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The New World

[from '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?' blog titled 'Repost: The Bridge of Swords, Revealed - from Kryon through Lee Carroll'.  from Nov. 17; originally Sept. 29, 2012.  Jean asked her site 'followers' to come up with what they would do if they were President, and not just carp about Obama.  Herewith.]

kibitzer3 says:
I have alluded to my ‘answer’ to this ‘question’ here before, just not in detail. Herewith, a little more of that.
The New World
It’s all really very simple – basically. It’s the End of History. The play-acting is over. We have played our parts in the costume drama – the passing pageantry; and now we step off the stage, and engage in ‘the real thing’: living 3D life briefly longer with the awareness that it has all been just that – a costume drama – and now we a) spend some time critiquing our ‘selves’ in our latest parts; and b) get on with ‘it’ – i.e. to say: preparing for Ascension.
That will require us to
a) recognize our essential Selves, as sparks/fractals of the One Divine Essence;1 and
b) start acting like it.
The latter will take such forms as:
* releasing the training wheels of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other;2 in conjunction with
* replacing the profit motive with a higher motive, befitting the new paradigm. The highest motive there could ever be: to share goods and services with one another – and giving of our best in the process – out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.
     Which awareness comes into play now, with the end of History, as it has been known;3
* enlisting the entire world’s nations in the enterprise. Which shouldn’t be difficult; since a) we are so interdependent these days anyway; and b) it is, simply, time. Cosmic time.
In part, because of
* Disclosure. That our galactic cousins (and, in some instances, our brothers and sisters) are here to assist us in this transition – this major cosmic Transit – that we are involved in, and about to undergo in ‘depth’, as it were.4
There’s more. But that’s enough for a taster. The specific forms are not too critical to the process. Both the Democrat and the Republican Parties have engaged in criminal conduct – in the perversions of the electoral process, in the undermining of the Constitution,5 etc. – and so need to face criminal charges; under RICO statutes – in the case of conspiring to let Obama run for the presidential office – if nothing else.
     Which brings up the need for
* a Truth & Reconciliation process; with all of the conspiratorial activity that has been going on being brought out into the open, for the American people and the entire world to see (and hopefully feel a little guilty about themselves; embarrassed for having let it go on for so long, with all the hints to its presence in their reality that there have been over the years, requiring a little more awareness than just passively watching the MSM evening news).
As to the matter of money: Humanity can use a form of credits and debits – like a glorified LETS system – to keep track of people’s services to ‘the system’, until a) free energy devices are perfected (which can be with the help of the Galactics; but let a lot of this pre-Ascension technology be for the most part Humanity’s; for It to help round out Its karma, and Story), and b) we perfect replicator (energy-manipulating) devices (again, with as little help from our galactic neighbors as necessary).
     Humanity can use precious metals as the basis for their ‘means of exchange’ if they wish; until the appropriate mentality kicks in, of doing things out of gratitude, aka Love. But sooner or later, the latter is where we are going to get to.
     It’s in our stars.
I hope, Jean, that you, and we all, are beginning to see that we don’t need to worry about such ‘issues’ as whose representatives are going to be on the presidential cabinet. That whole system of government is going to be superseded.
‘The government’ is going to be on other shoulders.
P.S. I go into all this sort of thing in further detail in my blogs at
1 that beneath the experience of being such fractals, and thus experiencing a degree of autonomy, of separation, We Are One. Which awareness, in circular fashion, helps us to get to the ineluctable conclusion that indeed we have just been playing parts in the (3D) drama of life – now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another – and thus to the awareness – i.e., to Now – of the understanding that We Are (simply) One Another; and moving on from there, to one’s inevitable Aha! moment, that We Are One. Sparks, as I say, of the One Divine Essence; the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.
     And so, therefore: As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself – literally. For We Are All One. And ALL IS One. And thus, You are The Other. As The Other is You.
     And, with that awareness, how long are You going to be able to continue to do harm to You???
2 not a difficult proposition; with that monetary vehicle about to collapse anyway, under the weight of its ‘internal contradictions’, as the Marxists say. (In their inadequate take on the matter, of the evolution of social structures; reflecting their merely horizontal, linear, materialist philosophy, rather than the truth of the matter: that we humans are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’, and that therefore there is a vertical factor to take into consideration as well.)
3 And with the demise of the profit motive will go all manner of institutions and practices that have been breeding darkness for eons. So there is that, in the new paradigm: Gone. Finished. Kaput; in one fell swoop.
4 Some will stay in the depths, of 3D experience; will not ‘make the grade’ to the next classroom up. A shame.
     And, our responsibility to help them make it – sooner or later – however we can. For – as indicated herein (and in your own awareness, if you are in any way a Lightworker): They Are Us. Are of Us.
     And we will miss them; however little a possibility that that may feel like today, for some of Them.
     To say: of Us…
5 in the letter and spirit of that legal document. In the letter aspect: with the ignoring of the constitutional definition of a ‘natural born citizen’ for the specific office of the presidency.  (And no other. For good reason: so that the Commander in Chief would not have dual loyalties/allegiances.) In the spirit aspect: with the ignoring of the limitations placed on the power of the federal government, as one of limited and delegated powers – “few and defined,” in the words of ‘the Father of the Constitution,’ James Madison.
     They did their best to keep the pending federal government from taking on too much power over The People; who were to be the true sovereigns in the new nation. Not the state, or a king-like figure, to whom The People owe obeisance. We in our time haven’t done a very good job of holding that behemoth in check. It would appear that History – the 3D drama – finishes just in time…
     As for Obama in this whole scenario. He is not the true one to lead humanity into The New. He is part of the corrupted scene, the corrupted political process that now needs to give way to the energy of The New. Which is, as Kryon says, the energy of love, compassion, and light.
     And not necessarily in that order.

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