanting a larger portion of that desirable-looking pie.  And individuals in each class of society are, more and more, speaking out for our mother Earth (and, to some, Gaia, a living being).  And so what has arisen is a desire, in various quarters, and for various reasons, for control.  Major control.  

Major people control.

Many in the 'upper' class have their version of this, in a New World Order suited to their tastes; which I will get to in a moment.  But for now, I want to look at this impulse coming from further down the social-class line; into that sub-class there that believes in the Marxist, or even Marxist-Leninist, approach to social life.  The 'more fair' class.  The 'social justice' class.  Well, lel's call 'it' what 'it' is: the 'redistribution of wealth' class.  To the point, not just of the monetary factor in 'people control'.  But in all aspects of that agenda.

Case in point.  A portion of a thread that I got involved in, first in observing the comments to the story - as is my wont; to keep abreast of the thinking going in the (mostly)American psyche - and then in dropping a 'kibitzing' contribution into the pot (as is also, often, though not always, my wont).  The story was about the current federal government's push - the Obama government - for greater people control, in wishing to monitor ALL electronic communications in the body politic.  Not just those for which they have obtained a warrant.  I'll let a few comments on the thread tell the story. 

From the western journalism site, story titled 'Feds Will Soon Be Able To Read Your Email' - Kris Zane - Nov. 21  
(Re; HR 2471, heading for Sen. Patrick Leahy's Judicial Senate Committee, to be voted on Nov. 29th.  Sen. Leahy reportedly "has rewritten this electronic 'privacy' bill to instead allow the Feds, local law enforcement, and literally any local or federal entity to read any electronic communication…without a warrant.")  
Got your attention yet, folks???

powellady says:
I do not put anything in my emails that I care if they read.
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  • Debra Smith says:
    November 21, 2012 at 5:33 pm
    That is wise.

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  • kibitzer2 says:
    November 21, 2012 at 11:53 pm
    That is really not the point, powellady. The point is that the nation is being turned away from the basic presumption of innocence into a police state, where you are presumed guilty until you prove your innocence. The American federal government should never be given this sort of power over The People. It is an insult to their sovereignty, making them - once again – a subject; in this case, to the state, rather than to the monarch. Same difference, in principle.

  • Fight it with all your might. Don’t presume that you’re safe, just because you never say anything in your emails ‘that you care if they read’. Don’t allow yourself to be forced to slink around in the shadows. That’s their MO – that they’re now trying brazenly to come out from, and on to center stage, and run the whole shooting match. 

  • Which it is quite likely to become literally, if they keep getting their way, and people like you think that you’re safe from their ‘prying eyes’, just because you ‘play it safe’ in your formerly private, now to be public, email communications. 

  • It’s a matter of principle. Don’t give them an inch. Or they’ll take a mile. Because that’s what ‘they’ do. As in tyrants, and the tyrannically minded.


Violating or Constitution again. When and how can we stop this from happening.
I’m one very angry American
  • NOBAMA2012 says:
    November 21, 2012 at 3:59 pm
    A revolution is just about the only way to put an end to it. Everything else has been about exhausted. The WH, Holder and the DOJ, and Congress don’t listen to “We the People”. They do what they want and what benefits them at the expense of “We the People’s” money, freedoms, liberties and rights.
    America has a virus and it needs scanned for spyware, viruses needs to be quarantined and system needs to be rebooted to default settings and start over.

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    • kibitzer2 says:
      November 22, 2012 at 12:12 am
      “America has a virus and it needs scanned for spyware, viruses needs [sic] to be quarantined and system needs to be rebooted to default settings and start over.”

    • Very well put, NOBAMA2012.

    • It helps to have something to smile about sometimes, these dark days…

So: the socialist-minded in our midst want people control for people control's sake.  Not just to help themselves to a larger piece of the federal government's tax-money pie - or, for the real socialists among them, i.e., the communists, to go to an all-out command economy, which decrees that everybody will have the same level of income.  From 'the state'.  Because life is fairer that way.  The principle of Equality, and all that.  And therefore, no envy is created in the populace.  Everybody is equal; in the eyes of the state.

And in other eyes???……

…and now I begin to segue to the other theme I referred to, at the top of this article.  Which is for society to move to a 'stage' where the state takes over the raising of the children; and how to bring that more 'ideal' state of affairs about.  But first, a comment on the ethics of socialism - the ethics of this whole impulse towards more and more people control.  Resulting in the crowning in human affairs of the 'principle' that the end justifies the means.  

A lot of leftists (and whether they are themselves religious or not; remember the ''principle' I cited just above), in attempting to justify their 'politics', cite Jesus as their great example.  My comment to them (my sort of Epistle to the Americans):

Jesus - if he even ever existed (which there is scant actual evidence for; but according to the 'scriptures' in place about him/Him) - was NOT a socialist.  Your godman never commanded you to take from others.  He encouraged you to give to others; out of Love.  Force - as in some people voting themselves money out of other people's pockets - was never part of the New Testament deal.  

It's part of a political (New) Deal.  But not a spiritual one.  And you would do well to discern the difference, for your soul's sake - for your 'salvation', if you think of spiritual progress in those terms.  Because you are responsible for your own soul's development.  No one else is.  You will be judged on your own merits.  Because you will be the judge OF your own merits.  In a life review, on the other side of the veil between the realms.  And thus, your spiritual progress is up to you. No one, or nothing, else.  

And I won't go further into all that.  Just to say, that I recognize that there are a lot of atheists who want this socialist sort of state control over people for purely materialistic reasons.  But - and since many of them are very scientific-minded, and 'thus' reject anything to do with 'other-worldism' - they would do well to catch up with the science that is coming out these days, in this sort of area.  To say: the evidences for more dimensions than just this physical, 3rd-dimension one...But that's for another time.  As in, my blog time.  Very much not as in 'time' time.  Which is where we are at, in our time.  But to continue…

…to the concluding 'set' in this thought offering.  The one about 'homosexuality'.  I'll enter here a recent blog thread on the subject that I commented on, and then make further comment on at the end.  

The thread was to an article on World Net Daily on lesbian moms; entitled 'Lesbian Parents: Now 'Better' Than Moms, Dads?' by Joseph Farah (editor and CEO of wnd) on 20 Nov.  People were engaging in heated exchanges on the subject of lesbianism/lesbian parenting in particular and homosexuality in general, and with a lot of Bible quoting and perspective, and reaction thereto,  involved.  I couldn't resist entering the fray, with a sigh:

kibitzer3   (eve of 20 Nov.)
I am saddened at how long it is taking for the truth about homosexuality to come out into the public arena, for more people to understand its roots.
Homosexuality - and other 'abnormal' sexual forms - is based on the the level of various hormones in the womb at a particular, early stage of fetal development, thus affecting the brain's structure.  Hence, a male brain can be 'wired' into a female (genetic) body, and vice versa, and every 'abnormal' stage in between on a spectrum of results; like trannies.  The hormone levels can be affected by a number of causes.  One is an abnormality in either the developing fetus's, or the mother's, adrenal glands.  Another is the effect of endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics in the environment, from pollution including plastics.  Another is the effects of stress on the pregnant female (it is known that more homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars, e.g.).  But perhaps the biggest 'sin' = factor, in our 'modern' day and age, is the effect of drugs like barbiturates on the developing fetus, via the subsequent skewed hormonal levels of the mother. (Blame the allopathic medical profession for that one, for not being more on top of the research.) 
Thus, the real 'moral' factor here is the slowness of humanity to clean up its act regarding the environmental effects on developing fetuses.  Yes, some homosexuals can carry their reactions to their conditions, and to others's responses, to 'unpopular' lengths. (Unfortunately also to suicide; or crimes to others.)  But it is no wonder that so many children are so unsure about their 'gender identity' these days: society has failed them, in its awarenesses; or to say, the lack thereof.
Homosexuality is 'old' because stress is old.  Yes, it's 'abnormal'.  But not to the extent that, say, Muslims, and fundamentalist Christians, make it out to be.  
A little more light, and a little less heat, would go a long way in getting to the root - the causal level - of this matter.
There's also the matter of karma, and reincarnational consequences.  But that's definitely for another discussion.  In the meantime: a bit of understanding, folks.  We're talking about human beings here; and it could be about any one of us.               

(among a number of responses; from 21 Nov.:)

This is BS... God does not make mistakes. A person chooses a particular lifestyle (in this case homosexuality, transvestitism, etc. etc.). As a result of that and other sins opposite God, "He" turned these people over to a reprobate mind. the person did not do it to himself other than via his/her own sins 'resulting' in God's action. What do you think "reprobate" means? It means that a person is in such a status that he has no moral compass and is loosed to commit the sins that he is so accustomed to... and more.
It is is written, "Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed".  (James 1:14)  But you say, "Homosexuals are the way they are because blah blah blah blah.  Therefore, the responsibility for the way they are doesn't lie with them."  That about about sum up what you said?  Better you be saddened by the depth of your own deception...

Replying to lahnew
Sorry, friend.  Just reporting on a lot of research on the subject.  A particularly good source in that regard that I have come across is the book 'BrainSex' by Ann Moir, Ph.D  and David Jessel.  They summarize a considerable amount of the research on the subject.

As far as quotes from the Bible go.  There is some good 'food for thought' scattered in its pages.  But again, research on the matter is recommended; and will show in this instance - to the true seeker of Truth - that The Bible is a faulty source of information, put together by men.  

A good source of information in THAT regard, in particular regarding what is called the New Testament, is the summarizing research by Acharya S entitled 'The Christ Conspiracy', subtitled 'The Greatest Story Ever Sold'.  

Some people don't like to look into this sort of thing; among them, those who think that 'God' wouldn't lead people astray.  I agree with that sentiment.  It is not the Creator - our Source - the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be - that has led people astray.  It is men; who have been given free will, and have perverted the gift.

That is the REAL 'perversion' in this matter, of homosexuality, and its roots.  Its TRUE roots.    
It's time - and nearly past - to get with the 'program', regarding spiritual evolution.  We have important work to be about in that regard.  We should not be wasting our energy in such human debates as this one.  Tempus fugit.   
  • Post as kibitzer3   [1am, 22 Nov.]

The fray is undoubtedly continuing there; but I need to move on.  And wish to make comment on one aspect in particular of this ''revolution'.  That has to do with the role of the family in human affairs; and specifically, the role of the father of the children in their upbringing.  For them, yes; for a number of reasons and purposes.  But I wish to concentrate herein on that role for the father himself.

Fatherhood is the most civilizing influence there is for males to experience.  You take that away, in this modern 'feminist' push for female 'emancipation', female 'autonomy' - to the point of raising children without a father; or 'father' influence, on the child(ren) and on the male himself - and you take away a major factor in the social glue that binds people together in societies, rather than merely in ragged bands of individuals.  So I am 'against' lesbianism to that extent, in that sense; but also for a further factor, as alluded to above: since it is the masculinizing of their brains that is causing so much of this 'female lib' stuff going on these days.  Their brains cause them to want to be like the males - out and doing things; taking charge in and of things; all the things that males do - because their brains are wired like a male's.  

And that, as I say, is causing societal breakdown.  And needs to be corrected.  That is to say: that pernicious environmental effect on the female brain needs to be corrected; and the impulse for so many females today to 'get out of the house' (instead of making it a home) - to get out of the child-nurturing role, which nature has assigned to the female of the species - will follow suit.

If that attitude is considered 'regressive,' or 'reactionary,' or 'old-fashioned' - so be it.  But it's the healthy attitude in the matter.      

And having said all this: I also understand where some of this structure-breaking impulse is coming from; since humanity is verging on a breakthrough into a new paradigm - a higher dimension of existence; of consciousness; where this sort of thing is dealt with differently, with our beginning to move beyond the bounds of the human vessel, and into that new level of being.  And that realm, that level of consciousness, is beginning to bleed through into our current, 3D one.1

So, that's some of 'it'.  But there is also the matter of learning lessons here, before we make that transition.  And to clean up our environmental act is one of those lessons: that we take responsibility for our actions.  For what we cause.  

Perhaps the key lesson of them all.

A closing word, bridging my final thought on all this, for now.  Which has to do with the other side of the homosexual coin.  Not the heterosexual side; the male side of the homosexual spectrum.

Many homosexual males seem to be rather proud of their 'condition'.  Or to say, have learned to own 'it' - the way they feel - and are glad finally to be 'out' - of the societal box that they have been forced to occupy, been placed in for so very long.  But I wonder how many of them realize that 'they' are the result of some intentional societal engineering.  On the part of some very powerful people, who have created their numbers, for a reason: to cut the population.  

Which is why nothing - much - has been done to counter the (so-called side) effects of various drugs prescribed to pregnant females; especially in a particular, early stage of pregnancy: to catch the developing fetus's brain in 'their' (the controlling elite's) net.  Plus, nothing - much - being done to clean up the (so-called side) effects of various plastics, polluting the environment, and causing brain-bending, from their chemicals.  Bending towards skewing 'traditional' sexuality, and thus - hopefully - cutting the population numbers that way, also.  So that many homosexual males are not, in 'coming out', being true so much to themselves.  As they are 'being true to' the erstwhile Masters in and of this realm.

And a closing word on that category of human.

The Powers That Be have caused this societal-collapse process, as fallout from their 'well-meaning' (sick) attempts to slow down populating growth.  They wish fertility to be curtailed.   For the sake of the planet, and the planet's carrying capacity;.  They say.2  But it's also for their interest in, desire for, people control.  

People, to them, are merely economic integers, in their scheme for a New World Order, wherein the only people they want are people who are of economic value to them; are of service to the (all-powerful) state.  Producers of wealth - for them; and enough to keep their subjects - their bought-off 19% - relatively happy.  And the rest of 'the people' are considered 'useless eaters'.

I've read some of 'their' literature; and 'their' down-the-line, 'futuristic' thinking is that  what current trends of technology will produce is a 20:80 society, wherein 20% of the populace will be of benefit to the Controllers/controller class (excuse me; to 'society'), and the rest, well…that's life, in a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest world.

We do need to clean up our act, in terms of the quality of life, and living in harmony with Gaia.  But in a humane way.  A loving way.  An inclusive way.  Not a way that produces low-consciousness results.

Been there.  Done that.  No thanks.

It's time for something new, alright.

But totally new.



1 And it's the same with the current 'standoff' between socialism and capitalism.  Those forms will be superseded (i.e., going to the 'Synthesis' stage of the evolutionary process), as we move into the new paradigm, which 'acknowledges' elements of both: the importance, and honoring, of the individual on the one hand; and the feeling of 'flow' between people on the other, rather than via 'contracts', of debtor/debtee, taxpayer and taxtaker, buyer and seller; etc. etc.  It's all in the consciousness.  Not to 'give' or to 'receive'; but to share and share alike.  Out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Not out of simply a materialistic desire to organize society for 'the common good'.  Communism tried that; and millions perished in their 'good-intentioned' experiment.  Because it was based on a flawed concept: that people will be 'good' without a good reason to be.  A meaningful reason to be.  Or they will be pummeled into submission to The (human) Plan by the all-powerful state.  Where, perforce, Force rules the society.  Not Love.
     Shift 'up' a notch, and the true answer to our social 'structuring' begins to appear.  Which involves a little of both stages of the evolutionary process.  And thereby, can we progress to a new level.  To say:
     When there is Abundance - by living in harmony with the Divine plan - there is no need to ration, and therefore hold onto the concept of private property.  There is only Us, experiencing life - creation - on a higher level.  And at that point. that degree, that level of consciousness, the concept of individual nations - and their borders - can disappear as well.
     Not before.
     First things first.
     And America will have served her purpose: for helping humanity get to Synthesis; and not stay stuck on a lower level of consciousness.  Of awareness, of what Life is all about.  As we sparks of Divinity 'turn the corner,'  and start Our return Home.

2 After all, it's their home.  The only one they know; have any inclination of.  Apart from Mars.  Or going underground here; waiting out the fallout from a nuclear exchange, designed into being, in order to cull the mass of the 'useless eaters' above.
     What's that you say?  Another level of reality?  A higher level of reality??…Don't be daft.  And besides, this one is just fine.  I'm at home here…  
        What?  Reincarnation??  'We are One Another; and thus, We Are One'???  You are still being daft.  And anyway, look at what good a belief in reincarnation did to the Indians.  The East Indians, that is.  Well; maybe to the American Indians too, for all I know.  Same difference.  Do you really want to live in that sort of society??  With fleas,and all that?  Hey - you might come back as a flea, ha ha!  
     What?  I'm being silly.  What about you, mastermind.  Go peddle your crap somewhere else.  I'm one of the top dogs here, and what I say, goes.  You got that?
     - No.  No more of this conversation.  I'm outta here.  Before the real feces hits the fan…So long, sucker.  Don't take any wooden nickels.  Especially the ones with an Indian on 'em.  Ha ha!
     What?  Love.   What's love got to do with anything????????????………………………    

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