Sunday, 11 November 2012

War In Heaven

A number of channelers these days are getting positive messages about Barack Obama being a high spiritual being destined to lead humanity into a Golden Age.  I beg to differ; and got some 'guidance' of my own to that effect.  I received this message just after 2am this morning.

"To the soul occupying the man currently occupying the office of the presidency of the United States of America, I say: I don't know precisely who you are, or who you represent.  But I Am Limitless Love and Truth; and I say, You do not represent Me or My Realm.  And I Am sent into this battle to call on you to vacate that office forthwith; and let the idea and the nation of America show her true colors, as the bastion of Liberty and Equality, as an ensign unto the nations, for the highest way for souls to live: in alignment with their highest ideals and principles.  Not their lowest.  

"Too many souls this day are living with smirks in their hearts and minds, for having accomplished little deeds of darkness.  I say that such darknesses, as little as they may appear on the surface, have no place in My Kingdom.  

"Snickers and smirks: You do not inherit My Kingdom with such colorations in your hearts, and auras.  I won't have it.  To that man leading Humankind in that sort of direction, I say:

"Stand Down.

"You have no place in the authentic New Kingdom, of the New Heaven, and the New Earth.

"It is a New Time.  We together have better, higher work to do, than to be caught up in such childish behavior.  

"Consider yourself chastised, O Man of such Dark ways.  And as I say, and reiterate:

"Stand Down.

"You have, in any event, lost the allegiance of those for whom you would have been their Commander in Chief.  You have dishonored the office.  You must now Stand Down.  And I will take over now, and lead this nation among nations into its New Era.  And that of the world.  Into a Promised Land.  One of Beauty, and Abundance, and Joy.  Not of deceit, and snickers, and smirks.

"So: Stand Down Now.  And let the real New America emerge.

"To its citizens, I say: It is the attitude, the mentality, the consciousness with which you approach it that matters.  And I will not let you off the hook on this.  It is fundamental to your spiritual advancement.  

"And having said that in particular to the so-called 'Left'; a specific word to the so-called 'Right':

"You need to stop holding up progress.  I won't have it, for My People to be treated this way, in this casual manner, as you are expressing these days in your world's material progress.  It is important business that We together are about here.  Not to be messed up in this current fashion.  It is time to pull together - the Right, the Left, and the Heavens."


Now.  A word from 'me', in the midst of all this; in trying to hold it all together, in a cohesive whole.

No. 1.  The overall feeling that I got from the 'transmission' was one of being incensed.  At one point I got the impression: "Smugs [I think what was meant, in English, was 'snickers', or 'sniggers'; but I clearly 'got' the word 'smugs'] and smirks: You do not inherit My Kingdom with such [a feeling the quality of which I couldn't translate into English; at least at this time.  I'll have a think on it] and intent in your hearts."

No. 2.  I have never before felt the impulse to label something that I 'got', 'guidance'.  Things/ideas that have come to me always felt like just a part of/fom my psyche.  I would sometimes get this very strong urge, impulse, to write something down before I forgot it, and would write down the feeling, never questioning that it came from me; from some part of me.   But sometimes from a very deep part of me, that I would sometimes wonder about.  'Where did that come from?'  But I would just move on with it all.  

It's very much like my passion for, feeling of connection with, the Founding Fathers, and their inspiration for the kind of country, and world, that they helped 'land'.  It has been such a strong impulse in me my whole life that it is as if I had been there, one of them - or had had a hand from the higher realms in inspiring them to do what they did: to anchor the impression of self-governance into the human psyche, as a step in spiritual evolutionary unfoldment for all of humanity: progress on 'the path'.  It's why I always feel such a strong passion for My People; and resentment towards those whom I perceive as trying to undercut that impulse, in attempting to fasten a collectivist mindset, mentality onto Americans - and therefore, on America.  It is a foreign ideology - undoubtedly introduced for a reason; which I will get to in a moment - and I reject it like a body's immune system rejecting a 'foreign' substance; an alien' substance. Like the plague; exactly like a plague.  And so I can understand fully, and appreciate fully, why so many Americans get so angry towards 'liberals' - perceived and actual socialists, and perceived and actual communists.  The difference between 'individualism' and 'collectivism' runs so deeply in the American psyche that it is as though an American - a 'real' American; a 'true' American - wants to vomit such a 'substance' - such people; such representatives of 'a plague' - out.  

It's a very deep, very visceral thing; and it would behoove those who are carrying the banner for such forms of collectivism to understand that, and appreciate it; appreciate where it is coming from, and the depth from which it is coming; and the integrity from which it is coming.1  

Now.  As to what impulse 'they' represent.

'They' represent part of the legitimate impulse towards the 'Synthetic' future.  To say: the breaking-down of the barriers to something new coming in; the new 'shell', the new structure for society to move into, and inhabit, for its new stage of development, into a more cohesive, and complementary, whole.

I have an inkling of all that in my own being (as do we all), in the more 'inclusive' part of me, and the more 'exclusive' part of me; of my brain, filtering the impulses from both 'the left' and 'the right' - although ironically, in our lexicon, 'the Left' in politics comes more from 'the right' in the brain, and vice versa.  Interesting dichotomy, that.  Perhaps telling up not to get too hung up on terminology.  Anyway, to my main point: that we have a more holistic structure to 'fit' into, for our future; one that contains elements of both sides of 'the picture', of life, and our makeup.  Including our 'politics'.  The classic forms of which will disappear with the dissolving of money as the 'oil' that keeps the whole thing going; and it's replacement with Love.  With the Love of, and for, our Creator - our Most High; by whatever name - for life with meaning.  

And the key to that future - to the success of that future - is the attitude in which, and with which, we embrace it.

Whether with Love.

Or Hate.

Your choice.   

And that's the Truth.  



1 And thus, why there is so much resistance to the flooding into the country of 'foreigners'. Yes, America is a nation of immigrants; and, there was not such an impulse in the 'old days' along the lines of ideology - except the 'ideology' of America as a/the Land of Opportunity.  Nowadays there is a very definite ideological slant to what is going on, with socialists trying to take over the country, and convert it to, at best, what is called European-style socialism, and at worst, either full-blown socialism (such as Obama parading the federal takeover of the auto industry) or the form of collectivism that has been called fascism, i.e., an unholy alliance between the corporate world and 'the government' - which in practice benefits the very rich very much.  (And thus continues to create the class-warfare tension between 'the (dependent) poor' and 'the (haughty) rich'; with the middle class getting left out in the cold.)  Thus, the 'average' American can see very well what is behind the Left's pressure for bringing in more and more 'undocumented workers' - or even legal aliens/immigrants; and championing other minorities, like blacks - whom they have seduced into the creation of a welfare class-cum voting bloc for socialist reasons; and women - in their push for 'equality'; which they feel/are made to feel that they can only get ultimately by the power of the government to enact socialistic-type laws; and gays - who are made to feel that they need a big government to make people accept them, by the force and power of the state, rather than relying on social evolution; and so on.  'Social justice' being a euphemism for governmental takeover of the society. 
      'Old-style' Americans are not amused.  And they will show 'you' just how not amused they are, if the Left keeps pushing them, and pushing them, and pushing them, out of power in and over their own country.  
     The way of state power over The People is not the way to go into the future.  Been there.  Done that.  No thanks.  It's time for something totally new.             

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